Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System Stroller (Francesca) REVIEW

Hi Everyone!

I hope you find this stroller review helpful and informative. I tried to do a thorough job to show you everything there is to know about this beautiful and fantastic stroller system by Graco!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

PS….This stroller works just fine for us short people, I’m 5’1″ and I have no trouble with the handlebar. It also glides very nicely! And took me only about 20 minutes to put this together, including taking the parts out of the box and reading the instructions, in case you’re wondering!

Oh….and BabiesRus sells this stroller only at the moment, as far as I know!

Folded, the stroller measures as follows: 39″ tall, 14″ wide from the side standing and 18″ wide from the top in case you want to know how it will fit in your trunk/car etc.


sfroggg says:

What’s the difference between this stroller and the Graco Fast Action Click Connect from Target? The babies r us price is $369 while Target price is about $170.

Leah says:

10000000000% gettin it for me reborn

Spiceyflyer says:

The best review so far. Thanks a ton from a brand new parent!

Rich Lo says:

getting this hopefully tomorrow. its used but its in mint condition for 150

Jonathon Jaramillo says:

If you still have this. Are you willing to sell it?

Amerie B says:

Hi awesome review! !!! Can you tell me how wide the seat is and how tall the seat back is 🙂 for a taller child

Jessenya Tabares says:

Does this all come together?

Renee Lynette says:

FYI: i have a small car so im interested in this for spacial constraint issues– when folded as just the frame portion (Carseat/seat removed) its only 32in tall! I haven’t seen anything smaller…of course everything has to come out, but for what I need it trunk is deep but narrow…so i’m already in love!

Kyla Smart says:

u still selling it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it!!! u take it for $45 🙂 i really need one and i will give u my pink car seat and winy the poo carseat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont want them but i want one that matches with the stroller

Life's Little Moments says:

When folded, the stroller measures 39x14x18. I can’t do a comparison b/w this and the buzz b/c I don’t own the buzz nor know anything about it. I did a review on this stroller b/c I purchased it for my baby that’s coming soon. I hope that helps!

89Rosii says:

Hi. where can I buy the stroller? and how much did u pay for it. I live in Canada.Thanks.

LivingwPCOS says:

Thank you for this amazing review! I had been looking at a couple travel systems and this helped me decide! Going to pick it up today and have it ready for my little girl that will be mounting us very soon 🙂 I hope things are going great with your baby!

Life's Little Moments says:

It is a very heavy stroller. When I lived in the city I would have never bought this but now I live in suburbia and I can definitely use a stroller like this. I’m going to use it with the carrier and frame at first but not as a travel system b/c it’s too much all together. I found it easy to unfold actually.

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love it so different

Nikki Harshfield says:

Is there a boy version of this model?

Life's Little Moments says:

I can’t comment on how the carrier fits into the Chicco stroller b/c I didn’t try that but I really don’t think the baby has to be lying flat if the baby is in a carrier. The carrier is curved and the baby cannot lie flat no matter what incline or recline the carrier is in. Putting the baby in the seating area flat is a different story. You have your choice to do that if you wish instead of leaving the baby in the carrier. I really don’t know why a baby should lie flat in a carrier anyway?!?

Kellie sweet sweetness says:

i just saw this stroller at babies r us different print and i just fell in love with it car seat is sold separately im just worries about the front wheels being small is it hard to push during snowy days is the wheels going to come off i really want to buy this stroller its impression its currently $399 dor stroller only with car seat it’s $679 don’t mind spending that just want to know if stroller had any problem with snow etc..m thanks your video very helpful

Life's Little Moments says:

I haven’t taken mine off but I remember putting it on when I put it together. I think you just slide the parent tray up and it should pop off. It is removable.

Life's Little Moments says:

I do have problems connecting the carrier to the frame but I think it’s b/c I’m not sure where it is supposed to connect into. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it once I figure it out when the baby comes and I’m using it all the time.

Joni Vittoria says:

I had no idea about the Velcro bottom. If u recline it all the way and put the foot rest up it kinda makes it a bassinet. Love this stroller! Just finished assembling now come on baby!!!

Ken resendez says:

Wonderful Video young lady. My wife and I are now baby sitting our grand kids and found  a Graco 3 in 1 at a yard sale that is very nice. but it has been over 30 years since we had little ones around and this stroller did not came with instrostions, but your video showed us how to use it. Just one last thing,if its a 3 in 1. atfter the car seat, what is the 3 thing it does?
Thank you

Laura Mauricio says:

how do you change the straps on the stroller?

greeneyedgirl32065 says:

Great video! I’ve had this stroller for over 4 months and LOVE it! I never realized the extra little sun visor lol! Thank you 🙂

Ccep Jenise says:

Thanks for this video! Got the Modes stroller from a thrift store last month and scored a Snugfit30 carseat from a local mom yesterday. Now I know all the tricks!

Loops 92 says:

You did a really good review showing/explaining everything thank u soooo much!!! 🙂

Life's Little Moments says:

Yes, the frame folds without anything in it. And of course it’s slimmer when it’s just the frame.

chely valdez says:

why does it say it comes with car seat online, but its sold separately at stores?? i was considering contours bliss 4 in 1 but this is just as convenient…

Maria Belen says:


Jessi James says:

im considering buying this stroller I just have a question for the seat inclination, does it sit completely upright? my toddler likes to sit straight not with a recline which makes it uncomfortable.. thx

Sme Trejo says:

I have a cuestion whats the full name of the stroller cuz I went to babies rus and I found alot of strollers called click connect travel system 😐 ¿?

Igor Machado says:

Congrats for the beautiful review!!!
My major concern about this stroller is if it will fit well inside my car’s boot (citroen c3). Could you please measure the biggest dimensions when it is fold into the close position (XX x XX x XX)? This will be very helpful for me.
I’m thinking to buy a quincy buzz just because buzz appears to be more compact in fold position, but it is much more expen$ive. Can you do a comparative between these two strollers?
Thank you!!!

Rosey Smith says:

No its a 4 in 1

Janet vdb says:

Would you know the seat back height of the seat of the stroller?

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