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Whether you’re expecting twins or just have your second child on the way, a double stroller is a crucial piece of equipment for your growing family. In this video, three of our seasoned stroller experts explore our top picks for double strollers, including:
– The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller: Add the Rumble Seat to turn the Vista into one of our favorite urban doubles – because it’s not as long as many inline strollers, it’s going to be a lot easier to push!

– The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller: This lighter-weight double stroller has an incredibly easy fold, and rubberized all-terrain tires and a side-by-side configuration will make it easier to push around your neighborhood in the city or the burbs.

– The Bugaboo Donkey Stroller: The ultra-deluxe double stroller! There’s no double that’s more versatile or feels better to push, and it’s great for either kids of different ages or twins (plus, you can also use it as a single stroller with TONS of cargo space). It costs a bundle, but it’s worth every penny.

– The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller: You can choose from over a dozen seating configurations, and because the toddler seats are identical, you won’t need to worry about different weight limits. While a side-by-side double stroller may have a smoother push, petite parents often find a narrower double to be less overwhelming and may prefer the City Select as a result.

– The Austlen Baby Entourage Stroller: Got lots of cargo to lug? Need a ton of options for configurations? This newcomer on the market holds up to 150 pounds with both kids and cargo, and boasts an innovative frame that expands forward to fit more seats, a sit-and-stand, and assorted accessories to carry all of your stuff.

Which of these double strollers is right for your family? If you’re not sure, ask us! All of the stars of this video are stroller experts available at our stores and office, and if you email us at, we’ll make sure you find the answers you need. Our mission at Magic Beans is to pair families with the equipment that will fit seamlessly into their parenting lifestyle, so they’ll love the strollers and other baby gear they use every day!

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B K says:

We are torn in between the Bugaboo Donkey and Uppababy Vista. We are expecting twins later in the year. Our question is..does the vista allow for two toddler seats?!

Jennifer Dye says:

Hi…what are your thoughts on the Stoll-air My Duo for newborn twins?

Light Habte says:

For the last double stroller is it possible to take either of the seats and replace them with a car seat that is for an 4 month old (4 month old and two yea rold) (neve rmind) i checked the website and now i know that you can but does it work for any car seat or do i have to buy a specific one from the website or is it sold with the stroller together. I am really in need of a stroller right now and would love it if you replied ASAP

gabby estrada says:

I have a 2 year old and expecting my 2nd next January, I’m looking for something that handles rocky terrain. any advice? I prefer air tires

Constance Gray says:

Can you do a review or tell me what your thoughts are on the Safeplus i got one as a gift.

Mirage Dewey says:

Focus more on the pram not on this guy!! Goodness!! We are buying pram not the guy

B. Starr says:

I’m surprised the Contours options elite tandem stroller didn’t even get a mention. It’s very affordable $300-$400 and has all the seating options as these featured. Suitable for twins or siblings… car seat adapters that fit most car seats. Am I missing something? Does that stroller actually suck? lol

Synthetic Messiah says:

hi, i wannted to get the baby jogger city mini gt double stroller(2016) but where can i find the maxi cosi mico ip adapter ??because there is one but its only compatible with the 2015 model not with the 2016

saron says:

What about the Stroll-Air Duo? I find that it has a lot of the customization options of the Bugaboo (each seat independently in any direction) at half the price.

89tatty says:

do any of these strollers(besides de uppa baby) have the option to add a piggy back standing option, without having to compromise one seat?, also do you know if the piggyback board from the uppababy fits other strollers?

Danika griffin says:

You three are adorable! Super informative, fun and interesting to watch. Thank you! Now I have to make a decision, but I like all of them.

Alex Milosev says:

Where is the UppaBaby supposed to sit on the ground? Not safe sorry.

Sara Lee says:

Does the bugabo donkey fold up small enough for Airline Cary ons?

Mirage Dewey says:

Focus more on the pram not on this guy!! Goodness!! We are buying pram not the guy

Daniela Veron says:

Out of all the strollers which one can fully recline both seats? I will have a 14mo and a newborn and I would like to be able to fully recline the seat while having a Britax B-Agile car seat.

Brown Butterfly says:

Is the baby jogger city select compatible with the cybex aton cloud q car seat? I looked on their website and it said that the city select is compatible with the cybex aton 2 but I’m not sure if the adapter will work with newer models.

Mikhail A says:

Just a quick feedback about your video, most of your videos show you guys more then the product. if camera could zoom out so we see both or mostly the product that would be better. I cannot focus on the stroller because I barely see it, and camera goes up and down to it and back to you- very distracting, I can’t focus on the stroller and listening because of camera action so I’m switching the video. Please try watching the video from viewers point of view. Thank you.

Benjamin Wexler says:

how do you justify the price of $1700+ on the bugaboo ?

Melvin Hermann Channel says:

I like the Bugaboo the most. Might be a little more expensive but it’s good.

BeautifulDay1389 says:

I second the please stay focused on the stroller during the video. Maybe have it more zoomed out, I could barely watch the whole video it was so distracting , but you guys had great information

Naomi Gonzales says:

Can you do a video showing and comparing which carseat are compatible with the Bugaboo Donkey?

Mags Pi says:

between the (double) baby jogger & austlen brands, which one is compatible with cybex cloud q plus infant carseat? thanks!

Mika Verrett says:

With The Bugaboo Donkey Stroller can I purchase two bassinets and two seats?

shmunches770 says:

these strollers all have such huge pros. I’m a mom who likes to go around a lot and chances are high of me going with both my kids (currently my 1 year old and expecting my 2nd in may). which stroller do you suggest for me? I have a shift spot for nice looking luxury strollers but at the same time I love convenience – weight, easy fold, good basket and good recline, easy access through stores

please help!

Katarzyna Stryjakiewicz says:

Shame that they are filming their own faces rather than buggies!!!!

Jazmin the cruz says:

can you review the Baby Trend Snap Gear Sit N Stand Double stroller i been trying to see if its a good stroller for me to buy

Daniele Silva says:

Hi, I live in a country side and I need to put the stroller in the car everyday. I want to see a video then you are closing the stroller as well. 😉 tks

anagdz82 says:

What double strollers work well with the nuna pipa?

Yesenia Miramontes says:

Can you actually use the City Select stroller as a jogging stroller?? Its made by baby jogger so I think all of their strollers are meant for running, right?

Zoie W says:

is there other more affordable double strollers you would recommend? How about the Zoe double stroller?

Kiara Wilson says:

Is it difficult to collapse and store the Bugaboo Donkey in a car?

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