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Mona Kalyani Goulet says:

I know this video is old, but how are you gonna get the baby in- and out of the bottom seat comfortably? I imagine it must feel claustrophobic to sit in the bottom seat…

Amelia Poloso says:

Why buy a new one save money meh but it is so cute to coat :)❤️

Emmanuel Mignot says:
Quick Wart Removal says:

When there’s a new addition at home nothing like a double stroller for outside walks

Amani Nsuele says:

Call him Eduardo

Amie Lawson says:

That stroller reminds me of the Britax B-Ready, which is awesome!

Google User says:


leakpala kolleh says:

Yea boys wear printed leggings.. Ppl just don’t know what to say. She looks adorable and comfortable .

reborn lover 101 says:

I love Amelia saccronejolly

stayathomemommy100 says:

don’t let her do that to the tv plasma screens will get ruined if touched like that while on

Mikaagirl says:

Cutest little family around!! Love you guys!! Sending love all the way from california!

Shauna C says:

He said “it doesn’t seem like your man’s underneath” ITS SOMETHING IRISH PEOPLE SAY your man is like saying “it doesn’t seem like the boy’s underneath”

Ellie Hall says:

when is J BONE

Zoe Walsh says:

My grandmother ones elave

bubbasmomma1234 says:

Same love is literally my favorite song ever it’s helped me through a lot of hard times.

Wendy Garcia says:


Ellie Higgins-Brown says:

Did you ever use this stroller in a vlog, if so what is it called


pause at 0:33 night night anna

esra sen says:

who is junior????

Melvin Hermann Channel says:

After watching the whole video to realize that it’s over 2 years old. Lol! However, don’t think strollers are going out of style anytime soon.

Brigitte G says:

I’m watching old videos and I was like that book looks familiar? And I remembered I saw Jonathan reading it to Eduardo in a recent vlog – the feels are real they’re sooo cuutee

kaisha x says:

Sulfate is really bad for your skin and hair it takes out all the moisture and strips it thats probably why you got a rash

Jaydy fuzzylumpkin Young says:

This is about a year too late, almost 2 years… BUT haha the oyster max! You can change the colour of both seats, even carry cot too. I have a boy atm and expecting baby no.2 so if a boy it’ll be the blue, girl will be the raspberry or purple hehe x

Gina Coventry says:

how did you feel. when you had best boy how is called Edward and your precise best grill. called Emile if this is not spelling. your best geill

Nicole Ramirez says:

what game is that where she writes on screen?

Jaydy fuzzylumpkin Young says:

and please know that when I say this, I say it without judgement. please know carseat safety, I only say because it is life and death situation x

natasha stankovic says:

Isn’t the baby suppose be at the top?

Pia Andersen says:

Seriosly, i really dont think that a little newborn baby, would enjoy the view from the stroler anyway, so why dont you just stop the hating, and let Anna and Jonathan be the amazing parents, that they are..
Sorry for bad english.

Gina Coventry says:

I love ewardow

Monika Daily says:

Have you guys ever used this as a double?

Ro Rg says:

Hello! I came across you video looking for strollers. I would like to know which video is Emilia watching on TV? Thank you.

Nevaeh N says:

Is one of the dogs called nevaeh because that’s my name

Taseen Ismail says:

Emilia looks jealous poor her

Lola Hansen says:

Do they come from the uk ??

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