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Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat

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Paige Atkins says:

I have that

KariAnn Kirk says:

Rewatched this video because I finally found one used that I’m going to buy this week! I have a 3 month old & 17 month old, and have gotten away without a double stroller through the winter just because I wasn’t out and about as much but now I’m finding it very limiting to not have one. So excited to finally have this stroller and really hoping its as great as everyone says! The boys are SO little in this video, so excited you are trying for your third now!

Moore Seasons says:

Thank you soo much for the information!! Your video answered my questions! As a new mama there are so many options… enough to make ya crazy!

chanel robinson says:

You are cool

Hevin Amber says:

i SO loved this review. thank you for posting

sophie Bafitis says:

You dont have to shout

Alimagify says:

you can fit a bassinet with the second seat. you just can’t have the bassinet on top and the seat facing out. you either have the seat parent facing or you have the bassinet on the bottom and the seat on the top.

My Crazy Uni Life says:

Hi Ellie I have that exact same stroller here in Australia and when I close it I find if I stand at the front of it I can close it a lot easier.
Hope this helps.

Jocelyn Beltran says:

I am pregnant and looking for a swing. I see your baby is in one could you please give us a review on the swing . What is the name of it. It seems awsome. Thanks i just found you will subscribe awsome info.

Taryn Jenyns says:

Ellie and Jarred I witch all your videos you’d r awesome

Holly Bailey says:

Hi on instergram why do you not talk

zeta πολύ ωραίο τραγουδι zeta says:

Is this the same stroller Bruan and Missu have?It looks the same….

Amira Elsallak says:

where did you get the adapter from and what is it called

LiveSimply says:

That’s smart of investing in this double stroller. I bought a single stroller and when I have second baby I have to buy another stroller. I could of bought this in the first place so I don’t have to buy two different strollers that cost almost the same as this stroller. Only if I knew when I have my first.

Taryn Jenyns says:

Can you do a vidio of you’d shopping

lauren board says:

Jackson loves it

Sprinkles Of Jaime says:

Love you guys so much that stroller looks amazing

donguk lee says:

Nice review!! and cute child !! Thanks.

Madisen Palmer says:

I am looking at 1 right now lv videos

VanéRivas says:

I was just looking at this stroller and you can put a seat with a bassinet as a configuration.

briana Sarmiento says:

this stroller is awful for trying to recline an infant and toddler…contours is cheaper and better =) (although there are better strollers that break the bank too)

Kylie Waterkamp says:

have the same one

Janet Li says:

That was a amazing stroller

Denilson Vieira says:

não não só idgs iajsus ejsousbdonakaj ksow DJs jskssso.soankdnf cobrei f

Melissa and Alex Family Vlogs says:

Can you not fold it with the toddler chair on it?

Jason Pearse says:

but boring

cmaculous says:

you can push it up lol! Really excited about buying this. Awesome review

Lauren Covarrubias says:

Hi! Question- do you know if I can fold the stroller with BOTH seats attached? At Disneyland, the shuttles/tram often make you fold the stroller before getting on. I dont want to carry kids AND the pieces of the stroller. I know it may be bulkier but if its possible, then I am sold.

سارة منهل says:


Heather Camuso says:

I love this stroller. We have twins and are looking to swap out our side by side for an inline because I hate how little control I have with the side by side. I remembered watching this video when you put it out and loving your stroller! Great review and if I had an extra month’s rent to spend on one I’d probably go with this. I hate that some of this stuff is so darn expensive. Still on the hunt for something though.

Angel Sarrazin says:

what about in North Bay where do you get her from

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