Glider Board Attachment for the Baby Jogger City Select Triple Stroller

A quick review of the Glider Board attachment for the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller.
-Glider Board on Amazon:
-Review of this stroller:
-This stroller on Amazon:
-Second seat:

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julie m says:

I want to buy that stroller cause we will be having a 3rd baby in December our kids are the same age 3, 2. Where dis you buy the stroller?Did you show it folded?

breanna lessing says:

How old is your oldest boy?our son will be two when the twins arrive, would you recommend the board?

Bonni Eve McShane says:

Hi! Great video! Can you tell me if you can have seat for toddler, car seat for baby and the glider board all operating at the same time?

Lance Clarke says:

I purchased the City Select, with the additional seat, based off your videos. Thank you.

Mandie Duke says:

Can you fit this in your highlander with both seats up or just one?

jociroci says:

You look great Brittany! Can’t believe you’ve had three children! 🙂

Danie1ll1e says:

I love this review. I just bought it today and your review was a great help in helping me decide. So far, it is so easy to use. My biggest issue is choosing which color I like most. LOL.

Britt Schwei says:

I know this is old but I’m not sure if you knew but the glider has 3 different lengths it could go to. You have it all the way extended out ( I couldn’t push it like that lol) My son likes it on the first setting and stands in between the handle bar. It goes up and down too with the side buttons. I got it because of your review!

xmetalbabyx says:

Totally off topic but wow! You look smokin in this video!

LessCaraMoreMom says:

Thats pretty cool,  I wish my girls would be fine with a stroller. Its makes it harder taking them in to stores since they both want to walk and hold my hands.

Anna Nguyen says:

How much would this whole thing cost all together? Do you need a car seat attachment for car seat too? Also any car seat will fit in it or does it have to be city selects car seat?thanks

Sheila Kelly says:

I just want to say how fabulous you look! And your makeup is really pretty in this video too. 🙂

Arienne Lyhne says:

I acutuly bought this stroller about 7 months ago because of your first video! Now I was looking for info about the glider board! Thanks great stroller and your review really sold it 😉

Faylina Meir says:

Can I just say how good you look having just had a baby not too long ago! 

Briana1718 says:

Can u do a video on how u fit all 3 car seats in ur SUV?

0katykate0 says:

You look fantastic!!!

Whitney Loraine says:

You look so stylish as always Brittany! Love to have this stroller someday 🙂 great review!

Ily Liyana Izyan Abdullah says:

Hey.. can the stroller fold with both seat on? Have u show it on youtube? Thinking to buy it..

Nicole Peoples says:

I have a 6 year old (42lbs) 3.5 year (28lbs) old and a 2 year old (22lbs). Planning a trip to Disney and was going to buy it on Craig’s list and resell it after since I won’t use it that much with older kids but do u think the stroller would work for such big kids?

deenateena says:

I love your boots! Where did you get them?

Dember Paige says:

Thank you for your detailed reviews! Question…I was looking at some other glider boards for other strollers and found that the ride wasnt smootb, buy rather bumpy and loud when using them on pavement. Is this the case for the glider board for this stroller? Thanks!

Nathan Mcneal says:

I tried shoping. I had a tof time

Kristin Kolaszewski says:

oooh! I have this stroller and wondered if it would hold 3 kids with the glider board. Thanks for the review!

Boss Lady says:

that doesn’t look fun for the kid who has to stand up

The Mommy Archives says:

I’ve really been considering getting this stroller when the time comes to grow our family. Thanks for both your reviews! I like that this has the potential to really grow and adapt with a family.

jack chang says:

the front seat had the car to heavy to handle, otherwise, it is a great stroller …

Tamatha Falin says:

Hi I have a question does it work with a seat also for third passenger?

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