Review: ERGObaby Baby Carrier I love my ERGObaby carrier! Here’s why.
– Balances weight on shoulders and hips
– Only baby carrier that works with kids of all sizes, from newborn (with insert) to 4 year old
– Contoured shoulder pads that echo natural shape of body
– Lightweight! Can fold up and take anywhere
– Can put baby in and out of carrier with no assistance
– Has a hood for sleeping/sun protection
– Has pocket for keys, lip gloss, sunglasses, whatever
– The baby faces you which echoes the natural sitting position, doesn’t put strain on his/her spine, and he’s sitting on butt vs. putting pressure on crotch

ERGObaby carrier gets two big thumbs up and Mama Natural’s seal of approval. Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist:

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Genevieve ,


hartocute says:

I am traveling soon , do you suggest I take this instead of a stroller ? Will they allow it on the plane ?

Elise Zarate says:

Mine does hurt my upper back with my 14 pound 14 week old. I do wear it on my hips. Someone suggested I move the chest clip down my back more where my bra stra would be, but that seems low. Do you have any suggestions?

Miriam Tbva says:

I bought this baby carrier to transport my baby, but my baby is only 2 months and is very difficult to transport, they can not habrir enough legs to put it there, which is the month that is good for transporting a baby in a baby carrier?

iheartURhair says:

You’re gorgeous and youthful without makeup when you’re carrying your baby! The ponytail helps too. LOL

caramirez555 says:

Just ordered one! Cant wait 🙂

Krista Thom says:

Just ordered one!! Can’t wait…this will change our lives I’m sure 🙂

Andrea Orton says:

lol! Love this!!! LOVE my Ergo as well!

MayandJC says:

Yes, I agreed! We love our ergo carrier and so does our son! This is the only carrier we used since our son was four-five months old, and we still using this. Our son is 14 months now! Great carrier and the side pocket is so useful! 🙂

GoFlamesGo100 says:

I cant wait to be a parent 🙂

babylombardi says:

Also, I love that i can nurse my baby in the ergo! I love my carriers, but the ergo is one i will never sell, versatile and comfy, and easy to use. Also, having worked in orthopaedic surgery, i find it notable to mention that it keeps baby in the proper position for healthy hip and spine development, rather than dangling from his/her crotch. Comfy for mama and baby! Even the physicians I worked with recommend it. (Snuggly Baby makes does some decent carriers too though). 😀

JustBringMeCoffee says:

I LOVE our ergo. We used it with our daughter who is now 4.5 – and I just got in the infant insert for this baby due in July. I still like my Maya wrap and Mei Tei but for longer stretches of baby wearing it is KING!

Ritesh Sainju says:

Hope youre doing fine, thank you for this well thought out resource. That brings to mind, I start seeing numerous people keep on talking about the Beata Lia Baby Carrier (google search it), but im hoping that its good. Should I try it? Ive heard a load of wonderful stuff about it and my close friend is really happy with this ergo carrier.

dreamflight6000 says:

I just bought one this morning!! 🙂

dimaca1 says:

I used the Baby Bjorn but had to retire it after just a few months because it was giving me the biggest headaches and back pain. Then I got the Ergo to be able to do my clients hair while she was on my back..and I’ve been using it ever since! She’s 2 yrs 7 mts old now (25 lbs) and I love it for when we go hiking or to places where it’s hard to navigate a stroller. Her weight feels half of what it really is (and I only weight 105 lbs). I highly recommend & believe that this is the best carrier!!

Tess Teas says:

That shot of you in the church worshipping while baby-wearing was PRECIOUS. Oh my word. How adorable!!! My husband and I (fellow Christians, woohoo!) both went “AWWWWWW” at the exact same time and then giggled together. Thank you for giving us that cute moment. Our son is 6 months old, and we just decided on ERGObaby. Thanks for the review!! 🙂

Alice Turnbull says:

Is this too hot for baby during the summer? Going to return my Bjorn for an Ergo. The material is way too hot on the Bjorn Original and i can see why this would be more comfortable for baby and mama. Got a long trip in 2 weeks hopefully its as good as I hope xx


“mama needs a new pair of shoes!” hah! I love this review. I’ve been looking into this carrier (preparing EXTRA early for whenever I do have a baby), and I think you just helped me stamp APPROVED onto this one! =D

Victoria AeSweety19 says:

I love the little cover attached, seems like it would be great for nursing in public discreetly.

slun4evka says:

Does it fit from birth or from 4-5 months like most carriers?
The video was awsome as always. I enjoy watching your videos so much. Informative and fun. 🙂

Javiera Medel says:

How you get back in shape so quick?? give me a tip please….

LadybugGirlShow says:

Thanks for the review. I need to invest in a good carrier. My second baby is due just after the 4th of July so I need something for hiking and going to lots of places over the summer!!! I have the moby wrap and it takes so much time to wrap it around, I just want something I can throw on and go!

Kristy Hughes says:

I love my ergo!

latitiko says:

You are hilarious , your videos are always so informative and creative, Thanks for shearing, Imma buy this carrier.. I actually have it on my Amazon wish list. 🙂

Ketchme17 says:

I bought an ergobaby carrier for my sister-in-law and she never used it, and in fact bought a different carrier! I feel like asking for it back for when I have a baby >_>


@MamaNaturalBlog see, that’s what I was thinking I would mostly use it for. I didn’t have a carrier when I had my goddaughter full time, and she was ALWAYS asking to be held when I was cooking or doing housework. I felt so bad, ’cause I had to hand her off to my mother, and poor little Cadence did NOT want my mom to hold her. she wanted ME, haha.

Erin Sullivan says:

Mama Natural – now that Griffin is older, do you still use your Ergo? My little guy is 18 months and about 24 pounds, but we are in the process of adopting baby #2. Just making sure it is a good investment! We are about to go on a long plane ride, so I’m thinking now might be a good time!

Titi says:

I just bought one last night I can’t wait to meet my babyboy and use the carrier! oh mama! && love ur energy! Fun video! besos – Cristina 🙂

Felicia says:

I love the Ergo deisgn. Ive been eyeing this carrier for so long. Unfortunately I bought the Bjorn. I liked it for a little bit but Im disappointed that I paid so much money for a “one way hold” carrier. I shouldve done my research. Cute demonstrations too! 😉

squeezybear2011 says:

is it easy to get on/off?

ecmomma says:

Can u maybe show how you put him in and positions? I have a hard time putting my baby in when hubby is not around and especially if she is crying!

2222titia says:

the MANDUCA carrier also works for children of all ages…

papaya says:

i find the legs far too wide spread, no?!

NLynn Howell says:

I was thinking similar, awww how precious, and YAY charismatic/free worship.

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