LILLEbaby Complete Airflow Review: BEST BABY CARRIER!

CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST BABY CARRIER EVER! This LILLEbaby Complete Airflow review shows you why this is the most ergonomic, most COMFORTABLE, WONDERFUL baby carrier every. Perfect for babies weighing anywhere from 7 – 45 lbs, you will be so glad you got this!

I tried 3 times to film this with baby Ethan in the carrier, but he seriously yells out of excitement SO MUCH when he’s in this thing, that I can’t even talk over him. THAT’S HOW AMAZING IT IS!!!


Cool and supremely capable, the Airflow is as versatile as it is ventilated and ideal for sporty parents on the go. Breathable 3D mesh for maximum air circulation brings a breath of fresh air for you and baby. Fabric: 3D Mesh, Cotton
Six Carrying Positions, hood, two pockets, lumbar support, necksupport, 2-way straps.
Machine Washable. Includes every carrying position without the need for an infant insert: Front-fetal, Front-infant, Front-outward, Front-toddler, Hip and Back carry.

DISCLOSURE: While I do sometimes receive products to review, all opinions are 100% my own. PIPM sincerity guarantee! 🙂


Kayla Hebert says:

I was really considering the airflow, since I live down south the summers here are SCORCHERS!!! A lot of my mama friends have suggested the Lillebaby Airflow. LOVE your review on it, but do you have a video or could you make a video demonstrating how to put it on and how to put baby in all the different positions?! That would be SUPER helpful for me trying to decide on a baby carrier!

Cristal Hernandez says:

I love your video! I bought this carrier and I’m having my baby this Monday… I’m excited to use it

Alyssa Guzman says:

What other carriers have you tried? That you think this one is the best

yessenia castanon says:

This video overwhelmed me lol you definitely did a good job selling it! Now I’m conflicted between this and Tula fit to grow

Liz Grier says:

You always make me smile

Shezie K says:

looove loves it sis! you fricken crack me up all the time! thanks for the smiles and laughs….oh and the small freestyle jam! 😉 u always have fun and exciting vids yo!


Rebecca Thomas says:

Does anyone know how well this works for Plus sized Mamas?

Mama Bear says:

Does the Lillebaby Complete Airflow have padding for the baby’s legs?

Kimberly Laux says:

I loved your video and your spunky personality! Does it work well for nursing in the carrier?

Khiabet Cuadra says:

helllo just across ur channel love it already. I just got my lillebaby Saturday and I love same airflow in black but I’m totally considering getting this color too for summer..

Chris Hunt says:

Love your great personality!! Your so cute!! Would you recommend this for grandparents? I’m gonna be a first time Ninnie and I’m wanting this for myself!! Thanks Carrie

Dahlia Diaz says:

between Lille baby and tula which one would you recommend? which one is more comfortable?

Camil Reyes says:

OMGOSH! SOLD!!! You are hilarious!! I was debating on the Tula Coast or **this exact** Lillebaby Airflow. Your video and the ENTHUSIASM convinced me that this is the best fit for Liam and I. Thank you! Definitely clicking on the link. 😉

Stephanie Torreyes says:

So I’m curious to know how I can get some commission making YouTube videos and reviewing products. Can you please help me out with some info? Thank you

pashyn says:

awesome! thanks i used your link 🙂

Karissa Oien says:

Thansk for the video! How does mesh feel for baby? I had an original complete (love) for my daughter, but my new son just over heats in it. So, this looks good, I just wasn’t sure how mesh would feel on him as his skin is sensitive as well. Thanks! 🙂

zmejias84 says:

you are so much fun to watch! i started watching your videos since last night and I HAD to subscribe. Although, I do have a complaint-your energy makes me buy ALL the the products you review lol. Anyways, I am interested in purchasing a Lillebaby but im still deciding between the ALL SEASONS or The WOVEN? I live in NJ and I need something that doesnt overheat the baby while carrying her or warmer climate but able to use it during winter/cold climate as well. would you be able to give me your HONEST opinion on which one you suggest. Thanks!

BTW keep up the good work 😉

Mo M says:

I so enjoyed this video. informational and fun. I subscribed to see her other baby videos.

Frances Egbert says:

Hello! Need some advice… I live in crazy hot Houston and am wondering which carrier would be better for this hot sticky climate… The complete airflow or the (can’t remember the name…) the one that zips down the front to reveal breathable mesh? Help!?

LSU TigerGirl says:

Love this carrier so much! Honestly, if I had never heard of this carrier and ran across your video, I’d totally want to go out and buy one lol! But really tho, I am so absolutely in love with my Lillebaby carrier. I have a 3mo (we’ve had the carrier since she was 2mo), and she and I are both extremely comfortable in it. I’m 5’2″, so yes, it is the perfect size for me. And the mesh–oh the mesh! We live in south Louisiana, so we sweat! But with this carrier, it’s so breathable! Love love love! Your review is dead on with how I feel!!!

MidnightBlack says:

Girl, I just had to subscribe!

kb espy says:

Thank you for your detailed review and your tips. I bought one and am using it right now at the park. The weather is a little bit chilly right now but I throw over a baby blanket and all is well. Can’t wait to use the carrier in the summer because that’s where it will be so handy when it gets hotter. I did try this on my three year old. He’s 32# and he was very comfortable in it. I don’t plan on caring him in it, but thought I’d try it on him to see how it felt since the max weight limit is 45#.
I like that I can put my baby in with just a few snaps and that my lower back is supported, but after 30 minutes I feel that my shoulders and neck start hurting. Maybe I need to try the criss cross carry instead. Overall I’m happy with my purchase.

Stella says:

Hi Sara. Just curious on the difference between this one and the black & silver one you showed us a little bit ago. I’m trying to decide which one is best, my lovey is almost 8 mo. Not sure on his lbs, 17, 18?!?

Asuman Bektas says:

hi I have 2.5 years a special need baby who has low muscle tone. she has no control over her body including her neck and head. she can’t sit by herself , or hold her head. she is 35 pounds. I’m looking a carrier for her that I might need during our trip . what do u recommend for us

Brittany Oatey says:

Thank You for specifying the weight requirements. Their site didn’t list that it is newborn +

Bz Bobbi says:

Does this require an infant insert???

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