Best Strollers of 2017 | UPPAbaby Vista | Bugaboo Cameleon | Nuna Mixx2 | Cybex Mios | BabyZen Yoyo+

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In this video, Magic Beans Co-Owner, Eli Gurock, reviews all of the best strollers for 2017!

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UPPAbaby Vista 2017:

Nuna Mixx2 2017:

Bugaboo Cameleon 2017:

Babyzen Yoyo+:

Cybex Mios:

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UPPAbaby Vista 2017: 1:00
Nuna Mixx2 2017: 3:30
Bugaboo Cameleon 2017: 5:30
Babyzen Yoyo+: 8:30
Cybex Mios: 10:25

Watch the full reviews here:

UPPAbaby Vista 2017:
Nuna Mixx2 2017:
Bugaboo Cameleon 2017:
Babyzen Yoyo+:
Cybex Mios:

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Alex Shishko says:

Would a nuna stokke car seat fit a nuna mixx2 stroller?

Aaron Clark says:

I had a hard time following some of the items being described because the camera views seemed to lag behind the narration (example – the BabyZen Yoyo unfold sequence). Perhaps filming with a wider angle of view with select close-up shots would be more helpful.

Daniel Fridman says:

Went to the site (very nice)! Which is the sixth stroller? couldn’t find it

Evelyn Tran says:

Hi! What would be your top pick for the best stroller to buy for 2017? Out of the ones you mentioned?

CarrascoEsther says:

Any updates to the Stokke explory?

ineuifity says:

reviews need to include pricing

Gabby Finan says:

have yall ever reviewed uberbaby?

Mery Saquicela says:

What’s the 6th stroller? And what is the weight of the cybex?

DominisiaK88 says:

make a video with strollers which take up the least place/ space 😉

Andrea Pyne says:

Stokke crusi or Xplory

Ali Marciano says:

Hi Magic Beans! My wife and I wanted to send you a huge thank you for your amazing help with the purchase of our new 2017 Vista in Henry! All of the local stores here in NJ were unable to get their hands on one for us and after watching your review we decided to call you and see if you could help. One week later it was at our front door. Unreal! We and our one year old daughter absolutely love the stroller and even more so loved the experience of interacting with your store and representative (super helpful and professional). Again, thank you for your excellent service, we will be back. Mike, Ali and Piper

okayplayer36 says:

Was thinking about getting the cybex mios in black when it comes out. I have not seen a travel bag for any cybex products. Have you?

maira escamilla says:

Do you have a review on the quinny buzz xtra stroller? I’m undecided between that one and the uppa vista.

Aemon Satti says:

Can we get all of these brands in Europe ?

Veronica Cruz says:

Can u please do a review on the difference between the nuna mixx2 and the nuna ivvi

A Rod says:

Great review. Camera works needs a lot of work though. I’m more interested in seeing the stroller, not the demonstrators.

Wisdom Time says:

I wish I could buy these. Our baby is due end of Nov or early Dec thanks

OriginalRajah says:

word of advice. use men the size of women like 5’9 tops in height so the strollers dont look small

Baby Jogging Stroller Report says:

Great demonstrations of how to change the strollers around. I would have loved to have that when I was putting together my baby jogger. And for people that say these are pricey – we paid $900 for ours 6 years ago and it has lasted for my 3 boys – we also used it as a double jogger.

Rebecca Raskind says:

Hi there! Love your videos! We are getting the Cybex Priam but now I wonder if we should consider the new Cybex Mios? Also, I am intrigued by the Mamas and Papas Urbo2… any thoughts on that one?

Daisy P says:

Great review! At the end of the video Eli mentions there is a 6th stroller that didn’t make the video and instructs to head over to the mbeans site to find out which one this is. I couldn’t find it, can you help?

Reina Tahai says:

Nuna Mixx 2 question: I love this stroller but I haven’t bought it yet because I can’t seem to get the shoulder harness straps to get tight enough. They only tighten to a certain point. Any suggestions or demos on how to adjust those shoulder straps to be as tight as can be?

Buğra Han Çetin says:

How about Stokke ? You told that you used stokke for your baby ? Isnt it in those five ?

Jane Trinh says:

Love the yoyo! My favorite

Samantha Smirnovas says:

Are you making a video for the best 2017 strollers for twins?

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