ErgoBaby Original Baby Carrier – REVIEW & HOW TO Use with Newborn (without infant insert)

This is a review of the “Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier”. In this video I go over the basic features and design. I also show you how to use this carrier without purchasing the Infant insert. I found that the insert had terrible reviews and that babies weren’t liking it because it was hot. So I created my own safe way to use the carrier with infants and saving the money on the insert. Enjoy! Please leave any questions in the comments section. Thanks!


Angela Fields says:

I just got one and I thought that was so clever with the blanket my baby is the same age as yours

Dej Limberhand says:

This is awesome video thank you now I don’t have to buy a holder!

Neeny Greezy says:

This was so helpful! I just bought a ergo from a friend. My son is 3 months and 16 pounds so too big for the insert. But too small to sit with nothing. I can’t wait to try this with him!

Joy Aubrey says:

This was a great “how to” video. I just pulled mine out for the first time & tried to figure out the flap in the middle. The instructions do not tell you how to use this or even what it is for. My poor dog has been crossing her legs for hours! Now I can walk her and take my baby safely with me! Thank you!

Emily Stam says:

This is very helpful! Thank you!

Antonia Valderrama says:

What ju ju be diaper bag do you recommend using while wearing your baby in the ergo or boba wrap?Thanks!

Jackie Landrau says:

Thanks for this. My little lady is to big for the infant insert. Her butt sticks out and I don’t like it.

laylans says:

thank you! loved your video 🙂 my baby girl will turn 3 mo on monday. greetings from México

Jeff Smith says:

Hi there,

our son is 6 weeks old and 12 pounds. i love the idea of rolling up the blanket for him to sit on. We really didn’t like the infant insert at all. do you know how we can wear this to support his head as he can’t hold it up yet?

laras kartika says:

That’s just great!! By thw way, what to do with baby who is still unable to support his own head?

necro mantis says:

thanks for the video. I wouldn’t mind being put in there.

Janell Richards says:

You saved me $30 not having to buy the newborn insert. Thanks so much for this video. Your LO is adorable!

Tiffany Ward says:

Very helpful video. Thanks for sharing.

Roxanne Rod says:

It doesn’t hurt your back? I have the infantino and it hurts my back after a while..

Jachinoy15 says:

im doing ur recommendation as we r travelling and dont want to bring the stroller

Aieen Salcedo says:

Do you have a demo for this type of carrier on how to breastfeed? I just bought one and for some reason, im having a hard time breastfeeding my LO. He’s also 2 and 1/2 month old and i feel like he’s still tiny to have his legs super wide open

Dori DeWitt says:

Very helpful!! Thank you

Michelle Martini says:

Love your video!

Xx_KISSandMAKEUP_xX says:

This was soooooooo helpful!! Most videos show older babies & I kept wondering if it would swallow my 3 month old because I really don’t want to purchase the insert either! We have PLENTY blankies already 🙂 Thank you!

JustJaryn says:

I read somewhere that front pocket is to tuck away the sun shade 🙂

Felicia G says:

Hi, can you also do this with ergobaby 360?

Alicia V says:

Thank you so much for this video!!! I will be buying this one in the nIght sky design on amazon directly from Ergo Baby, for only $95.20! So, i was thrilled to find it for less than 119. I will be using it for my 15 month old until my baby is born. I’m due april 3.

Is this OK to wear a 25 – 26 lb 15 month old in while pregnant? I am 8 weeks today and just want to be sure i won’t hurt or squish baby wearing my youngest til baby is born. I have 3 kids currently, so it will make life easier when walking to and from bus stop vs using stroller. I will be using it to nurse my baby once he or she is born, definitely and using the stroller for my 2nd youngest. I wanted one really bad with him,but it just wasn’t within the budget. I will definitely be buying on in the next few weeks. He weaned at 14 months, so i will figure out everything on how to use it for new baby.

Again, thanks so much! Very helpful

Keila Souza says:

meu bebê tem 2 meses sera que consigo usar desta maneira ? comprei mas tenho medo de usar

Dawn Urich-Tapia says:

Thank you for the video.  I have been struggling with how to reach the clip in the back.  I thought I had to be a contortionist, and, thus, my baby only got to use to ERGO when dad could tag along.  I will try sliding it higher onto my back.  Now that you’ve said it, it seems like I should have thought of that a long time ago.  Thanks again.

DoubleFun TWiNS Channel says:

TOOO CUTEEE It’s an amazing vid!! It worth to be your sub. By the way, I have couple cute BABY twin’s vids in my channel that you may love. We post new vids two times every 10 days. Thank you.

msslayer312 says:

Now I can use my ergo properly for my 3 month old. Thank you for the tips! Great video 🙂

Tommy Brown says:

Very helpful, thank you. The instructions that came with looked like an IKEA assembly booklet. Your video did the trick.

Jennifer Fisco says:

Thx for the info. I have the exact same one and have been struggling a bit. My son is 4 months and 13.8lbs. I wasn’t sure how to position his legs, but now I do. Super helpful

Ofelia Andrade says:

I also have a boba wrap and ergo carrier that I used with my first son but i never got the hang of breastfeeding in either one. My second is almost 2 mo old and weights just over 13 lbs. How do you manage?? I’ve tried loosening the straps to lower baby but I’m still not able to get baby to latch on. Any tips?

CrystalNicole017 says:

Great review! I just bought an Ergo. Thanks for the tip on rolling the swaddle blanket up. I wasn’t wanting to have to buy the infant insert and use it for such a short amount of time.

tarah says:

man I wish I saw this video before I bought the infant insert! Great video! Thanks!

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