Double Stroller Review- Graco Quattro Tour Duo

I’ve had tons of requests to review our double stroller. This is an old video (that explains why I’m so huge and Declan is so small lol) that used to be on The Baby Product’s channel, but that channel was hacked months ago, so I’m going to re-upload some of my old reviews that were still saved on my computer! We love our Graco Quattro Tour Duo double stroller!! It’s easy to fold, has lots of awesome storage and is pretty easy to push. *TIP: Largest kid should sit in the back of the stroller! (Assuming you aren’t using your car seat any more, for the smaller child) Makes it was easier to push and turn, when the lighter child is up front. Let me know if you have any questions!! Depending on where you buy from, this stroller costs anywhere from $200 to $280.

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Alie Bee says:

What duo chicco stroller were you looking at? If you don’t mind me asking.

Keyana Ayers says:

exactly what kind of evenflo infant carseat is that? Where can I find it? I really want one for my baby

juliet1178 says:

@Loraandlayton Wow I’ve had this stroller for a long time and never figured that out! I will be trying this next time we use it!

TheJacob365 says:

Thank for the review! I am decided between this and the Chicco…they both seem pretty much exactally the same soo hard choice…

anaandsanti2009 says:

Thanks lora… U have the cutest boysss everrrrr!! Love themm Nd love your familyy 🙂

Life With the Shepards says:

i almost didn’t even recognized declan!

5lejla5 says:

Well I won’t be needing a stroller for quite a while but I watched this because I really love how your happiness just shines through no matter what you’re talking about!! cheesy but true 🙂

littleangels85 says:

I had this stroller and I liked it, but the tray on the back where the car seat sat, broke because its only plastic and taking the car seat on and off all the time, wore the plastic clip out, and the front visor for the Child doesn’t cover their head all the way, and when you can the car seat in the back, the front seat wont recline

LoraAndLayton says:

@secoxyy My bald lil bebe!! Haha he’s so big now!

LoraAndLayton says:

@JackandSally1508 Haha! Seems like a lot of y’all did that lol! I should have put something in the title 😛

VJ white says:

How do you open this piece of shit

Stephanie Brown says:

I really like your son’s name.; )

LoraAndLayton says:

This was filmed close to two years ago actually! Just re-uploaded it nine months ago. Thanks lol!

anaandsanti2009 says:

U r such a great and lovely momma.. Tell me your secrets.. Yesterday my 7 month old was so fussy and i was so frustrated,desperate..i just cried and cried …didnt know what to do..i guess we all have our moments… I really admire the way love the stroller!!

colz83 says:

Wow, it didn’t even hit me that this was an old video.
I was wondering who the baby was and was going to comment that Tripp got a hair cut.
Friday afternoon brain fart :S

Desiree Martinez says:

Is the older baby able to recline even when the car seat is in?

LoraAndLayton says:

@SurfCraZ98 I know :o/ But I’m going to try my best to at least get most of my reviews up. It’s not the same, but it’s all I can do.

LoraAndLayton says:

@KIMBURLEExMAHREE Really? I’m sorry! I love how easy ours is to push around lol! It used to be tough when we had Tripp in front and Declan in the back.Then we learned that we needed to put the heavier child in the back, and that completely changed the way it pushed and turned!! Having the lighter child in front makes a HUGE difference!

David Willer says:

A million requests?

LoraAndLayton says:

@anaandsanti2009 You’re so sweet! Thank you!

LoraAndLayton says:

Yea, it’s not easy to lift onto a curb with kids in it. However, I can’t imagine any double stroller that IS.

LoraAndLayton says:

@KIMBURLEExMAHREE YEAY!! So glad I could help!

Zach Lovejoy says:

Dang it! I watched your awesome review and didn’t realize this was two years old. So after getting all excited no one has that stroller anymore:(

LoraAndLayton says:

@colz83 Bahaha! And I gained 20lbs and cut my hair too 😛 Hehe!! We’re all allowed to be frazzled on Fridays haha!

Caribbeanna says:

Anyone knows where I can get replacement cups for this stroller. Both the front snack cups and the drinks holder cup by the handle.  Because I am unable to locate the model number, as I have long thrown out the box it came in. I am unable to look for in on the Graco site.

LoraAndLayton says:

@anaandsanti2009 Hey… i have had my fair share of those days! So has EVERY other mother out there. And if anyone says differently, they’re lying!! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. But the fact that you’re aware of it is amazing!! Just try hard to nap when baby naps, and get as much YOU time as possible. Even if it’s just running errands by yourself. Rock out to fun music in your car, and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner! You’re a great mom!!

ilennaerts says:

Loraandlayton, Whats the brand of the stroller u had in Disneyland??

LoraAndLayton says:

@mommywood1 You’re right. When the car seat is in place, you can’t lean the front seat back. But it’s not uncomfortable to straight up. Tripp (when he used to have to sit in the front) loved being upright so he could look around at everything. He hated when we’d lay the seat back. But now he sits in back and we only lay in back when he wants to sleep.

JackandSally1508 says:

@Loraandlayton No, I should of just paid attention Haha 😛

heyyybrittt says:

This was less than a year ago but you look SO YOUNG here!!

LoraAndLayton says:

@keyanaayers I don’t remember exactly what kind it was :o/ Sorry! We gave it to a friend for their baby. We got it from Target though!

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