Burley d’lite Child Trailer / Jogger / Stroller Review 2013 version

The burley d’lite is an amazing trailer for an active family. works as a great stroller if your going someplace that may be bumpy or off road (grass, dirt path, or broken pavement.) the large rear wheels let it roll over these types of surfaces much better than traditional strollers. plus its a great jogger. then when attached to your bike it is smooth for you and the child thanks to the large wheels and suspension.


Rachael de Souza says:

what about the recall? Did you end up getting the safety kit and new receiver?

Prototype LM says:

It looks like a small car .
This babychair is pretty nice !

Sierra Collins says:

It seems like you would hit your feet/legs on the back of the stroller when you run. Do you find that to be the case?

Shane Mandl says:

Hey Troy thanks for the review – im wondering if the trailer arm has a neat storage position on the unit when it’s in stroller mode?
Im thinking that i could take the 2 front wheels off and put in the compartment where you are also storing your spare tubes etc, to cycle to places but then to use it as a stroller i wouldn’t want to leave the trailer arm just sitting there connected to the bike? 
if there isn’t a designated spot for the arm to attach, are there any obvious improvisations that could be made?

Edmond Lau says:

Good review!  Good detail on showing how the trailer attaches to the back of the bike.  If I may ask, how much are those?

Steve THOMPSON says:

Hey – What speaker is that? Do you recommend it?I just got a Burley and jogging kit and was hoping to have some tunes for the little guy. Can’t find any decently reviewed handlebar speakers that fit.

Jewel Zepeda says:

Where did you purchase this??????

Burley Design says:

Great review! How’s the trailer holding up?

OurFamilyInGermany says:

Thanks for a very useful and hands-on video review.
I have a question. I was wondering if the Stroller has air vents. From what I can tell from your video, it appears as though there is a mesh where the side windows meet the front bars. Are those actual air vents? We live in Europe and were wondering if during the winter there could be a build up of condensation with both kids in the stroller if there is no adequate circulation vents. 
And a second question – can you have both kids in the stroller while you remove the left front wheel to attach the Burley to a bike (and vice-versa)? In your video, it seems to stay sturdy on three wheels, but I don’t know if having two kids in there makes a difference.
Thanks in advance for any input you can share!

Kjartan Kjartansson says:

Hey Troy, is it possible to lay the seatback flat so the baby can sleep in it for longer periods of time (with the stroller stationary of course)? If that is possible do you consider it being a comfortable bed? I´m thinking if I can use it for kindergarden-runs, then my kid sleep in it during naptime.

thinkprotoss says:

Endlich eine brauchbare Rezension – Vielen vielen Dank =)

Finally, a useful review – Thank you so much =)

Michelle Kim says:

The best part is when the baby puts her toe in her mouth!  Cute!!!

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