We have been using our double Bugaboo Donkey stroller/pushchair daily for the past 10 months after deciding we would need a double for our toddler and baby. It is definitely one of our favourite baby products and for two young children is a must have baby product.

In this review you can find some of the features we love the most about the Bugaboo Donkey double stroller.

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Hi! I’m Sarah a 30-something year old Mummy to Amelie, 2, Evie, 11 months old. I am a parenting and family vlogger, but you can also find me blogging over at Surrey Mama.

We live in leafy Surrey where we have been for nearly 3 years after moving out of London when Amelie was born. We love it here, the access to countryside, activities for children and the pace of life.

I started my blog, You tube channel and Instagram in mid-December 2016 as a way to document the girls growing up, the memories we make as a family and to share some of my experiences of family and Mama life.

On this channel you can expect to see our adventures, some of the things we love and behind the scenes of family life.

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Eleanor Richardson says:

I love this buggy! Great review 🙂

Hollybobbs Vlogs says:

I wish I’d had something like this when my two were little, it looks great!

Amy Palmer says:

They look so sweet sitting in it next to each other, very sweet. Love the little seat.

Kira hut says:

Oh god your making me want to buy another buggy lol the hubby would kill me ha x

Kayleigh - My Thea Grace says:

Such a good review it sounds like a fab pram! Think I’ll get this when we have our 2nd! Xx

Toby Goes Bananas // Sarah says:

I think the Donkey is a great side by side double – it’s really handy you can make the frame narrower if you want to use it as a single too.

Beach Hut Cook says:

Wow what a great buggy. So many great features and you can turn it into a single or double plus the ride on! Lovely video that really showed it off. Elinor x

Little B & Me says:

I wanted this one so badly 😛 My dad treated me to the Chameleon instead but I’ve always wanted one of these!
Bugaboo make such amazing buggies, they move so easily & are so smooth!

Great video x

Loving Life Outside the Box says:

That is a really neat stroller! I love how versatile it is. 🙂

Bec Webb says:

Oh my gosh, I LOVED my donkey! Just the most gorgeous pram ever. We always got compliments on it. We have twins and so always had the two seats fitted. And we had it from birth until they could walk. To be honest that pram alone is the only thing that’s ever made me contemplate having another child, so I could use it again!! Haha! You’re right though, my two always looked so comfy, and the accessories are brill. They didn’t have that cool toddler stand/seat thing when I had the pram though, that is really cool!

We're going on an adventure says:

I love the idea of the Donkey – such a well thought out pushchair.

Kirsty Winnettes says:

I never liked the look of these until I saw yours. I went for the icandy peach because it was narrower and we like to go up to London where we needed a narrower pushchair. My huge issue with it is they don’t (or didn’t) have many accessories. So the buggy board I use is ok but it’s not as good as yours!

Leah - Home Family Life says:

Great review. I’m pregnant with our 2nd and our boy will be just 2 when baby comes. I’ve been wondering about what to do for the best. Great to see you’ve enjoyed using this pushchair.

Fred's Box says:

Wow! I never had a Bugaboo but this really looks amazing.The girls look so comfy (and gorgeous) in it too 🙂

My Happy Ever After says:

I’ve always loved the look of this! I adore the pink. Really informative video for people looking into this pram xx

Hayley Chall says:

Ive always loved the look of the donkey but have always opted for an I candy instead. If I was to have another baby then I think I’d be swayed this time around x

Mama Vendee says:

Great review!  I guess you could say I kinda have a stroller collection, which includes the donkey duo in two different versions….the aluminum frame & the black frame in diesel denim which I’m totally obsessed with!  I did an unboxing on the Bugaboo Donkey Duo Diesel Denim if you wanna check it out on my channel ; D I’m a mommy of 8 children…so a great stroller is an absolute must have for me & I definitely have my favorites with Bugaboo at the top of the list!  I agree….it’s a little on the heavy side…but all the other attributes make up for it for sure.  Bugaboo mommy for sure!  Subbed ; D Thanks for sharing!

Mammaprada - Kristie says:

What a great review! Wish I’d known about this one when mine were a bit smaller. It looks lovely as well. Pram envy!

Ashley Cain says:

Love the stroller and all the features but is it a pain to maneuver in clothing shops around racks and tables? I would be afraid of the width of that and doorways

Cuddle Fairy says:

Ooo I’m quite impressed with the design & accessories. My double buggy was a life saver with the two boys!!

Hayley Jennings says:

I’m thinking about getting this pushchair for when my new baby comes along my little one will be 2years and 8 months so I’m not sure if I would get much use out of it what age did ur little girl want to stop going in the pram and walk please as I really don’t know what to do about getting a double at the moment .

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