Best Strollers 2016 | TOP 7 Strollers To Buy

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The list of the Best Strollers 2016:

TOP 1: Baby Jogger City Select Stroller
Available here:

TOP 2: BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller
Available here:

TOP 3: Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller
Available here:

TOP 4: Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller
Available here:

TOP 5: Thule Urban Glide 1 Sport Stroller
Available here:

TOP 6: Peg Perego Book Stroller
Available here:

TOP 7: Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller
Available here:


AussieAngelcakes says:

The Mountain Buggy Nano is great. A few niggly design flaws but overall so handy and easy to travel with

Hayoooo says:

city select is heavy though almost 30 Lbs with one car seat, I rather go with GB Lyfe travel system

Strollers For Babys says:

These strollers look cool, I appreciate the videos, they look awesome.

MaRtHa TeLLeZ says:

peg perego the best stroller

Danni Inter says:

Hi mom’s…I’m a first time mom and I’m curious why a lot of mom’s haven’t recommended the Uppababy Vista. Would appreciate some feedback on that. Thanks 🙂

Brina Boon says:

I had the baby jogger city mini. I wish I had bought that from the start! I bought like 4 strollers before realising this was the best! (I lost 1 stroller in the cab because I forgotten to take out from the boot) it’s so stable and good I even bring it when I went Hong Kong when my gal was 3! It’s definitely a good investment to buy from the start. Then downside is that it can’t stand on its own. Oh ya, another thing is because the wheels r much protruding, sometimes the cab driver thinks won’t be able to fit but when I pop out the wheels, their eyes pop out as well and was astonished by the removable wheels!!!

Carli Doepke says:

I have the Thule Urban Glide and it is incredible. It is super smooth and lightweight. Plenty of storage space. Can’t say enough good things about it. On one website I looked at, the Thule Urban Glide won 2016 best stroller for running against 12 others including BOB. My baby is still too young to actually run with him at this point, but it’s great for just walking, too. We also have the Chicco Bravo and like that a lot, too. Definitely not as smooth as the Thule and not for running, but it’s a good everyday stroller. … and it looks classically cute when you just have the carseat in it.

Clarissa T. says:

I really really like the baby jogger city select but it’s too heavy and I only have one baby. I would definitely get it if I have a baby and a toddler!

esmeralda herrera says:

Prefiero origami de 4moms

raghda rajbieh says:


renyin wang says:


Baby Items List says:


Donna Sieber says:

LOVE my Mountain Buggy Nano 2 and BOB Revolution SE. Perfect pair. BOB stroller for in the neighborhood and jogging. Mountain Buggy Nano for around town, shopping and travel. Updated version of MBN, has addressed some of the design quirks and it is better than ever!

KinderCentrum Žilina says:


The Baby Wiki says:

I like second one!!! Nice reviews……

Злата Резникова says:


Vanig Avakian says:

Chicci bravo

kirrey carraldo says:

brp y hrg y please jwb dunk

سارة منهل says:


shokoterapiya1 says:

I have used Baby Jogger City Select during 3-3,5 years for my twins… Have used it a lot. Really the best one! The only and unique bad thing – is its weight… compared it to many others, but it still stays the best stroller for me.

Wendy Hutton says:

great info thanks

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