Nuna Mixx Jett Collection – Baby Travel System – Detailed Review Need a baby travel system here is a close look at the nuna mixx pipa travel system jett collection. Join us as we unbox and review our first baby stroller travel system and infant car seat. This stroller, car seat, & bassinet travel system is a stylish and jet-setting addition to all your baby needs. Our Nuna JETT collection comes in a dark and light grey with some black accents and has very soft fabrics on the inside for our baby. We love the extra attention to the details and all the upgrades compared to the regular nuna mixx and pipa infant car seat. Plus the best part is we were able to get a great deal using coupons and taking advantage of sales during Christmas. We are very happy with this product so far and wanted to share all the details with people who are either thinking of upgrading or are curious about the baby travel system ins and outs. I’m sure once we have a couple kids all this wont be a big deal but we are having fun for now. Join us as we continue to tool up for the upcoming new addition to our family. Thanks for watching our baby video series.

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FlyMario says:

The engineering is excellent on these units! You name your kid after me though! Pete!

Edie Bluntzer says:

Chris, those tires are for the stroller do not use for a haunt project!!! this time will go by so fast and you will wonder where did it go? I kept a radio on in my babies room so they would sleep through any other noise.  Jeana Stroller Woman!!!

Jennie Carver says:

You guys are so sweet how awesome! I cannot wait to meet baby.

Craig Robertson says:

Is anyone having an issue with the canopy of this stroller? If we have the canopy extended all the way it constantly clicks backwards so that coverage isn’t as good

a cab says:

Can the baby sleep in the bassinet overnight?

WolfPakProductions says:

Turbo boost away! LOL KIT…too funny. I’m waiting for the breast pump review…have Chris do that one! LOL! Sorry, I’m laughing too hard right now!

briedriscoll says:

Will the stroller fold with the Pipa adaptors?

Dirk Stabins says:

I kept humming the Transformers Robots in Disguise song as I watched this video.
I like that you don’t have to wake up the little haunter to swap between car seat and stroller, and the color is really nice.

Tina Strangway says:

Omg…what an awesome stroller. Nothing so nice was available to purchase when my children where born. Chris is right, it’s a Night Rider of strollers. Love that it also comes with the basinet. Bringing baby for a walk is such a nice thing to do for baby and Mom so enjoy it Jeana!

mr13gabo says:

These might not be your typical Halloween videos, but to me there’s nothing scarier than adult responsibilities, so it keeps well with the spooky theme… ^_−☆ LOL

SweetLittleSecret79 says:

Comparing few stroller for my newborn baby and your video makes me want to get the Nuna Mixx asap. May I know where did you get yours from?

Photonstriker says:

No you are not

Greg Packard says:

I like the magnet idea… Of course I’m sure in 50 years they will figure out that magnetic fields turn kids into mutant super heroes…

I like the adjustable height handle… I’m not really tall but that was always an issue for me…
Oh, Jeanna, diaper bag and purse… You will learn, diaper bag = purse…
Love you guys and love your videos!

Photonstriker says:

Are you even pregnant

Whatever Reviews says:

I don’t know why i kind of doesn’t like the car seat of this. Every time i try to put the car seat on and off the stroller i get a hard time finding the right spot and side buttons are too stiff. Also i don’t know why they made the harness locks kind of complicated. it would have been much simpler.

Mike B says:

I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like that! Super Nice Stuff!!!

stiina xo says:

Thanks so much for this! I’m pretty much sold on this travel system too! It looks so cuuute!!!!! 🙂 yay for Nuna!

JennsHaunts Smith says:

🙂 !!!

Brenda Singer says:


Joan QT says:

Suuuuuper thorough video! It answered a lot of questions I had. Curious why did you guys opt for a bassinet if the seat reclines completely and is safe for infants? Or is that not true?

bransonhauntedhills says:

What a FUN video. And what a cool Knight Rider set. You should call it Kit. I got to sit in Kit once upon a time.
Jeana, you look so adorable. I can’t get over how tiny you are. I gained 52 pounds with each of my girls. Yikes.
Great review on the awesome travel system. Makes me want some grand babies so I can get one.

Conzie Fonzie says:


Stephanie Lavenski says:

For a carseat after the infant seat you can get one that acts as a rear facing seat, forward facing seat, and also a booster seat. They may be a bit more expensive but something like the Clek Foonf. They can even hold an infant so it can be from birth to preschool.

JOHNJOHN 9111 says:


AliJaeJR says:

where did you end up getting your parts from? and what deal did you get?

Lora lu says:

very cool!!! wanna see more!!

manwiththestar says:

Oh man this is a lot of stuff! Crib, stroller, car seat… Overwhelming! Understand Chris(?) when he says his brain hurts… The Hasselhoff! Awesome! =D

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