Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier Review

The Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier works great for carrying your child on your back for offroad hiking. We purchased this child carrier during our summer family vacation to Sunriver, Oregon. It allowed us to take our baby everywhere that we wanted to go when exploring the beautiful area. I hope you enjoy watching this product review!

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When your back and hips hurt, hiking isn’t fun. Especially when you’ve got a squirmy little one on your back. So Osprey incorporated their award winning AG (Anti-Gravity) backpack suspension system into the Poco AG Plus child carrier. Lightweight aluminum stays provide load stability and the mesh shoulder harness and backpanel combination keeps you comfortable for the long haul. Max Load – 48.5 pounds.

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Kik Stark says:

Nice! very good review, the baby carrier looks very comfortable. I’ll have to wait until I have babies to experience that myself.
Cool Buff btw, I’m a big fan of Buff.

Tazalyn Silvercat says:

As quality as Osprey is I cant see myself buying it, though I do think Baby Prepper is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.

why did i do this says:

first comment

Flip Flippin says:

Easily the best reviews on this pack – well done!

Moran Guy says:

As you mentioned in the beginning of the video it is little expensive…. need to consider if it worth the money for a limited period of time we are going to travel with our baby
From my knowledge this will fit till age of 3 but you probably not going to lift a child more than 2yrs.
other than that it seems to be best quality product as all osprey products.

Weston McDannell says:


bufunga says:

I have both that and Deuter. The osprey is the winner by far

Makoto Sekai says:

I agree I like osprey packs. I’ve had osprey quasar for year now as school bag and it held pretty good I still use the pack today for school I was thinking to upgrade to radial 26 just because I was thinking to commute with bike to school

oscarpont says:

I have a 22 inch torso, don you think it will fit me? I can’t seem to find the specs.

Rogue Preparedness says:

Baby Prepper is just adorable! I really like this pack. It’s worth it for the price. I’ll keep this in mind for when we need to get one in a few months. Thanks for the review!!!

3174 jordan says:

thats what you used in the cave cool looks really good and get baby p out with daddy good stuff bro cheers

K Brooks says:

I’m so glad you reviewed this! I’ve been considering a baby carrier to use here in the Ozarks of Arkansas and couldn’t find a good review showing it in use. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Adam Black says:

Excellent review! Thank you! I love Osprey and I can’t wait to get this. It looks uncomfortable for your baby when they’re sleeping. Did you find that your baby had any neck pains after napping? Did you find a good solution for a pillow? What ages would you say this would work for?

Hal Zoerner says:

A few years too late for me, but that is an impressive baby carrier. Great review video!

Everything There Is says:

That’s very nice for recreation.

A better option for prepping to bug-out is the Belle Structured Fit Baby Carrier. It packs down really small, weighs very little, can be worn on the back or on the front with a backpack on the back, and costs a lot less than these bigger carriers.

Herman K says:

This is the worst hip belt design ever. Took it out once and it was a painful experience. No one in the family wants to wear it because the hip belt is extremely thin and hard digging into the hips. Read the reviews and you’ll see that I’m not the only one, I thought they would’ve fixed this by now but i guess not. Our first Osprey product and now probably our last, our old raggedy Dueter Kid Comfort II is more comfortable than this. This was such a waste of money and would not recommend this to anyone.

Sofia Shanahan says:

Great video, very helpful! Looking at this carrier for a trip to Ireland, so I appreciate all the details and being able to see it in use!

2dividedby3 says:

I want one of those and I dont even have a baby to put in it!!! Must ask though, was Ms.UrbanPrepper carrying all the rest of the gear? Fantastic review!!!

DutchBikeBlogger says:

Cool Video !!!!

David Goodridge says:

Baby Prepper is so cute!! Osprey is quality stuff. Thanks for sharing.

SafePet Haven says:

What a beautiful baby girl; she should be doing commercials for baby items. Have you contacted Seventh Generation about that? Or The Honest Company? Or Burt’s Bees?

Adam Lesoon says:

Sweet, just bought one of these today. Should serve us well hiking around Lake Tahoe!

Dutch Prepper says:

Alllrighttt … Now… lemme see where to get a child…

Anthony Rogers says:

Fantastic review! Thanks for such a well thought out review.

Tim Lipinski says:

Any comments from Mom Prepper ?  Did she use it or like it ?  Or rent a llama to carry the “kid” !  Thank you for the video !  tjl

TheFlyingotto says:

Plus they offer lifetime warranty and will replace it if they can’t fix it. My dog chewed off straps and they even fixed that for free!

Alessandra Farallo says:

Thank you for thist great comment – we are now waiting to get the Poco to be delivered ;-))) – did you never miss a side entrance for the kid (like others have > Thule, Deuter)? Is the seat compartment narrow for a child (other reviews critized this…) or the saddle-seat to slim/narrrow to sit comfortably? Greetings Alessandra


Quite a few Cons for the price.
But I like how the baby looks comfortable and faces forward.
Instead of seeing where you’ve been
Like a traditional papoose.

Ian Richardson says:

This review was really helpful thanks! After spending a very long time trying different carriers we decided to go for the Osprey Poco Premium.

Daniel Lee says:

great review! thank you! there were lots of reviews on premium but this is by far the most useful review i have seen on plus!

georgehimself says:

Great video and you addressed all my questions as a fellow long torso. Beautiful baby too!

Dick Grayson says:

I won’t have children for another 5-10 years most likely, but its super cool that you thought of this and gave that info on this product for those it pertains too.
Great video!

Thaisin Phan says:

We have the same carrier and it’s awesome. So comfortable and our daughter loves it.

Tine Kristiansen says:

Thank you. Cute baby. Would it fit a 2 year old (15kg)?

d fernandez says:

I hope you never fall backwards with baby prepper in that death trap

Mike Brown says:

What a great Dad and what a cutie of a little girl. I loved the review but just as much loved dad with his girl on his back………..

Gannon Burgett says:

Wonderful review!

Nemesis Gaming says:

Guess you weren’t worried about the recall on this pack

p n says:

This is probably one of the best reviews I have ever seen! Thanks

Eduardo Bertão says:

Hi, thanks a lot for the video, I saw this is one of the heaviest products on the market, did you find that a problem? Cheers

Laura Esqueda says:

the whole vid im like awwwww cute baby not payin attention to anything else

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