Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker Seat REVIEW! – maymommy2011

I love this product and wanted to share it with you all!
I was most definitely NOT paid to do this (*sad face*). These are my honest opinions!

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Maximiliano says:

How do you go from rocket to toddler seat?


did you use a baby swing or the bouncer is enough

Mommy Etc says:

Exactly. I think by around 6 months or sooner, bouncers aren’t used anymore! Madison is 2 now and STILL using this thing!

Liselita90 says:

so this won’t rock by itself only vibrate?

Pedro Cabete says:



Search for “ pedro cabete” in youtube and see a baby from 10 to 12 months to move in house in a Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker as if in a chair with wheels.

Sapna Upadhyay says:

what kind of batteries to use for music n vibration?

Lisa Collazo says:

Does it close? Collapse?

ferdaous boughanmi says:

Dangerous product, I have the same accident like this

Mommy Etc says:

Yup, it’s awesome, and thank you!

bob8mybobbob says:

There is a comment below about this being a dangerous product (the comment is too old so I cannot reply to it), but the video it links to shows the old version of this seat without the green feet thing in the front (so the baby in the video could tip the seat too far forward and fall). Jill did say in this review to get the new version with the green feet, as the old version has that problem, but the new one is safe. Just an FYI.

Mommy Etc says:

Yeah, Madison is almost 2 also and sometimes she sits in it, other times she pushes it around the floor and climbs on! Useful either way, lol!

Marisela Morales says:

You should totally get paid to do reviews! Some people place the disclaimer that they will only do a review if they can honestly recommend the product. Otherwise, they’ll return the sponsor’s money and product. I remember you saying you were thinking of working part time. Have you figured out what to do? I’d love to chat with you and maybe share ideas on making $ from home. You got something really good going on here with your vlog! I recently started a blogtalkradio show. So excited!

Mommy Etc says:

keep it in mind for if/when you have a second baby!

Mama0511 says:

We have the same rocker but in Pink and we love it my daughter is almost 2 and she still sits in it LOVE IT!!!!!

Mommy Etc says:


k cha says:

i have the same one 🙂 and still using it

Dambar B. Bista says:

I am just wondering vibrating doesn’t affect baby brain development ??

Isela Quiñonez says:

how disarm this toddler rocker?

Kenya Pollestad says:

why am I watching this..? Im only 10 >_> and no I don’t a baby..yet..maybe like 10 years from now >_> … I need a life >_> dgfhdsbijkfhbskjdgbdbsigjbdfj

Anurag gupta says:

The rocking rods (base rods ) are of metal or plastic ?

Sonia Chicahual says:


Yomi O. says:

Is your toddler using the rocker still?

Dom Dom says:

Love the Lil doggy :-))

lishieandfamily says:

awesome i wish i had that or knew about it when jacob was born

Shee Raheja says:

Hie ! I like this video!plz upload a video how to wash bouncer seat.

Mommy Etc says:

I tried copy and pasting the link but the link doesn’t work. I’ve had no problems with this chair at all and we still use it. What happened?

Mommy Etc says:

1 D battery

Pinkie Linkie says:


tiwi mahayakti says:

I hav too but still don’t understand on that pilko rocker chair like some kind woods.can u tell me where i must suppose to be place that?

OpenRoad says:

Thank-you so much for doing this video from a first time mom-to-be, I was thinking the same thing that a bouncer wouldn’t last long but the rocker would.

Nahil Mansour says:

hello maymommy2011 
thx for your presentation. could you kindly show me a video how o convert it to toddler seat?

Keyona Elena says:

Malaya loved her vibrating bouncer when she was a newborn! Great review! 😀

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