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If you have ever found yourself losing the I-want-to-hold-my-baby-but-I-really-need-to-use-both-hands battle, the Happy Baby Carrier is for you! It’s a soft structured carrier that is beautiful, uses natural linen fabric, is lightweight, and is compact enough to fit in your diaper bag.

“Hi guys today we’re gonna be talking about Happy Baby’s soft structured carrier that they just released. So this is what it is it is actually really fantastic and I’m excited to teach you a little bit about it so you can decide if it’s the right baby wearing tool for you!
So this carrier again is a soft structured carrier or an SSC what that
means is that it’s a full carrier that you don’t have to wrap around your body it just has buckles in it. So what this the Happy Baby one is actually created from luxurious natural linen which is good for a couple reasons number one it makes it really lightweight it’s actually thirty to fifty percent lighter than most soft structured carrier on the market um it’s really breathable so it’s ideal for hot weather and then as well the linen actually gets softer with use so it starts out pretty soft anyway but as you use it it will get even softer as the fabric gets kind of broken in. This carrier is actually ideal for in from infancy all the way up to forty five pounds you also don’t need an infant
insert so you don’t have any added bulk in there and then this carrier will actually accommodate you to do a front inward facing position with your infant and then a back carry face back carry position as well so and we’ll show you how to do those okay. Another nice thing about this carrier is that because it’s created from linen it’s actually
super compact so it’ll fit in most diaper bags really easily you just need to kind of roll it up. And then we have our handy dandy Skip Hop diaper bag here I’ll just put it right in and as you can see there’s actually lots of room still in there so it’s ideal for if you want
something that you can carry around with you maybe if you’re going out on the town and you don’t want to take a big bulky stroller but you still want something that you can just put right in your diaper bag and not have to worry about. An extra thing but another cool thing about this is that these straps are actually nice and wide so they won’t
ever cut into you and you’re carrying your baby because sometimes it can hurt after a while trust me like I’ve had some carriers where after like even 15 minutes I’m just like I’m done carrying this baby but because it has wide straps it’ll place a lot of the weight in between your shoulder blades and on your hips which will be best for you and then as well it has high impact foam in here so it should keep
everything nice and comfortable for you.”

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