UNBOXING & REVIEW | Contours Double Stroller!

This City Select Double Stroller Dupe is a detailed review of the Contours Options Double Stroller! If you are looking for a baby stroller you must watch this!
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debbie x says:

I shall we do it out Lisa invited but it does have three good fairies in it find the speak time in the world the house of Stuart

Sarah Teel says:

Can you still find it for that price anywhere??

The Mastermans says:

Wish we had that stroller here a lot of strollers have to be approved for safety standards in Australia, great review and loved the intro too 🙂

Contours Baby says:

Thank you for sharing your video! Please send us an email, marketing@contoursbaby.com, and we will help accessorize your tandem! Thank you again!

The Family Diaries says:

WE LOVR OURS!! such a great stroller for the price! We also found it by researching dupes for the city select!

tasha2180 says:

Thanks for the review! I pray that you guys get to enjoy a child or children soon. We plan to start the foster care process in about a year or so when my hubby gets out of the military and we move back home and I think this stroller is perfect for foster care so I will definitely keep it in mind.

Mai Lee Yang says:

Is this stroller good for running? I’m looking for an inline double stroller that can be used for running. Thanks.

rachael burton says:

Hi are you able to have the back seat reclined and parent facing while the front seat faces out? Thanks

Alissa Nicholas says:

Absolutely love our contours elite tandem stroller! You will love it too! I’m so excited for you guys on your fostering journey. We’ve been fostering for two years now and were placed with a newborn and our now in the beginning stages of adopting him! He’s now 16 months old.

Rae Shortt says:

Will this stroller fit into a crossover SUV? I’m looking into this stroller but just wondering if it’ll fit into my car’s trunk.

Elizabeth moreno says:

perfect review ur awsome !! just bought mine and i love it !!!

Mama Vendee says:

All the space for necessities are very useful:) especially for multiple little ones.

Tristin Ebel says:

That basket will be fantastic for going out and about! say your going on a picnic or a parade, you need to bring a big blanket to sit on, lots of room for storage. Or if your going to the park and want to take some toys to play with.

Counseling Mom says:

Where did you purchase yours? On amazon it says it does not come with car seat adapter.

FourieFamCam says:

We fostered a little girl 13 years ago, now she is a our daughter!! Best gift ever!
Best of luck to you both in this wonderful new adventure.

Lacy Pugh says:

Thanks for the great review! We are in the market for a tandem stroller and I love this one but I’m concerned it won’t fit into my 2009 Mazda 6. I feel like my car has a very good sized trunk and I will most likely take measurements and will probably have to remove the seats if the stroller but any idea if it would fit in a sedan trunk?

Kiera tarbard says:

You forgot the other way for a one child it is were the set is even higher

mattia dizard says:

i wish it had speakers like baby trend does

FutureNursec14 says:

This is my favorite double stroller… 🙂

amy judge says:

Is there a carrycot for newborn? If so how does it co figure with a toddler seat as well?

debbie x says:

I subscribed to your shadow

Janina Van Harberden says:

I am wondering about how Robert likes it. Is it tall enough that he can push it comfortably? How does it do on rough terrain (gravel, dirt path, etc.)?

Kay Small says:

can this stroller be used with two infant car seats?

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