Best Toddler Travel Stroller? Zoe XLC Best V2 Review + Babyzen Yoyo Comparison

We are heading to Singapore with our toddler in just a bit and we want to travel light. So we set out to find the best travel stroller for our toddler and found the Zoe XLC Best V2 which we unbox and review here! Remember to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!!

So here’s what we were looking for in our search for the best travel stroller. We specifically wanted a toddler travel stroller. We won’t be traveling with a baby on this trip so we didn’t need a travel stroller that was car seat friendly. But we are traveling with a toddler and our toddler still needs naps during the day. That meant whichever travel stroller we were going to pick absolutely had to have a reclining seat.

The other important thing we were looking for in a toddler travel stroller was that it had to be light and portable. This trip is taking us to three cities in three different countries (New York, USA; Singapore, and Japan) and we are trying to pack light. That means that we wanted to get a travel that would fold down, be carry on sized so it could come on the plane with us, and be nimble enough to handle New York City streets and subways.

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Tranquil Waves says:

Great video! ❤ You could use velcro & an additional piece of plastic and add to the front length of the rain cover. That would keep his feet dry & warm. 🙂

TheBlerdShow says:

It gets easier as you use it, I have a double stroller that is similar to that.

Stacey Chale says:

Great video! The stroller looks nice. We travel with the Baby Jogger City Tour, which is very similar. It comes with a backpack-style travel bag.

lizbethmari3 says:

​Hey, hope all is well. I hope you had or are having an amazing time on your trip. I wanted to know how was the stroller ( Zoe xlc ) ? Was it like you expected? Can you share any pro and cons? I’m looking for a compact traveling stroller and I’m torn between the Zoe xlc and the baby jogger city tour . also do you have any other compact traveling stroller that you know of that I can look into? thank you so much

Stephanie Carter says:

I was paying attention and then I got lost in those amazing SOCKS!!!! Love them!!

Aimee W says:

Love watching!

Britney Dearest Vlogs says:

That Zoe stroller looks very light! Singapore sounds awesome! They have some cool looking architecture and I have heard that there’s so many fun, family-friendly attractions!

pharmgator says:

Great video! Is the maneuverability affected at all with Baby sitting in the stroller or with items in the basket, as Amazon reviews have said? Hope you have an amazing trip!

Mayang Garfin says:

Is this okay to use to infant maybe new born

Natalie Rosselli says:

The strap in this video you said you purchased on Amazon, was it the Zoe brand or did you use a different brand strap?? I cannot find a strap on Amazon anywhere. 

Micheka Giraud says:

You are looking good Tasha looks like you lost weight

Pearesa Springs says:

I like your furniture it is pretty!

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