CITY SELECT LUX REVIEW | Baby Jogger single + double stroller!

review of the Baby Jogger City Select Lux single stroller and double stroller review! Showing you all the features and multiple configurations of the City Select Lux in both single stroller and double stroller mode. Showing the Baby Jogger City Select Lux accessories such as the new bench seat as well as tell you what I liked and loved as well as what I would change about the City Select Lux by Baby Jogger. If you’ve been considering the City Select Lux by Baby Jogger than you’ll love this single stroller and double stroller full review! check out to learn more! Please consider subscribing to my mom lifestyle daily vlog channel…I’d love to be friends!
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Jennifer Langley says:

The 3 point harness seat configuration is similar to the chicco bravo for 2.

Carol Hendrick says:

I really like that one. It’s hard when you have two grandkids and one has to walk or stand.. xoxoc

analuvsya1 says:

I have the regular Baby jogger City select double stroller and love it. Even though I only have one child so far, it’s an amazing stroller. Would be nice if the cool new seat was compatible with the order stroller models. It’s a great idea

Kit White says:

Great thorough review. Loved your three “models” who helped on the road test. Georgeous Beast looked so proud prancing beside the stroller and Forde’s commentary on the bench and footrest was insightful. “Not too high.”

Elle Lindquist says:

To learn more about the Baby Jogger City Select LUX click here:

Marianne Anderson says:

Love baby jogger not just for their quality and innovative products but also their customer service is top notch!! Loved seeing the seat fits over the bench, I hadn’t seen that in any other reviews!
My only disappointment in this brand after owning the city select double through 3 boys (with SEVERAL attachments/accessories) is that while they have several brands supported in adapters the number of car seat models is EXTREMELY limited in my opinion.

Ashley Baker says:

I’m not even in the market for a new stroller anytime soon and I still find these videos so informative and interesting! You do a great job explaining all the features and benefits!

jfproost says:

I know this type of strollers and her in Holland we have double ones. A lot of Turkish people do have them. It is a nice one.

IslandGyalChronicles says:

This video is perfect for moms. I encourage you to create a more specific channel and momming is your thing. I love it!

Meredith Simpson says:

Hi Elle. Great vlog. Would you please link your new sofa? Love it.

Patricia H says:

Is that plant real? Where is it from please?

RaeDean Kendall says:

I can’t believe the changes in strollers! This is crazy. Looks like you Moms are covered with this.

Mama Bug says:

??? Forde isn’t 4 yet?! He’s so smart! I totally thought he was already 4 4 1/2!

Caroline Specht says:

We’re expecting no.2 at the end of September. My son will be 26 months. He’s quite tall ~ how was Forde’s head at the top of the seat under the canopy? Could he use the seat footwell or did it have to be folded away? Does the Lux fold with both seats attached?

I’m weighing up between this ($1,000+ once you buy all the extras) and the new (not yet released) Evenflo Pivot Xpand which is $400 and includes everything. Bargain!

Cristin Smith says:

Obsessed with how amazing the living room looks with the shiplap!!!

Daina Miller says:

I’m so happy you reviewed this stroller. I’ve had such a hard time finding any reviews that mentioned the bench seat. Did Forde like it? I agree, it’s super innovative and would be the perfect configuration for my family! Great review 🙂

EllieA says:

Seriously in love with that stroller!

Clarey1225 says:

I’m not in the market for a new stroller or any stroller, but this seems too much. Seriously to have the snack tray and cup holders to buy separate?

Elle- if you were not given this stroller would you have bought it plus all the accessories?

Sandra m says:

Hi Elle I saw that Coco has the ikea crib and noticed there is a recall on it. Pls check it out

Jenan Jeha says:

The lux is so heavy, its better than the regular city select but both dont hold a candle to the uppababy vista

Kim Knows says:

I love my city select stroller! They are awesome!

Happy Pah says:

First like everytime , Good morning Elle .

Angelica Garcia says:

Good morning, good morning! Wow, strollers have come a long way.

Hellen Walker says:

Good morning Elle, great review x

Ildie says:

I m in love, just like others the several adapters and accessories are bothering to buy all of them as an extra. 830 Cad, + who knows, maybe 300 for small plastics and the car seat is one more thing to buy.
And still, i will buy it.

Sarah K says:

I’m currently expecting my 2nd – and my children are going to be 23 months apart. I keep going back and forth on whether I need a new “proper” double stroller. Or if I should baby wear until the little one is 6 months and I can use a double umbrella stroĺler (summer infant – currently LOVE my single version). City Select was one that I was considering but I didn’t realize it was a hand break – I wonder how difficult that would be when my arthritis flairs up fall/spring.

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