Contours Options vs Contours Options Elite Double Stroller Comparison

Contours Options vs Contours Options Elite Double Stroller Comparison

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Luisa Rosas says:

Thanks for the review it was real helpful. I would go with the Elite for sure

Alondra De Haro says:

Can you replace the wheels on the options with the wheels on the elite? I see you can buy the wheels as a replacement part

Lori Price says:

The side zipper on the pocket is an amazing idea.

Julainah Hamim says:

really good and detail explanations regarding bout the differences..salute!

Krista Packer says:

I would love the elite!

Johnnie Robertson says:

I would get the elite! It’s all in the details.

Angela Zamora says:

so weird cause I just bought a contours options elite but it seems to be both..

Briggette D. says:

Thank you for doing this side by side review. You’re video is the only one I have found! Looks like you have the 2016 elite model. Love the canopy color. I’m debating between the two but I can’t justify spending over $100 for the small differences. My main concern was the recline on both seats and judging by this video, both should recline the same. Toys r’ us has the options model on sale for $179.99 right now so I might just go for that. Thanks again! Great video.

Mark jones says:

Options elite is smaller and fits in a regular sedan’s trunk. Where the regular options is too big and bulky and did not fit in my trunk. That’s a huge difference.

Rebecca Bland says:

I would definitely go with the elite. Especially with the magnetic closures and vented canopy extenders. Thanks for doing this review!

Yesenia Contreras says:

I’d get the options, I just don’t think the extras are worth $100+ extra.

Marie Sweezer says:

Great video, however it is only $110 dollar different in price not $111 as stated in the video;)

Amy Bueschkens says:

I have the elite in Laguna Blue, so the older version. My littles love the head rest, its weird that it isn’t included in the new one. I like the look of the all black frame without the red bits. I love my stroller, but the only complaint I have is that the canopy falls back when we are walking if the seat is reclined. And when the mesh section is open it doesn’t stay nice and taught. I use a ribbon to tie it to the bottom of the seat to keep it up. Does the canopy in the 2016 stay taught when fully opened? and with the seat reclined?

Claudia B says:

I heard that the options is a pain to close. Is the elite easier? Does the elite close down smaller?

Jade McGaw says:

Also, the infant seat attachment is different with the options vs. Elite.

Vanessa Adell says:

We’ve got the basic one! But, sometimes it does get heavy to push and also when both kids are in it’s hard to access the basket, I miss some pockets aaaand would be great if canopy was longer, so, now, that I see the difference, I would buy the elite, but when I bought it at Toys r us they did not have the elite, elite was only online, I don’t know now…

bent misrata says:

Contours Options

Jordyn Drkulec says:

Is there any way for me to upgrade the wheels to something bigger? Could I possibly purchase wheels elsewhere and make it work or is it a one size only? I live on gravel roads and pushing a stroller is hard enough, with big wheels. Let alone pushing two kids in a stroller with small wheels.

Daniel Sorensen says:

I like the idea behind the elite version but there doesn’t seem to be enough upgrades from the options to justify the $110 price difference, a zipper here, a magnet there, a little extra rubber, a different break and only a 4 lbs difference doesn’t seem enough for that price increase

Elissa Marcuson says:

You sold me on better wheels and suspension. This was very helpful.

Amy Morrow says:

Are these strollers height adaptable? I’m tall 🙂

chrissy renee says:

neither. my stroller group would shun me.

Britt Schwei says:

For 100$ more they should include the headrest pillow thing that comes with the cheaper one. Doesn’t make sense

weirdo s. s says:

My sister bought both by mistake

La Wanda Wade says:

Going to pick up my Contours options today! I dont mind the heavier stroller, its only 4lbs difference. Thanks for the review!

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