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The new and exciting Trekko is a three-wheeled “activity stroller” loaded with features to make your outings a pleasant experience.

Picture not having to worry about punctured tires and carrying around an air pump; Trekko’s large wheels take you over all sorts of terrain. You get a large drop-down storage basket and the seat reclines fully so that you can attach your Graco SnugRide car seat as a travel system.

The sleek-looking Trekko is sturdy and strong. It holds up to 50 pounds, yet has a one-handed fold for your convenience. The 5-point safety harness converts to a 3-point lap belt when your child is older for more freedom of movement. The sun canopy rotates 180° to shade your child from any angle. This stroller’s got it all for all your outdoor activities.

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Eduardo Cummings Jr. says:

Can I use this without an infant car seat?? is secure to carry the infant in the stroller without the car seat??

Stroller-Envy says:

Because the tires are not air-filled, the ride will be a bit bumpier than strollers like the Jeep Liberty that use air. The Trekko is not going to jostle your baby and it is certainly not unsafe, but it will be a bit bumpier. It’s a give and take – I also had the Jeep Liberty and while it was a smooth ride, I replaced blown-out tires half a dozen times in the years I owned it.

Lindsay Wright says:

Can I use this with Graco SnugRide Classic Connect – Little Hoot?

pentium83 says:

I love this stroller!!! NOTE: The wheel wobbles because it’s NOT meant for jogging. Read the caution on the back bar near the brakes.
This is an all-terrain stroller, NOT a jogger.

littleangels85 says:

You dis a great review. I seen this stroller today and seen the matching car seat and I am soo excited to get this travel system. I fell in love with the stroller as soon as I seen it and I was able to push and turn my 32lb toddler with one hand with no problems. Only thing I’m worried about is if its gonna fit to ride the city bus, that I do pretty much on a daily basis..

Stroller-Envy says:

Yes, you can carry your baby without a car seat. The way the legrest flips up provides a safe enclosure and the seat reclines nearly flat. However the one thing I don’t like so much is the open space behind the seatback when reclined. You must make sure your infant is securely strapped in. Another option is to buy something like a JJ Cole Collections Body Support to provide more of a secure enclosure.

vixen80 says:

This stroller is not a real terrain stroller. Its far from smooth. I have a jeep stroller terrain stroller that has the non air filled tires and it makes this one look like a cheap $40 stroller. I spoke with 3 Graco CS reps and they all told me no control the wobbling or “shakes” from going over a tiny tiny bump to lock the front wheel. They alsi mention there are no shocks. Its a nice looking stroller and has some good key features but its not a terrain stroller.

Xkusem3 Tube says:

Ok i took the u bar out and was able to manipulate the bar. The problem is the U bar that makes up the main frame of the basket is too narrow. It’s basically out of spec by a little bit, this may not be an issue on all. However if you need a fix all you have to do is remove the U bar and spread the U apart just enough so it catches the latches. Tadda fixed! Now we’re all happy.

Stroller-Envy says:

It is the North American (USA) version. 🙂

ellalillagella says:

Hi! Is this the european version?

Eduardo Cummings Jr. says:


Nadia Kro says:

we both this one yehr ago and very hapy…nice one.very comfortable.its esy fith to eny doors and buses.exelent .thanks

tamebilly says:


MattacksRC says:

ahh thanks I just bought this thing and couldn’t figure out where the latch that you use after folding it up was. you helped me find it. the insturctoins werent that great. but I like this. I had almost wanted one with inflatable wheels but this one looked nice and had a price I felt ok with.

Stroller-Envy says:

Yes, all Graco strollers are compatible with their new Classic Connect Snug Ride car seats.

leellou100 says:

Love this review and your website. Would you say this has a “bumpy” ride on gravel uneven road etc? Compared to the Jeep liberty is there a huge difference on the bouncyness of it? Want to be sure newborn will be safe.

Angel DUzt says:

fantastic review!

Xkusem3 Tube says:

My wife fell in love with this… We purchased it today and the only problem I have with it is the basket underneath is poorly designed, we might had a defective one or something because the basket tends to fall down even with a little pressure put in the basket. The latches that hold it up appear to be a little offset which caused the left side latch to fall off.

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