Britax B Ready Double Stroller Review ONE HUGE REGRET 2016-2017

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Britax B Ready Double Stroller Review ONE HUGE REGRET 2016-2017I LOVE this stroller! It is the BEST one out there! But there is just one thing I wish I knew that I regret now. I don’t want you to throw money away and make the same mistake as me!!

02:20 To be honest I regret buying this adapter, I never really used it…

01:30 Option 1 to use as double stroller

02:30 Option 2 to use as double stroller

03:01 Option 3 to use as a double stroller

04:42 This is my diaper bag and I always wear it as a backpack

05:18 Let’s Fill her up! Let’s see how it looks with my diaper bag in there, I always have my diaper bag

06:08 How to fold and put away

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Ashlee Gullickson says:

Hello! THanks so much and great video to help me decide! Strongly leaning towards this system. I had a question, I know you said that you found the infant car seat adapter useless for you, however, what about when little baby was sleeping in the car? Did it make it convenient at all when she was sleeping and all you had to do was lift the carseat and click it in, instead of taking her out and placing her in another seat? Just curious, I’m a first time mom due in October! Thanks so much again!!!

Ashley Wallace says:

Thanks for this video i’m highly considering this now

ItsMoore2Life says:

You titled huge regret… Why is it a regret? Seemed like you loved everything

itsjennybaby says:

Do you know if the britax bob b safe carseat works with this stroller?

Davna Films says:

Hi everyone! CLICK the LINK to visit my website/BLOG for PRICE and details on each item you see here in this video! I will also be making another video of my double stroller because SPRING is HERE and we will be doing more family outings and this stroller is coming with me! Thank you!!! 🙂

Shandeia says:

how does your toddler feel about being in that lower see I’m going to have a 15 month old and a newborn I like how you have yours set up I will probably do that temporarily until I I think he’s too big for the bottom but she looks like she doesn’t feel uncomfortable is he easy to get her in and out of there did she climb in on her own I just want to know because mine’s will be barely walking

ChildAtHeart says:

Great video, keep up the good work! Feel free to check out my channel 🙂

alyamaya funny baby says:

24#like good good good:) ı ll visit all videos

Marcos Silvan leyva says:

i have the same stroller as you and i am having problems finding the adapter for the carseat lower possition adapter please help

Simmz Williams says:

Love the diaper bag. Do you know if its available online?

Celeste jaira says:

how much did it cost?

Rosa Figueroa says:

Oh it’s kindy bulkier than I expected

Skye Martin says:

Is the car sear heavy and how bulky would you say it is?
Also would you consider it comfortable? has far as the patting.

Nina Anirak says:

Recently purchased the stroller, but I can not figure out how to attach the cup holder. Help!

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