UPPAbaby MINU Review – Best Lightweight Travel Stroller of 2018

In my opinion, the UPPAbaby MINU is easily the best lightweight travel stroller of 2018. In this review in dive into the fold, key features, how it compares to our UPPAbaby VISTA system, and how it’s perfect for toddlers during summer and holiday travel.

Buy the MINU here: https://amzn.to/2Mmc2B8
Learn more about UPPAbaby here: https://tap.fit/ryQ6_YB1m

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MrFishnbike says:

Hey! As an expecting dad, I want to say thanks for posting these videos! Two questions!

1. What diaper bag does your wife have? My wife is wondering!

2. We got the baby monitor that you recommended the Amcrest . However, we have concerns of being hacked. Did you have any issues with that?

Muhammad Hakim says:

Awesome video. Can you do an honest review of diono traverse as well as mima zigi? Thanks bunch!

Albert Liang says:

After watching this video we got rid of our Baby Jogger City Tour only after 2 months use. We picked up the Minu (in the same awesome color) and it was well worth the price tag. Thanks for the informative video Andrew, I don’t think our Vista is gona see much use over the summer either 😉

fred marro says:

Hey Andrew, great review. As a soon to be first time dad I’m on the lookout for any info and product reviews especially from a dad’s perspective as there aren’t many out there, so thank you. From this video I see that the MINU offers a car seat and bassinet option and that you seem to be liking the MINU over the VISTA, is that because your little man Henry is a little older? Would you recommend this as a primary stroller or would you still choose the VISTA?

Gh Ma says:

is it possible to have the seat in a flat position (for a sleeping baby)?

kendrick stone says:

MINU or Babyzen yoyo?

jpang23 says:

Andrew, just want to say that I’ve always found your videos to be informative and enjoyed sharing these info with my husband. I joined your Facebook group but last night I decided to leave the group cos a particular member have repeatedly made comments in a condescending tone to my questions/post in the group. Parents have enough on their plates already and we don’t need additional stress or judgement from other parents. If seeking advice or recommendation from other parents means we have to open ourselves up to condescending comments then I think I can do without the group. We will continue to watch your awesome videos on YouTube 🙂

Jasmine Choy says:

Your videos are so helpful and I appreciate your honesty on products (especially when theyre sent to you). Could you share what diaper bag your wife is using at 0.53? Also a review on the best backpack diaper bag would be amazing!

Karen Dryer says:

I have a 9 month old and we currently use the Vista everywhere but I am heavily considering buying a Minu. Thanks for the info!

Seanne Andrea Tragni says:

Hey Andrew,
I’m not sure if anyone’s asked this but have you been able to take the MINU on the plane and put it in the overhead compartment?
We’re traveling in a couple of weeks and are deciding the MINU v. Babyzen Yoyo.
Would love to hear your input!

Maria Alejandra Arizabaleta says:

Very helpful videos!! Love them… I would like to see your review on Silver Cross Jet!!!

Mission Dad says:

Hey man, just wanna say I love your videos. Definitely the best dad vlog out there!, My wife and I are actually expecting our first child in September. You inspired me to start my own vlog basically talking about the everyday experiences of being a new dad. It would be awesome to have your support! Check it out, big stuff to come!!

Matthew says:

Looks like a great stroller but since we have twins coming, $400 per is a little much for us. Wish they had a double option.

Kara Franklin says:

I’m so happy you included info about the infant conversion. Thanks!!

cheyenne sia says:

your reviews are always clear and concise. i would love to know your thoughts on the baby jogger city tour lux. i bought it for my now 6 month old son a couple months ago and love it.

Keltie Neville says:

We’ve just picked up the minu in hopes that it can fit in the overhead when we go to europe in the fall. What airline(s) did you successfully tuck the diono into the overhead? The restrictions on dimensions I’m seeing for most airlines are 9x14x22–which is juuuuust a tad too small for the minu

Maria Sacapano-Smith says:

Is this stroller easy to tip if a diaper bag is attached and baby is out of the stroller

Raj Balwani says:

Love your videos however what is the best stroller you would recommend that can accommodate two? Our girl right now is 8 months so would love something that can accommodate a second child when the time comes. But at the same time have the benefits of size and portability

niskandar11 says:

Can you do a review on the Veer?

Melissa Tiller says:

Do you think the minu is better than the Babyzen yoyo?

NEHA MER says:

Can you do nice, safe and affordable travel system strollers for newborn??

Bryce Buchanan says:

Hi, great videos! I am looking for a travel stroller that is compact but also can handle bumps. I was wondering how you think this Minu would handle European cobble stone? Also as a side question we have a 2 month old and almost 3 year old and I was decided on the Vista, but after seeing your video Im starting to think it might be a hassle to get in and out, especially for travel….so my next idea is baby wearing the infant while using the Minu….in your opinion is it that much more of a hassle, what would you do?

Ve Le says:

Cool, found your vids so helpful! Love the content as its a rarity. I enjoy it even more since it’s similar to watching phone reviewers like MKBHD in respects. Keep up the great work 🙂

Lindsay Akgoren says:

What a fantastic review! Have you done a review on the traverse? I would love to see a comparison between the two!

Jasleen Maken says:

It doesn’t have a front bar to hang toys Nd all

Anthony Hernandez says:

I’m new to your channel and was wondering about your thoughts on Bugaboo strollers and if you’ve done any reviews on them? We love your videos and content is great!

prettypinkster says:

Hi! I thought you’d do a review on the diono traverze, are you? Which do you think is better for travel, the minu or the traverze? I have a vista for everyday so really looking for something travel friendly. Love your videos!

Sonia says:

Is there a universal buggy board for toddler that can attach? was looking at the Mountain buggy freerider scooter, wondering if it will fit?

Justin Sunseri says:

I trust your reviews but the reviews on Amazon scare me, only 3 stars. Have you had any problems with parts breaking? Also one person complained that the stroller kept tipping back on them.

tintin1887 says:

We are considering the vista vs the Cruz. But we want the MINU regardless for travel. We live in Los Angeles and are in and out of the car often. Do u suggest the Cruz or the vista?

winterhappy25 says:

Do u like this better than the baby zen yoyo? I have the UB cruz and love it but looking for a smaller one when we travel.

James Santoy says:

Uppababy minu VS Doona?

A D says:

I wish you can face the seat forward to the parent.

fathaggis says:

Important to note that the Minu is not suitable for Newborns right now as the car seat adapter release has been delayed. We purchased this stroller with the understanding that car seat adapters which would make the Minu compatible with the Uppababy Mesa car seat. When we purchased it we understood the adaptors would be available in mid June so we put in a pre order for them. Our baby is now coming early July and we were just informed that the release of the adaptors has been delayed until late July and maybe even August according to the customer service representative we spoke to. We are now left with a stroller that is useless to us until the adapters are released! The customer service agent solution was that we should borrow another stroller off someone in the meantime!!! If we wanted to borrow a stroller we would have no need to purchase the Minu in the first place!! There is no resolution to this from Uppababy at this points. One of the reasons we got Uppababy is because it’s an American company and we were told they had great customer service, it’s a shame that we haven’t had that experience with them. It is misleading and dishonest to customers to be selling the stroller as suitable for newborns if you don’t know when the accessories that enable that capability are going to be available. I do not recommend purchasing this product as a solution for newborns until the adapters are available.

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