Mission Critical – Baby Carrier and Daypack Review

I review the new Mission Critical baby carrier and optional daypack using my 9lb newborn and my 30lb toddler as models. I compare the fit to that of my Ergo and Boba 3G.

To learn more about Mission Critical products visit their webpage at http://missioncritical.cc/jaimebrown


michael glaser says:

Shane would look better in the moba

Little Moccasin says:

Mission Critical clearly did not do their due diligence research on proper seat/hip safety for an infant/child carrier. Watching both kids in this thing makes you cringe. Also, for anyone watching, a newborn should not be seated indian style (hips splayed) in any carrier, rolled up swaddle or no. Pass on this carrier, it only has looks and lots of molle going for it. Hit TBW.com for a wealth of info on healthy babywearing, or attend a local babywearing group meeting. There are plenty of tac- looking, masculine baby carriers out there, made by multiple companies, just ask around.

Chris Gonzales says:

Good review, guys. Thorough and honest. Nice work!

dorian landin says:

is very beauty, how much is his price?

David Stockard says:

Are you concerned with head support on the mission critical vs tactical baby gear carrier?

lyons creed says:

you picked up a freaking grown child.oh white people

clarissainjapan says:

cool, but please dont keep your cell phone near a new baby

Mohammad Sholihin says:

hi Jamie brown, I love to have this. are u able to help me ship this to Singapore?

Josiah Michael says:

When are they going to come out with the bottle shaped like a glock so that I don’t have to escape my war hero fantasy when I’m doing something super gay and dainty like feeding my baby?

Monika D says:

that kid looks too big to be in a baby carrier.

C. Ramirez says:

no baby should be in a carrier in indian style.

TheGregStrickland says:

“why did I need another carrier?” I bet it is because you do not work because you did not make enough money to reenter the workforce after childbirth and then you sat on the Internet all day trying to figure out how you could justify to your husband how you would not go back to work.. then… you started a youtube channel… then your emasculated husband couldn’t bare the idea of wearing a woman’s carrier so you Googled tactical dick extension for my husband and you found this. Congratulations.

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