Mountain Buggy Duet – Crash Test Mom Review

Natali crash tests the Mountain Buggy Duet – an all terrain double stroller that seats the children side-by-side instead of in line. It’s easy to assemble and a smooth ride, but it’s also a bit pricey and bulky. Is it worth it? Let’s find out!

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I was in total denial that I needed a double stroller. I don’t have twins, after all, I have a two year old and an infant. And since my two year old walks, I figured a double stroller was a big pain in the butt apparatus that I did not need.

Turns out, not having one is a huger pain in the butt, so I broke down and bought the Mountain Buggy Duet.

Side-by-side seats avoid kicking issues from the back end. It’s also adorable to watch them together – they happen to really get along with each other at this age. Check back with me in five years to see if that’s still the case.
Durable, all-terrain ride
Easy out-of-the-box setup
Straps and seat are easily adjustable
Versatile – you can replace one of the seats with a pram or baby carrier (carrycot sold separately)
Brake is easy to engage
Can take up to 79 lbs of combined weight (just don’t use it so long that you end up on []

Light and portable, this thing is NOT – it barely fits into the trunk of my Volkswagen Jetta. The company says it’s the same width as a single stroller – 25 inches across – and it does fit through a doorway, but it definitely doesn’t feel compact.
Metal plate on footrest rattles a little and my son likes to kick his feet on it. Super annoying.
Some issues with the fold/unfold feature. There’s a release lever, so that part is easy, but it took me awhile to figure out how to lock it closed (there’s an extra strap). Unfolding takes some practice, too – your shins can take some hits if you stand too close. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.
Expensive – about $600 without any accessories, but I would say that I love it $600 worth.

Baby Bling
No Sweat
Must-Have (for those with two small children)


TheOtterDaughter says:

Are the features of the single stroller similar?

Eduardo Egea says:

Ha! Kicking the crap out of his sibling. Made my day

Paul Deyo says:

Will it hold 2 dogs?

Angela Thibault says:

Is this the older model or the 2013?

lenaloveschocolate says:

This is such a brilliant review, I will have 2 under ones come summer & don’t like having any pushchair let alone a double! Thank you for such a good and honest and non annoying review x

taitaiforever says:

Could you review the baby jogger city select?

Afroja33 says:

Bugaboo donkey review?

Natali Morris says:

It could I suppose. But not comfortably.

French Childminder says:

Sorry meant actually work : )

French Childminder says:

Thanks for this!!! Please would you say a buggy board can be used with this? I know of one that fits, not sure it would causally work though? Would love to hear your thoughts : )

Natali Morris says:

I actually don’t know. I will request a review unit because I think this is a really solid system. Thank you!

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