Product Review | Bugaboo Bee and Maxi Cosi for Fiat 500

How did we solve the dilemma of wanting to get another Fiat 500 when we had a baby and need more space? We made the space work for us with the Bugaboo Bee and Maxi Cosy.


TheVerveLifeUK says:

+Chris Hartung I have no idea what the brand is outside of the UK, or even if it is in your market. I made this video last year, and our son is bigger and has a new car seat. Let me know if you find the solution?

The Book Collector says:

I bought my fiat 500 in oct last year and found out I was expecting in Nov, it’s been a nightmare as my fiat is my dream car and I cannot afford to change it. Been hunting around as I was panicking over which pram would fit! The bugaboo while compact is very expensive coming in at £900 which is fine where money is no object but for me I wanted a good quality mid range prices pram and found one!!! Mamas and Papas armadillo flip does just the job and is suitable from birth , it’s a snug fit but def goes in there

Aaron Gies says:

Great video! I was looking for a shot of the carseat in with the front seat pulled back, though. Could you tell me how much legroom the passenger has when the seat is installed (in clicks backward from the frontmost position)? 

Chris Hartung says:

This is life changing!  I’m so happy someone shares my pain.  We are expecting and we have a FIAT 500E.  I can’t seem to find the maxi-cosi cabrio fix  infant car seat anywhere, did the cabrio fix change it’s name to something else?  The maxi-cosi mico ap infant car seat is what’s on the market now, but not sure if that replaced the cabrio fix….can you help?  We need to buy the maxi cosi infant car seat asap as we are due in 12 days!

bmxattheshed says:

We have a fiat 500, and manage to fit myself and partner, teenage son, dog and 8 week old baby and all associated clobber in it daily. We have a mothercare xpedior pushchair, suitable from birth, and the car seat that comes with it. The pushchair base and carrycot part fit in the boot, even with room left for some shopping!

Sandra Sampson Dunn says:

Is the cabriofix a European only seat? I can’t seem to find it in the states. I ordered the maxi micro and with base it will not fit in the car.

Jade Bissett says:

What base is used to place the seat onto?

The Brothers McLeod says:

Thanks for your video! Which maxi cosi base unit did you use to click onto in the rear seats? 🙂

TheVerveLifeUK says:

Thank you Lisa! Will definitely keep an eye out in a few years when we need to go bigger. Probably won’t do a rap video about it though 😛 Hope you enjoy The Verve Life website as well!

sammy stearns says:

i know this vlog was done awhile ago now but would like to comment that we have a fiat 500c and the cam 1 and that fits in the fiat 500 very well so well that we have just got back from 11 days touring italy in the 500 with baby it’s amazing what you can get in these little cars

Emma Hansen says:

Hi! Can you have the babyseat Next to the driver in the front? Is it possible to turn of the airbag system att the front passenger seat as a driver or do i need to let in the car for it?


lol funny vid! i have both bee and cameleon and packed correctly they fit nicely into my volkswagen polo04 boot (havent tried them both at same time tho) lol

Bugaboo HQ says:

Love your video, Allan and Claire (and Dino and Teddy Bear ;))! It perfectly shows the Bugaboo Bee is the complete urban stroller. Whenever you decide to upgrade to the Fiat 500L, be sure to try out how well the Bugaboo Cameleon3 or Bugaboo Donkey fits. Or maybe all three of them? 😉 Cheers! [Lisa]

TheVerveLifeUK says:

Good to know in case we meet people with Polos! 🙂

ZeoS says:

Unfortunately Bugaboo discontinued the bee and now they sell the bee3 which they say is lwh 85x45x32 cm / 35x18x12” folded…
That doesn’t seem to fit the boot of the Fiat 500 :S

Alex Scott says:


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