Climb Cart Review: A Stair-Climbing Cart?

Climb Cart is a six-wheel stair-climbing cart. Here is my review, as I test it out in several scenarios depicted in the advertising. Overall, I think it’s a good product, although heavy items still require some work going up a flight of stairs.

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Pyroman / says:

Be nice if they made one that could lift a couple hundred pounds wit a big base for big things

Tina Kershner says:

In my previous comment I asked you to please use the Climb Cart on really steep stairs. That was before I found your updated Climb Cart Review. Please ignore my comment. You do wonderful thorough reviews, thank you so much.

Citizen 1 says:

No basket? I’ll just keep using the one I have now.

Jane Renee says:

i am disabled from a stroke so can only carry with one hand. i got this cart to carry groceries in from the car. it is very helpful. most people won’t be lugging a case of bottled water around. the bag holds quite a bit. the first thing i moved with it was a case of vegetables and a large box of juices in one go. it moved easier.

jbeargrr says:

Great reviews, I’ve subscribed. After watching this and the update, I watched videos of other stair-climbing carts. The Up-Cart looks like it has bigger wheels and might be sturdier. Looks like they have 2 or 3 models. Have you tried one of those, or other brands, or plan to do so in the future?

Keep up the good work, I enjoy watching your reviews.

Katrina Schmidt says:

I have the climb cart and LOVE it. I used to use the box wire grocery cart and at times got caught going upstairs by the wheels too hard climbing stairs.

GorgeousRoddyChrome says:

New subscriber. I am finding your reviews to be outstanding. Seriously, some of the best I have seen on YouTube.

Jo Flores says:

The handle seems low it looks like your bending the whole way your walking with it.

An Enemy says:

today on bullshit nobody wanted or asked for: a stair climbing ladder, that dont actually climb anything. lmao what a piece of dog shit…People that shop at bed bath and beyond should be dragged out into the street and shot

Ashok Revanna says:

looks like you use a lot of plastic groceries.. yuck

CJ R. says:

What’s with the audio

Zandron Barlow says:

Cool! Thanks for the review. I definitely will pick one of these up so my wife can get the water upstairs when I am not there.

Jay McCanless says:

would like to know how this works and holds up when people that have to walk use it over streets and sidewalks say several trips a week and not perfect streets, a litle rougher streets maybe older streets and often uneven sidewalks also how it does pulling up and down hills of varoius sizes. Not everyone lives on flat areas.

Peace/Love/Harmony says:

That wouldn’t work for wooden stairs without a backing or larger stairs.

Christopher Rumbaoa says:

What park is that I live in Vegas too

Mr. Bruce Arkwright, Jr. says:

Looks pretty flimsy, still all in one piece and working?

Geno2846 says:

Nice clear review, Thank you.

Katy B says:

Thanks for the review!

Zariah GamingYT says:

Looks like a big fidget spinner

Tina Kershner says:

Could you test it out on really steep steps?

Sift Hussain says:


C D James says:

I like mine a lot

Sierra Mist07 says:

Thank you. I would love to know if it can hold a laundry basket without it falling out, like it shows in the commercial.

Matthew Niedbala says:

I’d rather just carry 75 pounds

John Hughes says:

Excellent review. This cart with its included bag might be ideal for older people that still possess a decent amount of mobility. I’ve seen those wire mesh style two wheeled carts used in grocery stores and this might make a decent replacement. However with its snap together design, I wonder how durable it is.

Isabel Ortega says:

Those were the rave back then dude, I’m 13 but I still remember when I has a climb cart dude

Anton Nym says:

water weights 8lbs per gallon, so you can divide the number of total ounces. If those are 16-oz bottles, then 32*16 = 512 and divide that 512 by 128 oz per gallon = 4 gallons, which is 8*4 = 32 lbs for the water, plus 3 pounds for the cart.

Paige Weeks says:

Have you tried it on open riser stairs?

Katie Wilkinson says:

What do you do with all of these “as seen on TV” products that you buy after you test them out?

Wade Snow says:

the climb cart should be 2in wider and 2in longer the wedge. not a good cart. the wheels SHOULD be thicker with rubber. Then that would be nicer and way better.

Dennis Dowd says:

Like so many of these types of items they maybe a good idea, but trying to make this for $40, might be somewhat of an issue overall. I believe that a product that is this basic design but selling for twice as much, or $100 might end up being a better ergonomic design and a much longer life. Thanks great review.

bun04y says:

any chance you tried this on “open” stairs… where there isn’t a closed in rise? My friend’s apartment is on the 3rd floor. 😉

J Polar says:

I wonder if that place in Fairfield, New Jersey the place that most of this TV products are sold from have any input about these products. I have read that their customer service department is worthless and the Better Business Bureau has rated them very low. Personally I refuse to buy anything that’s advertised on TV. I wish you luck with your review of this product and I hope you didn’t waist your money. Have a safe and happy new year.

Just Coni justme says:

This product just might be what I need to haul my groceries from garage (only two steps) and into the kitchen. There is a similar heavier (and pricier) version on the market but the Climb Cart will suffice. Thanks a bunch for testing it out.

Solomon Kane says:

Anyone remember the land master from the film “damnation alley”?

Candi Soda says:

PASS, I’m strong enough to just lift it up the stairs 🙂

Clorox Bleach says:

I remember that park.

The Niggler says:

I dont understand why he pushes the cart down the stairs instead of pulling it. Like how he was going up the stairs

Metacom says:

OMG I grow up at that park as a kid I always went to that mini water park at night

vKarl71 says:

How thick is the tubing? How much does it weigh unloaded?
Big problem: all the connections appear to be made with rivets, instead of nuts & bolts. So you can’t fix it yourself.
It looks really cheaply made. How about some stress testing? I think it might be better to have one set of wheels that were twice the diameter.

Your Name Hear says:

it looks like the wheels don’t work, or should I say move as well, going upstairs… I definitely would put a little WD 40 on the spokes so the wheels would not look like they were sliding across… I noticed that when the wheels were going up the stairs, they would just slide, instead of turning…

Doug McGraw says:

-when going down steps did you ever try pulling it down vs the pushing down you showed in the video?

N.B. Kristjansson says:

7:48 He has some heavier things like milk, but he’s holding orange juice as he says it, lol
The climb cart looks like it’s too short for him. How tall is he?

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