Hello everyone! So here is my review of the 2017 UppaBaby Vista in Henry. We have the rumble seat too, which makes it a tandem pushchair for two children. We will have two under two once our baby boy is born and this was the perfect choice for us! I bought this myself from John Lewis, just so everyone knows! This isn’t a paid review, just one I wanted to do to be useful! Hope it helps! xx



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I’m Charlotte.

I’m 28, love carbs, rubbish 90’s music, Prosecco and baths without finding a bath toy stuck under my bum.

I have a little boy called Bill (born June 2012) and a little girl called Daisy (born April 2016).

I am, very recently, a full-time vlogger and blogger (the stuff dreams are made of), but I am also a trained journalist, former magazine editor, and content lead.

I’m also part of Channel Mum – which is really worth checking out if you’re a mama like me and want to find videos to make you laugh, cry, nod, or get advice. https://www.youtube.com/user/channelmum

I was a single mum, just me and Bill. But then I had a bit of a fairytale moment when I met Mark (he’s a bit lovely) and things are better than I could have hoped for now. Daisy was born with Stickler Syndrome, and a cleft palate like me. Her start has been rocky but she’ll be fine. She’s got a family who adore her after all.

I know that all mums are different in their own way, but I hope you enjoy seeing snippets of my life, all the same.

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Lyndsay Robson says:

I have used the 2015 version for newborn and toddler. Both are toddlers now and one faces me and the other faces out. It is amazing, definately the best “mummy” purchase i have EVER made! Xx

Stevie Moon says:

Just ordered this for my baby girl!

Isabel Cornick says:

Looks amazing my baby brother has the Vista

Fantacial’s World says:

How much did u buy it for u didn’t say

Coco Cohen says:

Charlotte I have loved watching your baby videos so so much. I watched your baby updates with Daisy and now I am watching AALLLL of your videos (obsessively I might add). I have never commented before but I love your weekly pregnancy updates, I am one week behind you in my first pregnancy so every week I watch your weekly updates on here, channel mum and then I feel prepared for the week to come 🙂

The Perks Of Being A Mother says:

Wow this looks incredible 🙂 the vista was on our shortlist for Toby! Fab video as always xxx

Karen Taylor says:

Wow Charlotte I hadn’t realised it was so versatile. It looks great too x

Yusef Al-Rubaye haitń says:

Hi Could you show how you fold it please?

leannesswjourney_Tasious89 says:

Great review

Chloe Bridge says:

We used our Uppababy Vista as a double for a while and it was brilliant. The enormous basket is one of my favourite things. I love the colour of the one you’ve chosen.

Nicole Roy says:

I absolutely love the vista. I have the 2015. I don’t see much difference. I have twin girls. And it’s a wonderful double stroller. I bought Jake with a Dennison rumble seat. I just love the fact I could mix the colors. And thanks for the video.

Patricia de Jong - Elzinga says:

Thanks for the great review of this Vista. It was very helpful.

Aonline vlogs says:

love daisy nursery colour scheme

Charmain Louise says:

Love it. Great video xx

Jenny Ripatti-Taylor says:

Oh this is fab I always had an obsession with strollers with my other two. I had a double for them as they were only 20 months apart but this time as a single baby no siblings I really don’t know what to go for. This is beautiful though love the grey.

Davena Lord says:

I have a 2012 Vista-it’s seen me through 2 babies and is still fantastic!! X

Shannon Laura Vlogs says:

Hi Charlotte, I’ve been watching and admiring your videos for such a long time now, throughout your last pregnancy and now this! I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and love comparing different peoples pregnancy journeys! I was wondered if you’d be willing to help me build my channel and maybe do a collab together? Would love it if you could get back to me! Your videos are so so relatable to my lifestyle! Thanks xx

Louise Huntingford says:

This looks great i`am in need of a double pushchair as my son will be 15 months when my daughter is born in March, The colour looks great too, The only thing that concerns me is how big it all is when folded as i have a Ford Fiesta Zetec & wonder if it will fit ? What do you think ? X

Rhian - Pop Rocks Mama says:

It’s so lovely! I’m so jealous! We have managed to get our hands on a 2015 Vista for free so I’m soooo relieved! I can’t wait to sell our Silver Cross Wave! X

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