Baby Jogger City Mini 4-Wheel Stroller Review

Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo ( highlights the new Baby Jogger City Mini 4-Wheel Stroller in this video review.
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Deniz Hancioglu says:

Hello Holly 

I am watching every single video that you made about strollers. Thank you for all the reviews they are great. 
I was wondering what is the difference between a 4 wheel and a 3 wheel? I will be a mom very soon and live in the city. Not a jogger or exerciser. So which one makes sense to get? 

Thank you again

Victor & Ashley Knepp says:

I would totally get the 4-wheel over the 3! I’ve been wanting a city mini but (besides my BOB) I don’t care for 3-wheeled strollers! Yay Baby Jogger!

Rosemarie Mclinden says:

I have just bought a used version of this buggy after loving my 3 wheel version to death( literally) but can anyone tell me if this version comes without the removeable board in the seat area? As this buggy seems to be missing this,but I can’t even find where one could be inserted?

Ev Torresani says:

4-wheeler is more attractive as long as the two front wheels are slightly tapered as they are on this model.  Would like for there to be a 4-wheeler for the GT model, along with magnetic peek-a-boo closure. 

Danielle Mei says:

Hello, what’s the difference between 2014 and 2013?

beautyathena says:

Thanks for this vid, good to know. I’m still, however loving my 3 wheeler city mini.

Meg Sonnenberg says:

4wheel only bc my daughter needs the extra weight compasity bc she has cp and we don’t want to spend 100000 on a wheelchair!!!!

LovingMy4Luvs says:

We upgraded from a bugaboo bee+ to a Baby Jogger City Mini 4 wheeler and my son and I absolutely love it!!!!!

julia061174 says:

I live in England and use public transport every day, so I got 4 wheeler city mini.

Elyanna Drost says:

Thanks for the review!  Great features on this stroller!
allbabyforbaby com is another great site to check out for strollers.  Many brands, styles including reviews!

Zainab Shaikh says:

please could you do a review on the Baby jogger city mini zip!?

AnnaR says:

I prefer the 4 wheels 🙂 Just feels more stable and like it makes more sense 😛

GianFromLA says:

thank you i’m going to get the 3 wheel GT

Khalid Amin says:

Mrs been

littlebitoflove vlogs says:

I love my baby jogger!

tml427 says:

Look at the Bob Motion!

Gillian Walmsley-Sacino says:

standing fold?

lolipoptalia m says:

It’s actually been available in Israel for almost a year

loogiemistress says:

Definitely the four wheeler!! 🙂

Lolita Holiday says:

Watching all your videos. Trying to look for the perfect stroller for my vacation. American Airlines only allows 20lbs or less strollers. My stroller is 26lbs. So, in the market for a used stroller

amytheplannergirl says:

I love 4 wheelers way more then 3!

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