Cosco stroller & caraway review


Msjackieex3 says:

i have this stroller well more like i had it hubby went on a trip n took baby with him n on his way back he left the stroller at grandmas only brought bck the carseat :/ i loved it only downside was no patting on the carseat nd i never figured how to recline the stroller other than tht i loved it used it everytime n it is still in good shape

Deborah Fernandes says:

pls does anyone know how to fold this stroller

mindy wagner says:

there are two buttons on the top behind the umbrella part that you lift to let down the stroller 🙂 btw i have this stroller and car seat and i <3 it sooo much 

C. O. says:

Didn’t show how to fold the stroller, I would have like to seen that. But nice review. 🙂 Very helpful.

Brittni Escobar says:

I can’t figure out how to fold it down. could you please help me.

motocross ashes247 says:

wow thank u so much! u showed me so much i thought the stroller and carseat didnt do! thank u!!!

Karon Guthrie says:

Thank you!  Bought one second hand with no instructions and was completely mystified on how the carseat attached!

Brittany Briones says:

Hey hun does the umbrella on the actual stroller detach? 

Arriannia Hawkins says:

Hey I just my babys carseat washed n now need help putting back…help girly

melissa wilson says:

My cousin had gotten this for her baby but ended up only using a few times because she didn’t like it, so she gave it to me because I’m going to have my baby in March. And the manual that she gave me didn’t have ANY information on the stroller at all. Thank you for sharing on how to attach the car seat to the stroller. Could you do a review on the stroller itself? I’m seeing in other comments that the seat of the stroller could be adjusted to different positions.

Elise stork says:

Thank you this review was really helpful I just bought this and only did Minor research on it and when I got the package ( I ordered it off of Walmarts website) it didn’t have instructions so thank you so much now I know how to put the carseat in and not to take it out in the rain with my baby girl when she gets here 🙂

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