4moms Origami Stroller Review (Unboxing and Assembly with Bassinet)

Purchase 4moms Origami Here: http://amzn.to/YLPj8b
4Moms Website – http://www.4moms.com
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Bassinet: http://amzn.to/1q7Qlkf
Cell Phone Charger with Bag: http://amzn.to/1Dba9h1
Green Insert: http://amzn.to/1saydrx


Danny Lai says:

Thanks for the video.
Wanna ask what is the voltage of the AC adapter?
Thinking of using outside US area.

Ship 758 says:

What carseat did you get for him?

GUNZ Pistolaz says:

gps on a baby stroller lmfaoo????

Angelis Cornelio says:

One question does the stroller close on basinet mode with the botton also??????? Just curious

Krystal Hernandez says:

where can i buy this stroller?

maksim koba says:

great review.
i am expecting twins and i would like to hear any suggestions from your experience. does this stroller workable with twins.

Michael Martinez says:

To heavy And Battery dies quick.

Stephanie Guzman says:

Great video! Very in depth!


we live in spain, nobody do any video in spanish with this quality… GREAT EXPLAIN!!! and great video too… keep uploading vids Dude!!!

Yumiko K.Zanatta says:

I’ve only charged it twice in 5 months, maybe I walk a lot lol

Vincent Disbrow says:

do u have kids

Leydy Santya says:

do they comes with the thing to hang ur diaper bag or you buy it by yourself?

Suzy Tran says:

900$ bucks for this that last with your kid for only 40lb. Waste of money failed

Angelica says:

Lol, ugh noooooo. This is way toooo much for a baby. Company’s are getting ridiculous. I paid the same price for mines. It’s a lot more practical and the safety is top notch. I wouldn’t trust this stroller. I guess this is for the techi parent, who would enjoy this everytime.

dan smith says:

Hi there I’m thinking of getting an origami stroller for my new born I was just wondering if there is any new updates on the product ???
Like a new version with all the stuff you commented on in your video ??

Thanks Dan

Linda Sjursen says:

can you wash the seat of the stroller?

Michael T Panetta says:

Great job guys!! Love the stroller… Tech dads dream!! LOL… 

Tyler Tran says:

Not sure its for the baby or for the parents, way to heavy, pricey and not enough storage space which every mother needs … so many nice strollers out there to choose from.

nhendrych says:

Is the screen waterproof- and can you extend handle for taller person ???

thesparkle8 says:

I have the stroller and with my second baby, I’m considering the basinette. Do you have to remove the basinette to fold it up?
I wish the regular seat had a tray add on. That’s my only complaint

1Mommyand2Boys says:

lol love the intro!

Shantale Jones says:

can you fold the stroller with the bassinet on it or it has to be taken off ? just wondering because I’m gonna be purchasing very soon

19xxmichelle says:

What a failure of a stroller tbh. Where would you put your groceries, that bag/basket is ridiculous! You can’t even have your child face you in the toddler seat. The toddler seat can’t even recline so your baby can sleep…not very practical at all! To me the cons outweigh the pros

Trinity Comics says:

Very nice video and stroller Danny! 🙂

Savvy Snow says:

Are you rich

Donny Hanjaya Putra says:

Nice review. Is it compatible with car seats ? Can you put an adapter with most car seat ?

Anna Turanska says:

you have to have a good reaction to catch your baby when you open the belts ))

Mummy Dolly says:

Excellent review! Love that you have also included a review for the bassinet as they’re aren’t many around.

Dari Nikolova says:

The origami isn’t a bad stroller but it has a lot of negatives and for sure positives.
Now we use the Stokke Xplory V5 and I’m surprised how comfortable it is.The only think I miss in the stroller is the automatic folding.
The worst stroller I have ever used is the Quinny Mood
Hope you like your stroller

Mama Vendee says:

love the design:) but is on the heavy side:I

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