Urbini Omni 3 in 1 Travel System: First Impression/Review


Urbini Omni 3 in 1 Travel System (Walmart) 4.6/5 stars with over 500 reviews

Urbini Omni Plus -Same price

Urbini Omni,The 3-in-1 Versatile Travel System features: (From Walmart website)
*Reversible stroller seat; forward or rear-facing
*Converts for use as an infant car seat carrier, an infant bassinet stroller or a toddler stroller
*Includes Petal Infant Car Seat that holds children up to 35 lbs
*2-position sun canopy with peek-a-boo window
*5-point safety harness with comfort pads

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Ericka Rodriguez says:

THANK YOU! I bought one and for the love of God couldn’t figure out how to switch it from bassinet to regular stroller. Your video helped alot.

Tee Christensen says:

Hi, I already have a 7 month using the system and it is beyond amazing. I love it. The problem now is I don’t know how to adjust the car seat straps for my growing baby. Please can you give me pointers on how to? Thanks.

Victoria Garza says:

hi i was wondering if you had any trouble with the wheels or turning it ? I have one and have a hard time with the wheels I go straight and the wheels completely go to the left it’s aggrivating

Jessica Coronado says:

I have the exact same stroller! Did your front wheels ever lock or feel like they were? For some reason sometimes I feel the stroller stiff and like I’m not able to turn left or right. But I’ve checked the brakes and they are unlock. I dont know if it’s only me or…

Antonella Suarez says:

Hi, I wonder if you could tell me the measurements of the box and its total weight – that is, of course if you still have it with you. Thanks!

Damaris Fisher says:

this was helpful I’ve been trying to figure it out for a 1month on how to get into a bassinet. thank you.

Angelahh Hernandez says:

heyy! i was wondering if you can help me on how to turn it into a stroller for the baby could sit down i have it as a bassinet already but i cannot put it back stamding up .. idk it you can understamd me .. Hopefully you can help me thanks

Vanessa G says:

Omg thank you so much for this video I’m so in love with it and the stroller I was having trouble finding a bassinet stroller that converted into every thing else and thank you SO MUCH for the links!!!!!!!

Shannon D says:

Im 35 weeks preg and we just ordered the Urbini Omni in gray. Of course we haven’t used it yet, but we love it so far.

Elizabeth Wright says:

Did the car seat part come with a base for the car? Or did you have to tie it in with the seatbelt?

john toodle says:

Well difference between this one and the peacock travel system?
Because this cost more *200
And the peacock stroller cost lesser?
Please get back to me

HollywoodCharityAuction.com says:

Thanks for the review!

Angelica Garcia says:

OMG this was so helpful, usually my husband takes care of the stroller stuff and I was trying to take my son for a walk and I couldn’t turn the bassinet into the little seat thing and I saw this and I felt so much better lol. thank you!

jocelynn clarke says:

Hi i am currently looking for a stroller an was thinking about maybe getting this is one. How well does the wheels work did u have any problems with them at all

Ricardo Rodriguez says:

Thank you for this video ! My wife really wants this stroller because this stroller has a lot of features. Thank you for uploading and explaining the features the stroller has 🙂 this stroller is 200 bucks on Walmart !

Michelle Brown says:

Quick question, have you tried to put it in a checked gate bag? The ones you use for the plane

Miriam Mexicano says:

Hi Ruby! It’s super cute! I’m wondering if the gray part where the baby puts his feet can be removed so he can put his feet on the other thing. Kind of seems it would get in the way if it didn’t?

Glossylipzyc says:

you’ll like it !!! its the best stroller ever and its my fourth baby..my baby is four months old and he’s getting to big already for the car seat :(..but the bassinet its so comfy and its cute and congrats on your new baby xoxox

T Geo says:

omg thank you, totally getting this now.

MsSamStudent says:

just ordered this stroller in the viola color. yess it’s still on rollback at walmart

rhoda williams says:

how long can you use the actual pushchair/ stroller for when the baby has outgrown the bassinet and the car seat?

Melanie Campbell says:

I wanted a vintage-ish/ bassinet stroller and you totaly convinced me to get this!

Dara Hanson says:

I bought this stroller and noticed that the front wheels (although they are smooth rolling and dont need wd-40) often dont steer well. They seem to stick in one position and i have to lift the weight off the front wheels to straighten them so that i can turn…Do you have any issues with taking it out of your car while its in the folded position?? cause everytime i do it, it comes un-clicked and snaps my fingers even though i KNOW i made sure it was securely folded closed.

April Mitchell says:

I own an Uppababy Vista stroller with bassinet and it’s amazing. I originally used a cheap Graco stroller, but with sidewalk being rough, plastic parts on the stroller, uneven, and my newborn was bumping around, I had to splurge on a high end stroller. The Uppababy Vista is an outstanding stroller with large back wheels and rubber wheels. You have a nice stroller and great job with the review.

tricia elliott says:

I love your videos! quick question, what is the different between this one and the travel plus ? also, do you know if urbini makes any attachment trays for the toddler position, like to put snacks and things?

Paola Fuentes says:

how long did your baby use it? thinking of getting it for a friend as a gift! would you recommend it? 🙂

Mariahhhohhh says:

Does this stroller have the option of adding inserts to add another seat?! Like for twins?!

DeAsia Sanders says:

Only minus is no bottle holders ughhh


Can you give us an update of this stroller now that you have been able to use it with your baby. Thank you.

Moniique Jones says:

is it heavy ?

Glossylipzyc says:

BTW you look just like your sister !! I love her and miss her..lol but yeah I have this stroller and its the bombs!!

Moniique Jones says:

BTW you have by far the best review video

Jam R says:

i was wondering, how is he fitting in the stroller now. I would love to see an update. That was a great review. Thank you.

Khalil Lilz says:

i hate the wheels on this stroller. and its impossible to travel with this alone on a bus with ur baby

Keahna Mercier says:

has anyone tried the urbini turni? i think its new but its different….? i really wanna see the difference, cuz i love this one but the turni looks nice too..

PrettyinPink734 says:

We have multiple cars so we were wondering if they sell extra bases bc moving the base each time would be a lot of work. Do you know if they sell extras?

Moniique Jones says:

is it heavy ?

Gwen Alwood says:

I’m taller then you and I’m ten

Ev Cas says:

You did such a great job and you are so adorable! God Bless!

Diana Gonzalez says:

Hi I read you said it was discontinued, is that why I can find it on Walmart.com except for in black only? I hope I can still get it in October. What do you think?

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