City Select Double VS Contours Options Elite Tandem

Stroller tray decals:
2016 City Select Double the push it a tiny bit better
2014 Contours Options Elite Tandem Better stroller IMO


TheRuby0822 says:

I can’t believe the kids couldn’t face the opposite sides. And what if they want to nap like that, that’s sucks I was just about to buy my city select with a newborn and 20 month old.

Ana Rosa says:

Thank you so much for is video! The city select has always been my dream double stroller. I bought the options instead due to it being half the price but my heart still called for the city select. I listed my options elite on offer up to sell and buy the city select but after watching this video I said NEVERMIND! Many many thank yous!

Simmply Samm says:

thank you for the review! I’ve been debating on what double stroller to get, I read some of the comments and you metioned you had a side by side how do you like it than the tandem strollers pros and cons, much to think about purchasing these strollers ugh!

Joel Hiebert says:

Thank you so much for this review. I was about to drop a large sum of money on a city select. I’ve decided to go with the contours though.

Conhead66 says:

That unfortunate that you have bad camera and you are all over. A brief script could had helped with keeping it a bit more organised. But what made me stop the video and put a thumbs down is the camera. A simple tripod could had made a world of a difference. I find that you are very specific about the stroller (maybe a bit too much… but you detail that other videos don’t as most are sponsored). But I can’t watch the video… the camera work and the lack of script is unbearable.

Raylynn Knolls says:

I was just wondering which stroller is the stroller you actually use? I found this review to be really inaccurate. I’ve tested both and purchased the city select (had it for 3 yrs now). The only configuration where the seats can’t both fully recline is when the are facing away from each other, which is true for both strollers. When my youngest seems to be tired I just flip her in the top seat. Also, the entire basket is lost when the front child is facing back with the contour. It just seemed like you weren’t super familiar with the city select before the “review” was done because I haven’t run into the issues you described in the video.

KcHy BaBa says:

good review but bad camera man

April Lizzaa says:

great video! I love my options double stroller !:) and they do have cup holders for it. u can order kid snack Trays that have a cup holder in it online 🙂

Kendall Webster says:

how many children do you have now?

Dani Williams says:

Terrible video city select is a awesome stroller n it much easy use I always catch public transport with it my kids have never once fuss in it I’ve done facing each other too u have to take the snack tray off to lift leg rest up n then put it back on

mehmooda786 says:

Thank you, this review helped me decide.. and i love the little camera man 🙂
did a great job…

Nayeli Rodriguez says:

how many kids do you have

mary safoora says:

what ethnicity r u?

Kaitlyn O'Connor says:

I love you!! You are such an amazing person and i love how much you care for your baby’s!! So inspiring

aneshiacbundy says:

Thanks for this review Helena! I been babywearing the baby (3 months) and pushing toddler (15 months) in single stroller as I wanted to wait to invest in double stroller but it’s time to start looking as baby is starting to weigh my back down…I likw this contour stroller from what you have shown!

Nice seeing you, you’re lookin good girl!!!! The lils are getting soooooo big, they grow too fast!!!

TheRuby0822 says:

Thanks for this video BTW. I kept looking for a diff option besides the city select since it’s one of the best.

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