In this video I share my review of the Gen 7 Pets Pet stroller review which I really love ! Thanks for watching !! Enjoy!!!


Nicole fernandez says:

Do you have the link for this stroller

Emilyhoihoi Phillips says:

I have a stroller for my dog its regular not jogging one and instead of a zipper to close the black mesh cover mine snaps down in place so I never have to worry about the zipper brakingbecause I spend 200$ on a stroller at petco and less then 24 hours later the zipper broke:( so I bought a better one online with no zippers just clamps the black mesh thing down and it’s secure and really nice looking and mine has cup holders and a bottom basket to put my dogs day bag in and i have had mine for about a year now I use to use the stroller all the time when my dog was 8weeks old because I never wanted to leave him alone because he was to young I thought so I brought him in to stores and everywhere with me in his stroller and now I just use it for long things like dog events we go to or flea markers because after a couple hours of walking my dog gets tired so i just push him until he wants to walk again and he was so good in the stroller in the stores when he was younger everyone would think I had a baby in the stroller until they actually looked and saw him and they would be like omg I though it was a baby haha

Ronald LeBeau says:

All pet strollers are shit you need to custom make your own USA MADE dogs are comfortably my ass they need room why don’t you get in

Katz4me says:

Miss Stassi is kept in a show coat and here in the south, the pavement gets extremely hot very quickly and could easily cause severe burns/blisters on their pads within minutes. These pups are very well taken care of.Roxanne, thank you for the review on this stroller. Your nail polish was a very good match to the stroller cover.

Pippa's Mom says:

I have this stroller and go walking everyday with my dogs! They love it!
We walk a long ways and it protects them from some mean bigger dogs! I love keeping them safe! They get their exercise indoors so this way outside I don’t have to worry about all the bugs and bad things! Worth every penny!

Kuki Shamus /Cavalier girl says:

omg now i gonna get one all those when i get a dog

Laura says:

I don’t mean to be rude or intrusive, and own a cavalier myself,but could the dogs not be walked on a lead/leash to exercise them ?

Lisa Swaney says:

OMG! They’re so adorable in that.

Horny Slut says:

Omg I do have to get one of these! I have a 10 yr old Jack Russell and unfortunately my baby has arthritis in his back legs so with one of these I could walk him until he had enough then pop in here so he can still look around! Thank-you so much for posting this love your channel your babies are to gorgeous!

11cabadger says:

Ten minutes, fifty-four seconds later, no help getting my Gen7 closed! Thought I missed it but PtAngeles Washington was also disappointed. Here is the answer: the EZ fold feature is on the handle; push slide to the left, simultaneously, squeeze the button and twist the handle forward. It really is simple once you know the trick. Maybe that’s why you didn’t include it.

Props to you for reviewing the stroller — your pups certainly seemed to enjoy the product. I’m sorry if this sounds mean but you need to be ruthless when editing your own work; there was too much talk about the pink color option & disbelief that a 75-lb dog would fit (it’s 75-lb capacity refers to total weight of multiple dogs).

Shannon F says:

Love this stroller! I have the smaller one you mentioned in pink and use it for my two Tzus – one 10 lbs and one 5 lbs. they fit nicely in it! Great for when I have to take them both to the vets or things like that!

Crystal Hernandez says:


YOYIS YO says:

Where do u get it , link?…

Gabrielle Maimon says:

Love the stroller! Have 4 little doggies use my stroller for them all the time:) love it!

Jude W says:

What if it rains. You have an umbrella but they should make a fly rain skin that goes over it. Good review. Great bottle water for dog storage and a place to put poop bags in between and their dish in the bottom. I just don’t like that their is no rain protection for unexpected rain.

Kuki Shamus /Cavalier girl says:

also your dogs look cute in that stroller

PtAngeles Washington says:

Came to watch because I can’t fold mine up. You skipped thru that part. Darn it!

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