Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller FAIL!

Here’s my review of the kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller. I do not recommend this and thought I’d show you all the features of this stroller. Despite having really good reviews online,which influenced my decision to purchase it, I don’t like it. Maybe you have similar needs in a stroller so please view my video to help with your decision

I’d recommend this for quick trips, airplane travel and that’s about it. Not an everyday stroller,not even for quick errands do I like this for.


Laura Flynn says:

thanks so much for the info!!

Meowsalot says:

I was looking for a stroller to grab and go on the train, bus, or in the airport. Your review mentions features that I don’t expect from such a stroller. I am happy to see there is not much actually wrong with it. Thank you for your review but I wish you said how much it weighs or any other information. You just mention what you hated and a lot of it was really not reasonable (reclining seat on an umbrella stroller?).

Alejandra Ocaranza says:

Omg I’m so glad u made this there was no video out there on this stroller thank u

Donna Cullen says:

I bought this under $30 stroller specifically to take baby on quick errands, picking up siblings after school and watching sibs soccer games. I wanted to be able to scramble from car to building with baby in one arm when the weather calls for it. For this type of use at this price point, it is great. It easily steers walking along side, using one handle making it quite adaptable to browsing and should a taller person own it. It is a style that requires a child to be able to hold up head (not for newborns.)

I wanted small, lightweight, useful canopy and simple to set up/collapse. It is rated for under 40 pounds – I have no allusion of using it once the child is older. The wheels are hard plastic – not built for rough terrain or for heavy use by multiple children. I have a larger, does-nearly-everything stroller that turns out to be cumbersome for quick errands or to navigate department stores. I use everything stroller for the zoo, museum, county fairs – baby can lay down or recline, face me or the crowd, bring gear for the entire day and even use the detachable comfy bassinet for naps. But everything stroller cannot be lifted to/from the car with baby in arms. It takes 2 hands to collapse or open. It does not fit in trunk of my wagon with everyone’s travel gear. It does not easily maneuver in department store aisles.


Thank you for the review!! VERY HELPFUL

Jennifer Perez says:

I love this stroller! my daughter is almost 3 yrs and wears 4T clothes. She fits great, no its not a travel system or something fancy but I love how it easily maneuvers. I take it to Disneyland all the time! I’m not sure what you are trying to shove underneath it in the basket but I’ve put water bottles, to go containers, an extra sweater. I take it everywhere. I did add an extra storage tray but that’s just me. and I’ve never been an over packer. I hate carrying extra baggage. I’ve never had a problem with this stroller, it’s my favorite. see it in person before you purchase it that way you know what to expect!

Angie Mtz says:

Wow I just bought this stupid stroller… thank god it’s still in the box! I’m so returning this sucker back! Great video, tfs!

ssn877 says:

Thanks for this review! You saved me from buying this!

b0Lobattali0n says:

While I appreciate your video of this stroller, you’ve obviously never used the cosco umbrella stroller. I’m 6ft and compared to the other style of strollers close to this price range it’s definitely a lot better.

I think you’d be more inclined to pick up maybe the summer infant 3D lite or another good one is the mountain buggy nano. The 3D lite is awesome and I highly recommend it. The recline is almost at a full 180*. I returned it though and picked up the 3D two instead since I need a tandem stroller. The recline isn’t as deep for either seat as the 3D lite. The nano is awesome as well, but at almost 200 it’s not within that price point to even compare to this.

The mobility of this stroller is comparable to the 3D lite, but you are correct that it is smaller. For obvious reasons especially the 25-45 dollar up charge the 3D is going to be more ergonomic as far as movement and mobility, but sacrifices foot print and size when fully collapsed. But for 20.99(my area) at Walmart for what you get I think it’s well worth it. Also at that price range from what I’ve found you don’t even get a “cargo basket” or cup holder. Also the canopy isn’t as generous. The only con I’ve found is that similar to the cosco umbrella stroller my feet do kick the tire when I’m not minding it since the width of the stroller is slimmer.

I just brought my family back from a trip to Oahu, and having a 16.99 cosco umbrella and our trusty nano, I wish we had the cloud instead for the 5 and change compared to the cosco. We’ve gone through a lot of strollers from city select double baby jogger, Quinny mood 2.0, graco, mountain buggy nano, summer infant 3D lite/ 3D two, cosco umbrella, and most recently this kolcraft cloud. We still have the jogger, 3D two, nano, and this cloud. I think the only reason we still have the nano is because of the way it folds and it’s served us well on a trip to Mexico and traversing some Aztec ruins and it kicked butt in Waikiki and north shore and has been overall been good on various other trips. Befor someone asks why we’ve had so many strollers, just have several vehicles and it’s irritating stuffing a stroller from one to the other every time you switch vehicles. Just 2 cents from a dad.

Edie Young says:

After viewing the video, I’m not quite certain that you grasp the concept of an umbrella stroller. I believe that you were intending to purchase a convenience stroller (lighter weight, but with most of the conveniences of a full sized stroller). An umbrella stroller, by definition, collapses down to the approximate shape and size of a golf umbrella. While I appreciate that this was not the particular style of stroller you were looking for, I also feel that it was unfair to refer to this stroller as a fail (unless, of course, you mean that you failed to do your research before purchasing a stroller to suit your needs).

Paula Carper says:

Thank you so much for this review! So helpful,definitely not going to buy the Kolcraft Cloud! My son just turned 3 & is 39″ tall and 32 lbs it’s so hard finding a good stroller that fits toddlers.

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