Mom Review and Demonstration: Ergo Baby 360 Carrier

Mom review and demo on how to use the Ergo Baby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier. This carrier provides four comfortable and ergonomic ways to wear baby: Front-Inward, Front-Outward, Hip and Back carry positions. It’s our job to find out what really works for moms and share it with you on

Find out more about the ErgoBaby Carrier here:

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TheBlueboyfan says:

would like to see how you would strap on the back while holding the baby.

Richard McDonald says:

Thank you kindly for your response and feedback. I am a visual learner mostly and like to watch how someone who has more experience than me does something, to help me process how I would personally do it for myself. I’m also a practical person and the Bjorn that I currently have gives me more confidence in that I can see the clips directly in front of me and can hear them click into place. It does look like a nice carrier, just the design doesn’t suit me. Have a great week and thank you again 🙂

Juan Chaur says:

Great video! Perhaps the volume of the background music is too high. It drowns out the voice.

anna d-g says:

Tha k you for addressing over stimulation with FF!

Cristina Siegert says:

So at what point do you know if your child needs the infant seat? Is there a weight or height requirment

Sehlla Malick says:

Nice review n demonstrations. Have you done any video about flying travelling with 4 to 8 month old baby. If yes can you share link . Thanks

Mckenna mengelkoch says:

i love this model, but the velcro worries me- not from a safety perspective, but because i don’t want it to get stuck on my clothes and rip them! anyone experience this??

Richard McDonald says:

🙂 you are too sweet. You do a great job and I enjoyed our correspondence. I ended up purchasing the Bjorn One. I watched the video on Amazon and it was very simple and easy to use. Good luck and goodnight.

Susie Prestvik says:

I’m definitely getting this one, thanks for the review!!

Richard McDonald says:

I am just curious and trying to wrap my head around how is it, that you can  secure the back of the carrier and then release it? In the video you phased out you trying to secure the strap behind your neck or your back, I couldn’t quite make it out. Can you elaborate or review the aspect of releasing the carrier? Thanks

vera sweeney says:

amazing!! what a great video – and great model too 

Fadra Nally says:

I wish I had this when I had a baby. I think my back STILL hurts!!

cessy prado says:

I wish you showed how you buckled yourself up. But it got cut off at 2:24.

Desiree Miller says:

I love how your voice gets softer when you’re holding the baby.  Cool carrier, too.  The velcro scared me a little, but the safety latch made me feel better.

Jane Stackhouse says:

My older Ergo Baby carrier does not have buttons to narrow the seat. Is it still safe to use for front carry?

Monica Wang says:

Does this fit a man of 6 foot 1 and waist of 46 inches in pants and chest of 35 inches

Brenda Jayden says:

Can you show the back buckle

MamaKatTV says:

Of course all of the BEST carriers came out after my babies grew up. I need another baby just so I can use this!

Satinder Cheema says:

Omg thank you so much this demo was so helpful for my hubby and I

Danielle Smith says:

Oh my gosh – SWEETNESS OF BABIES! Great video +Nicole Feliciano 

Nichole Moore says:

FF carrying is bad for baby’s spine :/

Debra Hughes says:

How does the black color handle? Is it too hot; does it collect lint? TIA!

Mama2014 says:

Nice Video 🙂
We Love the Carrier too!
Perfect Design
Lovely Greets from Germany

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