Uppababy VISTA 2017 full review!

full review of the Uppababy vista 2017 stroller. I talk about all the features and my favorite things about it in single and double mode. I show all the accessories for the Uppababy Vista and tell you what’s included. Have you tried the Uppababy vista 2017? What stroller do you use? This video is not sponsored but I was sent the stroller by Uppababy! Please consider subscribing to my mom lifestyle daily vlog channel…I’d love to be friends!
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Melissa B says:

I was wondering – I know you had an older model of the Vista before the Bugaboo Donkey, how much of an improvement is the 2017 Vista versus pre-2015 models? Thanks! 🙂

Naomi Kroeker says:

Man, the gear they come out with now! Wish that had been around when my kids were little – tall handle would have saved my back #tallgirl

Stephanie Adams says:

Beautiful stroller!! Wish they were this nice when my babies were strolling!

Mrs Vera says:

looks like an amazing stroller! wish someone could give it to me lol i need a double stroller next year

Kotah Loves says:

Whats the difference between the toddler seat & a rumble seat?

panda5122 says:

Did you switch your sit down video day? I thought it used to be on Wednesdays.

Alexandra Simard says:

I have this stroller and I still learned new things! Lol thank you for the review (and tutorial)

Brad&Christine Bohn says:

Really looking forward to your comparison video next week! The Vista and Donkey are the 2 strollers we are going back and forth between. If you haven’t already filmed the comparison video, can you reference how adaptors work for car seats for each stroller? Living in MB, and having a winter baby, I won’t want to take her out and transport her between car seat and stroller when it’s -40!

Kailey Makin says:

Great review, I want one now! Wishing I would have done more research and gotten something like this that converts from one baby to two..I have the Mountain Buggy Terrain ($600) and know I will need to sell it when we have our second baby in the next couple years. I’ll definitely be on the Craigslist hunt for the UPPA Baby Vista 🙂

Mary Ly says:

How much does the stroller weigh with the toddler seat (without the rumbler)? What is the seat back height (from bottom of the seat to the top of the seat)? Seat width and depth would also be helpful. These measurements (especially the stroller weight and seat back height) are important information that consumers can truly use – it would be helpful to include them in future reviews.

Ashley Em says:

Thank you!!!! We are looking at this stroller right now actually and were confused.

malazkm 2010 says:

i had the 2012 omg the struggle but omg it is the best stoller. i was going to get the orbitbaby

Alicia Una Ryan says:

I wish I had this stroller 22 years ago, this new stroller is amazing
Greetings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Kathleen Gaffney says:

I’m vlog hungry! Lol. But great review

Melanie B says:

awesome review. we went with the baby jogger city select for our boys (18 months apart), it just had a few more pros for us. I think the uppa baby would be great for people for walk for most of their errands since it comes with the bassinet!

Carol Love says:

Well done!

Nicole Roy says:

I’m ordering this for my twin girls. I absolutely love this stroller. thanks for the review. I brought this exact same color wish i could send a picture.

SAIRI E. says:

oh my im pregnant with my 4th child, i soo need a double stroller like this for my smaller children. i love how easy they can be arranged, open, closed, being able to fit in the doors i love how the handle can extend.. i love it but i wish i could afford one its not in my budget. 🙁

NCRmama says:

We’re pretty much past the stroller stage (youngest is almost 3, but she walks mostly, or we put her in the carrier), but I watched sooo many stroller reviews! We ended up getting a used UppaBaby Vista, and that under basket! I hauled so many groceries in that basket! The newer ones look so much better than my old one. I don’t know if it was all older model Vistas, but I found the seat on mine quite far back, even in the most upright position, but all the newer models I’ve seen are much more upright.Thanks!

Jessica Matos says:

Hi!! do you think that the bassinet is really useful? Im thinking about buying the uppa baby cruz or this one

Jillian Freeman says:

I have heard so many great things about this stroller! The extendable handlebar is AMAZING my husband has so many issues with having to hunch over with almost any stroller we have tried.

Melissa Friesen says:

This makes me want more babies! lol

Jill Emelander says:

Hey Elle, I have been a supporter of your channel from the time Cohen was born, but I’m not sure I am as supportive of commercials or product endorsements. If you have a particular stroller you like and why you like it, tell people, but at their requests.

Amanda Lile says:

Can the bassinet be used with a toddler seat? Also, what’s the difference in the two seats, and which one comes with the travel system? I just purchased this from Nordstrom, but I haven’t received it yet. Another thing. I have the Henry Blue Marl Mesa Car seat. I chose that one bc it is made fully with out flame retardants. I also purchased the Henry Blue Marl travel system. Will is also be made without flame retardants? Is your red one made without flame retardants?Thanks for the video!

Lorena Suarez says:

I would think that if you accept an item that that is considered being “paid” especially one as expensive as this stroller. Why can’t you be “paid” for this video? You can still make an honest review even if you are paid !!! Or is it in your contacts that you can only say positive things about a product if you are “paid”

Shell Cshells says:

What an amazing stroller!

Marisa S says:

I feel like the only way I could ever justify the cost of this is if I lived somewhere like New York and NEVER drove anywhere and only walked. 1300 is a TON of money, i mean let’s be real, when you find out you are pregnant you have about 9 months left, you couldn’t even save 100 dollars a month and have this by the time your baby arrived! INSANE! Plus adding on the other costs to having a child and preparing for a baby? I can see why they have to send free ones to people in hopes of a sale or two… Good job Elle, but it’s definitely not a product that most people can relate to, as you know or you wouldn’t have the 10-year-old version! I’d love to see you compare them against each other!!

Jenan Jeha says:

I work at a baby store and I sell so many Uppababy Vistas! love them! they are totally the cadillac of strollers!

Fareha Laharen says:

Elle please show us the review of this stroller with forde and cohen actually riding in it and then tell us how you felt

Tracey Lomas says:

I need that pushchair so bad

mila maria says:

i like how well eine this viedo is! but you only told us all the features the stroller has. i would have loved to hear a FULL review with more of your opinoin,what you dislike, maybe showing it in action and talk a little bit about the price. that way we have a better overview and someones opinoin to help us decide wether the product is worth the price or not. because of seemed more like you want to sell the stroller to us.
Love your Channel!!

Double The Bumps says:

We just posted our SURPRISE PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT and I am looking at getting a double stroller and have been doing a ton of comparisons! I do love the UPPA BABY Vista especially bc we plan on not doing a infant car seat that snaps in bc we don’t want to have to buy another car seat in a year when they grow out of it! We will get a CHICCO next fit zip 2017! So I need a stroller that fits an infant!

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