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Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat review by Amy Tanathorn of
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Such a fantastic idea – add a second seat to your Joovy Caboose and turn your stand-on stroller into a double tandem! This bridges the gap between the time your child is too small to use the platform and bench and still needs a place to sit.

No need to buy both a double AND a sit and stand. Just get one well-made, highly rated double stroller. Joovy is all your family needs.

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melissa chavez says:

too much work

passion4color30 says:

When shopping for a stroller i do a bunch of research and search for reviews here on you tube, and your videos for this stroller have been a really great help. Thank you.

slyder214 says:

Hello, thank you for your review; I have been interested in the Joovy Ultralight, however have read many reviews stating that using the carseat adapter leaves the backseat child uncomfortable with not much room to sit. Can the carseat adapter be used simultaneously with the Caboose Too Rear Seat? Thanks!

Natascha B says:


, ,

dilwich123 says:

My rear seat i bought from Joovy didnt have the slit to pull the harness strap through like the one featured here.

Alyssa Barneycastle says:

Dangerous!!!!! Do not use!!!!!!!

TheMFamily says:

Thank you for this review… it was exactly what I was looking for! =)

Shelly Laukant says:

to much work

Sara H says:

Tuohonhan mahtuisi neljäkin lasta

Christine Farndon says:

Joovy sell a uv net to fit the caboose which would deal with the lack of shade in the back

Alyssa Barneycastle says:


Sean W. Barton says:

Disliked due to the fact you fast forwarded through the actual installation of the seat

Alyssa Barneycastle says:

She has noooo idea what she is talking about. She is learning while she is trying to teach lmao

30yrpro says:

How do you push stroller with seat reclined? You won’t be able to reach the non adjustable handle.

jessica Herrera says:

can this fit any other sit and stand brand

Shandone Valentine says:

That’s what I’m talking about

Victoria Demico Aa says:

I bought this stroller and was so disappointed. When the car seat is being used, the second child has to lean forward while sitting because there is absolutely no room. The storage area is useless if you have a diaper bag. You can access it at all because it so narrow and awkward. This is a stroller for short/small kids. My son is an average size toddler and he had no leg room in the back. The bench is so uncomfortable, that he hated it and had to stand when her was tired. And I’m sorry, but the canopy is a joke. The sun was always hitting one of my kids and it would rub the back of my sons head at times. Not to mention, not standing alone. This strollers are over $200 and made for people with 2 kids and it can’t stand alone. That sure sounds like a fun end to your day. Hate it. Don’t buy it.

Why Do you need to know! says:

Wow… reasons to have MORE kids in this already overpopulated world!… It’s really cute though, and I’m sure that’s one reason people are gonna go ahead and have more kids!

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