Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller Review (by Daddy) – itsMommysLife

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller Review (by Daddy)
On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world!…


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Jaymee Xiong says:

I bought a similar one from Graco brand. Love it!

ofbeautymatters says:

I have no need for a stroller, but I just love this video. The editing is awesome and so is the presenter, Benji. The intro steals the show. “Hi…I’m Benji” lol.  Love it! You guys are awesome and have such a lovely family. Huge fan! 🙂

Kaitlyn B says:

I can’t wait to have kids. I want 3 or 4

NancyFancyPantss says:

LOL this is such an amazing review! I don’t even need a stroller right now but that was still so entertaining! Thanks guys 🙂

Tru Scorpio says:

Good job Benji! You made that fun and informative.

TheBebe2214 says:

And it came with the car seat

dabumblebee15 says:

lol this video is so cute! i love the cameos with jb 🙂

Elyanna Drost says:

Thanks for the review!  Great features on this stroller!  
allbabyforbaby com is a great site to check out for strollers.  Many brands, styles including reviews!

almaturan says:

This video is seriously hilarious. I don’t know if they edited it this way or it’s just Benji. He seemed like he was talking about some sort of luxury ride haha.

Katrinas Space says:

That was an AWESOME review! I hope you get sponsored big time for this company (even though I know it wasn’t a sponsored video) because you have me wanting to buy the stroller when I’m nowhere NEAR having a baby! Haha! 

Keith Altenhof says:

Great review! You helped us pick our system…the City Mini GT with KeyFit 30. Thanks!

byoung4eva1 says:

So funny lol

MsTigerseye77 says:

Man!  This is one of the best product videos I have ever seen!  Too bad you weren’t paid to do this review.  You just made this company A LOT of new sales!

Shakeira Smith says:

I laughed so hard when he said “If you can’t read English that’s why we made this video”… Maybe it’s more common than I know of to not be able to read it but watch English Spoken videos.

Stacey Woodcox says:

You guys should do a review on the double stroller!!! PLEASE!

Shany Song says:

it’s so not easy being a mom, i’m sorry to hear about your breast pain, i hope you feel much better now Judy!

KrittiyaL0VE says:

That was instructive and soooo funny at the same time ! I don’t even have a child yet ! hahahaha I send you lots of loooooveeeee <3

LaSweetsTV says:

Awesome video!  This stroller was totally next in line on our list but we ended up with the BOB.  Its great to run with your little one.  I run on bumpy areas and he doesn’t feel a thing.  Would recommend to anyone!  Julianna is so cute pimpin her ride!

mikaelacuevas says:

I laughed way too hard

marieclaire says:

I love this! haha Benji is hilarious XD

MsB says:

Best review ever! Cant stop laughing 

Mita says:

I love that stroller!

Melanie Magboo says:

Can you review the Twins’ stroller

1MaroJaan says:

Can anyone tell me which converter/adaptor Benji uses to click the car seat onto the stroller? 

J Rob says:


Kathy McCoy says:


Victoria Harris says:

Jb is a great assistant

Christine Tang says:

This video was actually quite hilarious for a review hahah!! Loved it

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