I Bought A Pet Stroller For My Cat! (thats right… i’ve gone full cat mom!)

Yup, I did this… #NOREGRETS! LOL I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple years now and I finally remembered to buy one on Black Friday! Zaboo loves his new cat stroller!

Here’s the link!


scott allen says:

Well how did it hold up? I want to get one for my little Sheba.

Patch Paws says:

Awwww! Your cat is adorable! I’m literally dying from the cuteness! So fluffy. :3

Skrdykat Junior says:

I cannot figure the back wheels out for anything!! Did you have to push harder than you thought?

Matt Herdel says:

Haha that’s awesome! We’ve just bought one for our dog who’s just undergone surgery on one of her rear legs. It’s pretty much identical apart from a few cosmetic differences. They’re such a great idea. 🙂

Wyde A. Wake says:

What brand is it? That link doesn’t say…also, it is on the pink side more than pure red?

ANDY_ pLaYz1919 says:

Yay! More floofs, I’m not judging, most of the internet is a cat/doggo person

Just Nat says:

I just bought my kitty Benny a pet stroller tonight off Amazon and I cannot wait to use it! He goes everywhere with me!

Condolezza P says:

Cute, the kitty cat is like: What the Fudge, take me for a walk with a leash lol. Love it. I love how you love you cat. I am the same, the only problem is that my bf won’t let get a stroller for my cats, he said over his dead Corpus body lol

Gallardohairstudio says:

was the cat stroller durable , are you still using it . !? cute cat by the way thanks for making the short video .

Natalie H says:

Im looking for a stroller for my two cats. Both indoor and one is a ragdoll. I live in a flat and my ragdoll who is a year and a half, had his first summer last year and couldn’t bear the heat in my flat. ven with the windows wide open at 11 at night. He couldn’t breath. Thought this idea may give him and my other cat some fresh air in the summer. Although i don’t want to look like a crazy women. What do people think of these for ragdolls? (uk)

Peps Haven says:

The link in the description no longer works. 🙁 Could you possibly put the name of the stroller in the description or in a reply? This video was informative and helpful as I’ve been considering getting one of these myself for my indoor kitty.

white lilac says:

Please make a cat walk video

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