Hi friends! I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller and UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat ever since we purchased it last year! We have loved this travel system for over 16 months and still use the stroller daily. There are so many car seat reviews and after deciding, we truly think this set was the best for our family for our baby’s first year. It felt safe and has held up through flights, traveling, and long walks almost daily. The links are below and I hope you enjoy the video!

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Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by! A little bit about me and my channel…

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WalkerTales says:

I sort of got the exact opposite of the vista and got the city select lux. I LOVE it. People dont realize that (while I’m not rich) it can be worth spending more money on a better stroller. I’ve always been curious about uppababy!

Mary Mae says:

Hayley you look so pretty in that dress and Annabelle is getting so big ! 🙂 I would love this stroller for my granddaughters! Love the adjustable handle.. I’m 5’2 and my hubby is 6’7 and he has to bend way down to push our stroller. lol

Janette & The Nest says:

I’ve been searching for a new stroller !

tintin1887 says:

@hayleypaige did you find the Cruz to be wobbly or bumpy since the wheels are smaller than the vista?

Love your video! <3

Joy Smith says:

Great review! I bought the uppababy vista because I knew I wanted kids close together and i also wanted the bassinet because we decided to buy a convertible stroller from birth.

S Camacho says:

You look amazing! Where is that dress from?

Moza says:

I have the mamas and papas occaro stroller and I think they’re very similar in concept, and as much as I like it I just don’t use it anymore.. I got a babyzen yoyo for a trip we had and that stroller is LIFE! I just can’t go back, it’s folds so compact and I carry it on my shoulder! But we’re planning to have another baby and now I don’t know what to do..

Madisyn Lynne says:

I prefer my bugaboo donkey 10000000x over the vista

Lexi Clement says:

I like the Orbit baby!! A little more money then you would like but very safe and easy!

Landon&Molly Thompson says:

Also I have the Britax B ready 2017 and it has all of those features plus it can hold two children! I purchased mine for $400 and it’s been great! It also has locking front wheels if you wanted to jog with it!

Sarah S. says:

Do you think you’ll get the vista for Annabelle for baby one and two?

Tracy Cook says:

A great stroller. However Silver Cross make the best strollers.
I used for my children and now my grandchildren have the newer models.

Alex Chesnut says:

When you first flew out to Charleston, how did you fly with the stroller? I have the same one and I am scared of it getting damaged by the airline. I have look into buying the travel case but its expensive in my opinion for one flight.

Marissa Guardino says:

This looks awesome and Hayley you look so pretty!

Adele_Loves Coffee says:

you are always very pretty Hayley, but lately you look amazing girl!!

Tiffany MFB says:

If anyone is looking for something cheaper & all the same features, look into the Graco click connect. I have this one. I got it originally for the reversable seat & trays. They have it at Walmart right now for 160. I used the uppababy too. Took it back after a friend told me about the other. Just figured I’d help someone out there whose looking for something way cheaper.

Sarah Carlin says:

This is what I have for my month old daughter….still relatively new to it but we are obsessed!!

Scarlett Beauty & Mommy Life says:

You should buy the uppababy snack tray

Mi Life with Boys says:

Yes! That was my reason for buying the Mesa…super light weight and I have stairs. I have the Vista stroller and 2 boys. I didn’t know when I was having my second but I knew I wanted them close in age. Price was pretty high but definitely worth it in the end.

Tanya Roberts says:

Haley where is your pretty dress from? Thanks!

ashley faustin says:

Wow! I wish I knew about this stroller when I was pregnant! Definitely might try this one with my next one! 🙂 thanks for sharing ❤️

Kenna Parker says:

RIP babies r us

Stephanie Matos says:

I love my uppababy vista. It was a pretty penny but my only splurge for my first baby. Different strokes for different folks. However the vista is quite heavy. I also wish it brought a good cup holder. I have to disagree that the uppa baby mesa is light. Its one of the heaviest car seats on the market. That was frustrating for me but it was a dream to be able to plug right into the stroller was so to me it was worth it.

Lucinda Keating says:

Have you tried 50/50 rubbing alcohol with water to get the sunscreen stains out.. You rub it in with a toothbrush or cleaning brush and rinse with a hose and let the sun dry the stroller.. Repeat until stain is gone. Best wishes.

Chanel Faye says:

I have the vista in loic white haven’t used it yet I’m due October 13th can’t wait to use it though ! I don’t know if I want the Mesa or nuna Pipa so confused lol and what colour I should get

Bethany's Beautiful Journey says:

I seriously love that dress!

Ash Topham says:

Perhaps get a pram liner? Not sure if they are popular in the states but in Australia loads of mums have businesses making them. You can easily take them off and wash them and get them in loads and loads of patterns. It protects the seat from mess aka sunscreen and food hehe.

Dalicia Molina says:

I have that stroller and I love it!!!! It’s so lightweight!!! I just love it!!!!

Llanely Lopez says:

Love love the dress! Where did you get it from?

Sarah S. says:

Also uppababy has a snack tray for this exact stroller. Your straps are loose because they are way too high. Ours gets tight and he can’t get out when it’s right above his shoulders not extremely high up like yours! You can easily adjust it and bring straps down a notch.

gloria deleon says:

Love the covers! It’s funny because my daughters name is Juliette rose and the Juliette cover has roses on it! Super cute

Kristal says:

Sorry but $600 for a stroller, yeah….. no lol. Unless it was a new self driving stroller or something hahaha.

Olga Akturk says:

You can purchase a tray too it’s additional charge but just look up vista uppababy food tray. It’s universal btw the two systems.

Samantha M says:

Where did you get that dress? Beautiful!

Hannah Schaffer says:

Don’t do the cover over the car seat if it’s sunny and hot outside. Baby could get heat exhaustion or heat stroke… just something to be aware of

Esther Quanita Jacobs says:

Thanks for sharing. I gave birth on the 14th May 2018 at 11:15pm. First born son. Loved this clip.

Jessica Lynn says:

I’ve heard the baby jogger city select is an awesome double stroller!

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