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The BabyZen YOYO+ stroller is my designated travel stroller; however, I do use it when I go downtown since the streets are so congested! The top 5 reasons i’m obsessed with this stroller is #1, t’s easy to use, #2, t’s a total spacesaver: it folds up very small so it doesn’t take much space in my trunk AND it even fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane! #3 is that it’s lightweight (13lbs), #4, it’s super versatile, and #5, it’s sooo chic!!


►Products Featured:
• BabyZen YOYO+ stroller Frame:
• YOYO+ canopy color pack:
• YOYO+ newborn nest:
• Travel bag:
• Car seat adapters:

►Other Accessories:
• Winter footmuff:
• Cupholder:
• Parasol:

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About Me (updated 01/12/2017):
I’m a new mom to a 6 month old, baby Preston. We live in the Seattle Washington area and just moved here from Las Vegas. We’re having a great time exploring the pacific northwest and adjusting to everything. Thank you for following along and watching Preston grow!

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TheSimonsaysmeow4 says:

So you have to purchase canopy separate??

Zenia says:

does it recline at all?

Phil Geldard says:

Careful, this brand no longer supports products after 2 years. You will never find accessories or replacement parts after 2 years. Stay away from this brand.

Debbie Lee says:

Do you use this BabyZen YOYO+ for flights because the Nuna Mixx wouldn’t fit in the overhead compartment? I’m thinking of getting the Nuna but aint sure if I can bring that onto my flight.

shereen soni says:

Can u change the front faced site ? Towards your sight ?

Abdul Rahman says:

I wanted to see how to stroller worked but instead all I saw was you talking throughout….!! Less talk and actually show how the stroller works!

winterhappy25 says:

Do u recommend this one vs the nuna? Im so torn which stroller i should get

Wendy Adams says:

Great video and I love your hair color!

Sofia P. says:

Loved it! but what happened with the Nina Mixx you mentioned on your new born must haves videos? do you regret baying that one? should i buy both or just the yoyo? thank you! your baby is the cutest btw 🙂

Ivy & Fin TV says:

We love your channel and your cute baby!

Jenniffer Aliwarga says:

My baby will be 5.5 months when she travels, should i get the babyzen yoyo 0+ or 6+? Please advise. Thank you.

Carolina Garcia says:

We were going to purchase a lux stroller but I couldn’t get over how heavy they all are… this is such a great alternative.. still high end and sheik but sooo much more convenient.. i guess i wont be purchasing the cybex priam

rinameiz says:

Hi =) i saw that you have previously purchased a nuna mixx with a carseat previously. I am searching around for a car seat plus stroller. I was wondering would you recommend the babyzen yoyo+ or the nuna mixx stroller?

Miguel BA says:

Hi, this and the nuna mixx2 are my top options for our coming baby. I know they are diferent, but if you have to choose which one would you take?

RomanTheSamoyed says:

Can I ask how tall you are? I really like this compact stroller but I read that the height is too tall for shorter women and that the handrail cannot be adjusted. Does the height bug you at all since you seem to be petite?



Andy Vida says:

great video! congrats! i will buy one!! thank u

Li Nguyen says:

Chanel of beginers is learning English, cảm ơn chị 🙂

myp720 says:

I just saw your must have video and you mentioned the Nuna, you have two strollers? Is this one more for traveling? Which do you recommend if you could have one?

rxabyee says:

great demo! are you still planning to doing a breastfeeding tip video? would love to see your insight. Preston is so precious!

nat pe says:

Hello beautiful, I am looking for a traveling stroller, I really like this one but I wonder if the regular seat recline for the baby to sleep in it? Because I know my baby will take naps while on the go! Thank you!

Atenea Avila says:

I really liked your yoyo review, absolutely the bes travel stroller. But for twins? do you have a perfect travel stroller?

Khen Tran says:

Hey! Which system will you recommend between the Nuna and YoYo? I’m trying to budget wisely as well as durability.

tntrockz says:

I know you had the Nuna Mixx2, do you recommend one or the other or both? I currently have the Nuna Mixx2 but my baby arrives in March.

Teryn Glenn says:

Do you think you could bring both the bassinet and the forward facing seat with you on a trip and still use the bassinet more for naps and stuff for a 6-7 month old?

Style by Colline says:

Hi Linda ! Saw your snapI just wanted to know what you do to express so much milk during pumping, I’m a exclusively breastfed mom and struggling with getting so much when pumping to stash away ! BTW love your videos!

Andre Hillmann says:

What car seat did you use with this stroller?

Manoj Kumar says:

Very very nice stoller what what is price

Fraldas de pano sim! Por que não? Marinho says:

Would you have the Yoyozen as your only and every day stroller?

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