BG Review: Urbini Touri Stroller Travel System

An in-depth review of the Urbini Touri Stroller Travel System by Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo ( information on our sponsor, Love to Dream at
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Onenerdymomlane says:

Very excited to see modern stylish strollers coming in at this price point. With my two guys I dread taking them out of the car because the seats are heavy, so I would truly appreciate an 8lb infant seat. My only concern is for the height of the handlebars. Shorter parents such as myself may have an awkward time pushing it. Other then that it seems like a nifty affordable travel system.

gina alford says:

Can you review the urbini omni 3 in 1 travel system? I have it on layaway! This one is nice too, but I love the bassinet style

Albin salguero says:

dumb bitch

Aniket Ranade says:

I cannot find the ‘lock’ to open/unfold this system. You havent explained it properly at all! At 4:40 you ‘you are gonna have to find the lock’…thanks!…I know that…thats why im watching videos online!

DannyandBaby says:

thank you for the video! would you say it would be easy to strap a diaper bag on the stroller, using the straps so the diaper bag would hang instead of being the bottom tray? i’m getting the ju ju be bff diaper bag and looking into this stroller.

Chelsea Francis says:
GlimmerReborns1023 says:

I love this stroller! I also love your video, great quality and very in depth! Thank you SO much!!

Giovani Santamaria says:

hello do you know what’s the differences between this one and the switfli Irving stroller. besides the wheels. possibly a review on that one? hehe Thanks.

Hawa Nimaga says:

Hi love ur videos just wanted to ask if u could do a review on the urbini on I strollers.

Matthew Heath Harper says:

We could not find this one in Stock anywhere. We called Urbini and they let us know that it has been discontinued. Bummer, we really liked this one!

foreverthelife says:

im getting this one it has weny up not but still greatley priced

Jane says:

Very affordable… Please review the other one that comes with a basinet

Robin Harris says:

Can you make a video with an actual baby in the car seat because I have read several reviews on Walmart website saying that the car seat basket is kinda snug

Giovani Santamaria says:

hello do you know what’s the differences between this one and the switfli Irving stroller. besides the wheels. possibly a review on that one? hehe Thanks.

Bianca Quezada says:

please do a review on the urbini swiftli

lizzygalpr91 says:

Can you do the omni next?

Claudia Valenciano says:

Where can you find the due date on it

Phianna Ocana says:

I absolutely hate this travel system it’s way too heavy and the basket is way too small the only good thing about this stroller is the canopy on the stroller.

Vivian Xia says:

Now more and more new strollers buy in the big basket, cup holder, bumper bars, stylish, and cheaper.

nomad51986 says:

Please do the urbini omni 3 in one travel system! I’ve had my eye on it for a few months but have some doubt’s due to how shaky the floor model was and also how cheap the infant car seat felt. My main worry is how little padding there was on the car seat can you please review this and give us ur opinion on how safe the car seat feels

pajnpis xiong says:

Didn’t checked the review until after i bought mine but I’m glad i did. It’s very light weight and less bulky. Stroller does not take as much car space as my other more expensive stroller. Not sure on the Carseat yet but will test it out in sept.glad i got it on clearance for $80.

Vivian Xia says:

Where do u get so many strollers to demo? You prob have the most comprehensive list on YouTube. Some reviewers are only reviewing their own , or a few in their store.

Erica Bisono says:


ilumyboysal says:

Love this! Wish it was in Canada! I dont drive so this would be a fantastic second seat and stroller for my 8m old in nonnas car that can stay there! Plus its so easy and simple it wouldnt confuse nonna if she were to use it!

lynn f says:

Can you please do a review of the Urbini Reversi? And the Urbini Sonti that can go with it please? Thanks

Jennifer Lorenzo says:

20 lbs? Seriously?!?!

gabby estrada says:

I have had this stroller for almost 2 years now I bought it for my first son, now I’m pregnant and looking for a double stroller..when my son was an infant it was very easy to get him out of my car to the stroller in the car seat and very easy to close and open up, once my son was older it’s very easy to sit him in the stroller the sun visor is great the basket fit everything for me ’cause you have space under the baby’s bottom so I’d stick a blanket in there and then his diaper bag in the remaining space. the car seat was very light easy to carry and it feels very fresh I guess you can say for the summer very easy. I loved it now that I’m expecting a new baby I wish urbini had a double stroller, or had better tires like bike tires because I live now in “rocky terrain ” for the city and easy parks it was great though.

Giovani Santamaria says:

hello do you know what’s the differences between this one and the switfli Irving stroller. besides the wheels. possibly a review on that one? hehe Thanks.

Beast Mode says:

hey I can’t open the straps that much my babies only 1 month and it’s to short

Marley Parra says:

I have the urbini omni 3 in 1 travel system & honestly, I wasn’t very impressed. The car seat, while very light, was also really flimsy feeling. & after less than 2 months use, the car seat base wouldn’t work & when it did work, it would get jammed & we’d spend like 20 minutes trying to detach the car seat from the base. Plus, the straps are really difficult to adjust, they got stuck all the time! My baby is 8 months old now & we’ve started using a different car seat & invested in a better stroller. While it is budget friendly, it’s not going to give you much bang for your buck in my opinion. Just thought I’d let everyone that was asking about the omni know.

Daisy D says:

Can you do a review on the Babies R Us Zobo stroller?

The Choice of Motherhood says:

I’m sad they don’t have these in Canada! I would definitely get one even just as a secondary systems. We live close enough to the border to pick one up but the car seat isn’t legal in Canada. Do they happen to sell just the stroller?

Olga lassan says:

Great review! Very helpful!

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