Best Lightweight Travel & Mini Strollers of 2018 | Babyzen, UPPAbaby, Cybex, Silver Cross, Diono

Taking your first trip with kids in tow? Need something teeny and lightweight for your trunk and quick trips to the store? Whatever your reason for wanting something small, you’re in luck, because 2018 is basically the renaissance of the travel stroller.

In this video, Eli shows you some of our very favorite mini tri-fold strollers! We aren’t going over traditional umbrella strollers in this one, but shout out to the Maclaren Quest and the UPPAbaby G-Luxe in that category.

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Sailing queen says:

What about the cybex s-twist? Isn’t this one more in the mini category than the mios? I am eager to see how that compares to the yoyo.

jyoudan says:

curious about the seat width of the yoyo vs jet…. yoyo folds to 17” but seat pad is 13′ based on other reviews i saw? Jet lists the folded width at 12” which already seems tiny but i cant imagine the seat is any smaller would seem to lose functionality. any info on seat width and depth on the jet?

Xime Araya says:

Hi! I really loved this channel! I was wondering about the ergobaby 180 stroller does fit in this category? I really like the yoyo+ but i think its a little bit expensive. Im from Chile so i have the chance to check a lot of strollers in stores but the ergobaby has not arrive yet, i would love your comments and advice about it compared with the yoyo+. Thanks so much! Ill be waiting for your answer!

Sara K says:

Can you make a comparison between cybex miox, joolz hub & uppababy cruz

Dani E. says:

Wc is best for a three year old?

Patricia Mendez says:

How much is the babyzen YOYO ???

byron jeremiah says:

How about the Cybex Eezy S+? How small does it fold?

Mira Thompson says:

Do any of these recline? I am traveling with my (then) 6 month old to Amsterdam and Paris. We have a Citi Mini, but think something that reclines (for naps) and folds up more like the Maclaren Quest would be better. I am looking at Summer Infant 3D lite and the Quest, but the 3D lite doesnt have a great sun shade and the Quest is $$$. We will do a lot of travel with child, so may be willing to invest. I hear Paris is particularly challenging with baby and strollers.. any insights?

WhityMarie12 says:

Would love to see a full review of the Silver Cross Jet!!!

Gemmer Snappie says:

Eli! Which jogging stroller should I get? Our regular stroller is an uppaBaby vista and we have a Mesa car seat. Baby is now 4.5mo old and petite, not sure that will change at 6mo.

Young Na Lee says:

What about the mountain buggy nano?

what200883 says:

Can you do a best travel double stroller

Renate Aiquel says:

What about the gb pockit stroller?

pipit elfitria says:

Hi I’m new,love your video, so helpful,I’m from Indonesia,now can you please review best travel twin stroller 2018,thank you

Maria Alejandra Arizabaleta says:

Love your videos!! They are really helpful… I’m looking for a travel stroller, my baby is 6 months and I don’t know which one is the best, I’m between YOYO +, MINU and silver cross… which one is the best??!

Ewelina Trocka - Iqbal says:

Babyzen is so overpriced and has no footrest .. there are dozens of compact strollers , better then yoyo that weigh 6kg and have everything included – at least in Europe . Where is KEKK by KEES PLUS ? Easywalker ? Squeeze by Looping ? KEKK Xinn ? Eurocart spin ? Kinderkraft Pilot ? I am surprised that people heard only about babyzen….

Katheryn G. says:

Perfect timing for this video! We will be traveling in September and had no idea what to get! Thanks for the awesome video ❤️

Alia Hamiduddin says:

Hi, I know you spoke about the Babyzen and the Silver Cross in this video, but can you please do an in depth comparison between the two. Trying to decide on which one to get before August the 20 😉

akamaigurl says:

The Babyzen is NOT the”origina;”. The Mountain Buggy Nano was the original. The Nano was the first super mini stroller that fits into the aircraft upper bin.

Sara Arendale says:

I’m needing a lightweight and one hand fold stroller as I carry my babe and stroller down 3 flights of stairs daily. We live in the city so its all paved but we do get on and off curbs quite a bit. Shes almost a year old. I’ve been looking at the city mini for the easy fold but would you have any other suggestions?

Sachar167 says:

Really interested in a comparison video for the Uppababy Vista vs the iCandy Orange. Haven’t seen anything decent anywhere and really trust your reviews. Thanks

joe TheBet says:

Hey man, would you recommend the yoyo+ over the maclaren quest or gluxe ? We are travelling to new york next month. Let me know whick one is better regardless of the price

Lauren Fry says:

Is it weird if you buy a travel stroller as your main stroller?

analyzerdst says:

Does the Uppababy Minutes have a handle that extends like the Mesa? Do any of these strollers have handles that extend?

EFE Dickson says:

Hi i have watched a few of you videos and really insightful your reviews, am travelling with my 6 months old frm uk to canada soon and need a light weight stroller as the stokke we use now is heavy. Any suggestions?

Carla D says:

I travel with the baby to Cuba every few months. The two things I need are wheels that take the often unpaved roads and a one hand fold as I’m usually traveling solo w baby. Suggestions? Right now I’m using the chicco vario (sp?) Which is okay, but I’m not in love. Anything else better out there?

Alicia Hayden Soto says:

I don’t see a reason to get an umbrella stroller vs one of these? Other than price. What is the reason for umbrella?

Justin G says:

Can you compare the Babyzen Yoyo, Uppababy Minu and the Mima Zigi Travel Stroller?

Fan Van Wagoner says:

Hi, could you do a review of Nuna pepp next strollers?

D J says:

Definitely should have included the GB Qbit Plus, or Pockit ! Would have loved to see the plus next to the zen. Great comparison video as always!

Eden Verceles says:

Hi can you make a video review for babyzen yoyo + vs looping squizz?

ipanduhhhful says:

Can you take a look at the Maxi Cosi Lara? That seems like a good compact stroller

Vikash Verma says:

Please ship to Canada too.

Emma White says:

I have noticed on a few videos that when you get to Silver Cross in comparisons you skim over them quickly like this one you mentioned newborn on all others but the jet
Similar on the double pram video you gave silver cross about 30% of the time and 70% to whatever the other one was.

gogreenie1 says:

Which one would be best if used as primary stroller for suburban life?

Yiming Wang says:

I wish you open a store in Northern Virginia!

Zuri Lozano says:

Baby Jogger??

Wrexhammama says:

Does the buggy board work with cosatto woosh

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