MY KID’S RIDE – Britax B-Agile Travel System Review

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A lot of you have been asking for a stroller review so here it is! The combo is a Britax B-Agile Stroller and B-Safe Car seat.


– Missy ☮ ♥ ツ


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Ponciano Jr. Pormentira says:

Hi, very nice video MIssy.  We are highly considering this travel system but I have important questions: 

1. Did you ever have any problem adjusting the seat base height on this particular travel system? We found it to be very difficult to adjust, it seems that the plastic button that needs to be push is really tight.  It does not budge easy to adjust. 
2. I saw/read comments about the stroller tipping when the car seat is in it, have you noticed that in your case? They said that if the car seat is in the stroller you have to lock the front wheels to avoid this, but it would make it very hard to steer/turn if you lock it.  

Thank you so much.

TetRulez says:

I just got a graco car seat iT uses the back of THE Seat for car and stroller

Meghan Brown says:

I have this system and I think its great. You were totally off on a few points in your video. You press the button then pull the strap to collapse it. You can do it with one hand and its super simple. The stroller is not heavy at all. It’s only 16.6 lbs! Also, I had no problem clipping the infant seat on and off of it. There are two levers… . . it’s really not that hard.

Matt and Anna says:

We use a baby jogger city mini, my 2 yr old uses it and when my next baby comes in june they will be using it too i absoloutely love it. Yours looks a very similar style to it.

Megan Davis says:

I have this same system! It is for my third baby and I love it the most out of all I have ever owned. One thing I did want to point out is when you are closing it you can push in the grey button first and then pull the middle strap. Rather than pulling the strap, holding it in mid air and then pressing the gray button. Same with opening it, press the black button as you are picking it up, rather than doing it in two separate steps. Only thing I agree with you on is no cup holder and the storage.

Abbie Shields says:

Will you please make a new video of your new pram

Carly Marsac says:

I don’t think it came off that way at all. It’s a great review giving relevant pros and cons that help parents to make an informed decision. I appreciated the honest opinion she gave and not once did she use a disrespectful tone.

Monkeys4Mommy says:

I am sure people have commented on this but to fold the stroller you push the button then pull up on the strap. No reason to hold the stroller in the air.

Follow The Hendersons says:

I have this same stroller. Its lightweight so its not meant to have lots of storage and folding and unfolding is very easy to me. And its only 16.5lbs! How do you think thats heavy!?

aubs2009 says:

lol Ollie looks so cool in his shades!

Danielle Kleinfeldt says:

I have that stroller too. When closing the stroller, I don’t press that button. I just hold the strap and give it a quick tug. Opening the stroller, however, is challenging to me. 🙂

Cinthia Tellez says:

I tried looking for the stroller that I was talking about nd couldnt find it:-( I bought my stroller from my local baby store… sorry:-)

Alexis Mcconnell says:

get the icandy

Logan Trustone says:

We’re getting a bugaboo donkey for our twins due in feb. My youngest had a Quinny Buzz which was amazing.

Cinthia Tellez says:

I really love the way it folds:-) but maybe u might like an evenflo stroller the u pull on a handle to close it(no button pressing) nd the car seat removes just one way no matter if its in ur car or stroller

Rachel Ball says:

Hey Missy, I see what you mean about the negatives, looks complicated!
I’m having a little girl (Isabelle) due in March, and I think we’re getting the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System (A Mouthful to say, I know!) We’ve checked it out, and we think its perfect, be sure to have a look!
P.s I live in England so i’m not 100% sure you can get it in California, but it’s worth a try!
Loves to you all!

Reres Girls says:

By I agree with her is by with the stroller

Alysia Lip says:

Love the review!!!! At the end of the video your boob looks like it’s leaking. Mom life lol. Just an observation, no hate or creepiness.

Jessica B says:

Isn’t the stoller also very expensive too? Loved your video. More reviews please =)

Allison Socie says:

Hi Missy! Love your videos. Just found them and I’m slowly watching backwards through them. Is this the stroller that was recalled? My boss has what looks like the same one and said she is being sent a kit to make if safe for your fingers. Just wondering if you had an update.

Gabriela Guthier says:

Thank you. I wasn’t sure about this system but the open close is not ok for me. I will go for graco modes

Kayla Umana says:


emeriandkiddos says:

I have the chicco cortina travel system in the elm pattern. I love that travel system! I purchased it at babies r us and it was about $379 for the sytem but it was well worth it. The stroller is light weight and not heavy or bulky. It folds up instead of in half or down to the ground which was a plus for me. The carseat and stroller both have plenty of padding so my son stay comfy in both. He is 3 months old and i havent had any issues with the travel system. Overall a great buy!

Ashley Schroeder says:

and easier way to fold this stroller is if you press the button first, then all you have to do is pull the handle in the middle of the seat up. 🙂

Futricia Arriaga says:

I have this same stroller and car seat, and I too have found these same issues. I have enjoyed the car seat, but none the less it is a inconvenience when I use it in a combination with the stroller. But over all I have manage to use the stroller because I just didn’t have the extra money to buy another one. My son is 10 months old right now, and most likely will continue using this stroller up until my son is probably about 5 years old if I need to?????

Julaiha Banu says:

Missy, what stroller do you ride with ur graco carseat?

Kayla Umana says:

your in daily bumps

Alyssa Soto says:

Most carters diaper bags have clips on the sides. I find it very easy especially with that bag

Emily Tucker says:

We love our Baby Jogger City Select

2getha4always says:

Mountain Buggy all the way!

Tori Bradshaw says:

I hope that people will look at other reviews and not just yours. Of course its going to be acward folding the stroller like that, hence why they dont. Do the button first then the strap.

Pauline Chambers says:

She isn’t being ungrateful, she’s being honest. She uses it, she obviously doesn’t hate it, but she has a right to her opinion.

Luna Belle says:

Ollie looks so gangsta at the beginning, if I have a little boy some day I am getting him some Ollie sunnies most definitely, in fact you should bring some personalised ones out like Zoella did that would be awesome!! LOVE this style of video btw and in the inspired words of Miley Cyrus (I know how much you guys love her 😉 ) “f*** the haters cos somebody loves ya” meaning your entire bumper nation!! xoxoxoxoxo

itschloeslife says:

Not very easy that’s the easiest stroller to close that I have ever seen and as a mommy of three I’ve had at least 50 strollers

sdsmith12783 says:

I have a Graco Alano Classic Connect ™ Travel System in “Roman”. I love it! It’s a super smooth ride, easily folds and unfolds with one hand, the car seat clicks into stroller and base very easily. Has a cup holder tray for me, the handle is the perfect height so I’m not slouching or kicking the back wheels, and the storage under is fairly deep and the “Roman” design is cute and classy grey and green plaid design. It was also very affordable. Two thumbs up!!

SamanthaDickinson says:

I have this system and I love it! Folding it up is actually very easy for me. You can press the grey fold button before you pick it up the handle to collapse it and it is much much less awkward that way. Hope it gets easier for you!

Tech Crave says:


Reres Girls says:

I agree with her

katy oldham says:

Mamas and papas Sola! best pram ever 🙂 x

Jess Richardson says:

In Australia, we have the Agile Plus by Britax. I have one, and you actually press the button first, then pull the middle handle up. 🙂 I can see how you think this isn’t an easy way of collapsing your stroller, it looks a bit ‘fiddly’! 🙂

Kaly Blancher says:

Did you see the new britax 35 elite car seat! Looks much easier

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