Unboxing and FULL TEST baby Backpack carrier OSPREY POCO PLUS

Here is a review of my new Osprey Poco AG Plus! unboxing first impression and full test. For a more fun family Vlog of this hike check out my Vlog channel below


David Stillman says:


Memory Camp says:

Syntax77 is The Godfather of yung brew

kobracom77 says:

Osprey is the go to for packs….pretty cool Baby Pack guys..
I am guessing future trips with Uncle Syntax?

GSS NY says:

Good job! Very cool piece of equipment. Great to see you back on the Tube.

Outdoors Inspired says:

Cool backpack, I didn’t even know they made stuff like that.. good to see you doin videos! I subbed your other channel.. keep on keeping on

Mansoor Habib says:

I was wondering if it will work for a 20 month old weighing 13 kg.

David Stillman says:


oscarpont says:

Thanks for this, my wife is due in a few months and watching on a deal for this pack.

Crazytimes54 says:

He’s a cutie! Congrats on the new baby and pack.

Steve Boulay says:

i Just bought this. skin to pack uncomfortable. but with a shirt prolly just fine. kid liked it. I got it becuase they rarely come with built in sunshades haha hes like wtf is this?

Nikad19 says:

Needed one of these a couple of years ago kids are getting big enough to walk a little way on there own now. Another beautiful bub, good on you guys.

Family-Vlogs.com says:

Video shared and posted on – http://family-vlogs.com/trailkilla/

Marty says:

Perfect timing. I was just thinking about picking one of these up. Thanks, Mike!

Mike Roberts says:

Looks like a nice rig, thanks for the review. I wonder if they will make a larger model? Sintax77 would look great riding around in this!!    LOL

Matt Leo says:

Color me impressed. Beats the hell out of the way my parents carried me out on the trail at probably that age. I’ve got slide film of either me and/or my older sister being carried on my dads shoulders above the backpack…maybe a little bit of pack overage allowing for some lean but…We survived and still have a love for the outdoors. I’d love to hang with you if you’re in northern Virginia ever.

Aidan Davis says:

first comment

Miguel Chavez says:

Good stuff bro.

sam adams says:

Awesome Trailkilla! And a big big Congratulations on your beautiful new baby!!!

Chrystie Simons says:

Thank you so much for this! I just bought one & was trying to research further when I found this video. It really helps to see what baby sees and feels as their comfort is paramount! I appreciate it.

Shdwstep says:

I was browsing for a good carrier backpack for kids n saw this video n realized, hey that guy is sintax77 buddy…haha…great video…just ordered mine…just subscribed …can’t wait for mine to arrive today…lol

Craig Chapman says:

How did this perform over the long run?

Triple Nickel Outdoors says:

That’s awesome bro!! I was torn between the Poco Ag and the Deuter Kid Comfort III. I ended up going with the Deuter because the space for the child was a little roomier. But I really liked all the storage space the Osprey had.
Great to start them out young!

starshipfantastica says:

I recently had a brand new baby..along with the millions of other kids I already have..lol. Seriously though Congrats man. Good to get them out and loving the outdoors early

Greyson Oneal says:

CO again hit me up.

uptrail71 says:

Osprey did a very good job in designing this pack. I just watched a video with a couple in Colorado using a baby backpack carrier. I’ll go over to your channel now. You should at least take a look at our channel. I think the last time you saw our channel was about 2 years ago. It wasn’t much back then. Congrats and what a cute little boy:) Our boys are now 25 and 22.

Josh Sanders says:

Glad you’re back at making videos. I was like what you got a drone in that box!.! Nope!

That would make for some sick footage.

Samual Iam says:

DUDE! Nice to see you back in action!

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