Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier – HOW TO Use/Tie and Review

In this video I show you how to tie the Boba brand baby carrier wrap to carry your infant. I also give a review of the product and it’s features. I chose the Boba wrap because of it’s price point. Please leave any questions in the comments section. Thanks!


Corinne Agrell says:

wow you answered me thank you I’ve been watching this video over and over I finally got it to work I’ve never seen my 8 week old son so calm he was asleep in less than 4 minutes thank you so much

Christiana R says:

thank you! this video was super helpful!

Chiari Bash says:

I prefer the Boba to the moby. cost and I just love the feeling. I also made a homemade wrap with my first 4 years ago and this wrap is so much better!

K Rus says:

Great video! Was the m shape with the legs for older babies? I have seen similar videos where they fold the wrap first creating two pockets, is that more secure? Thx!

Penny Pennbomb says:

thank you

Beth Hart says:

thanks for the vid! i just ordered one from amazon and am excited to use!

Becca iskwl says:

wow I did this once and I did it soooooo wrong

Madison Eisenhour says:

Thank you! 🙂 Best tutorial yet!

Christine S says:

Is this the same position for a 10 lb baby?

toma rahi says:

Is that any other carrying positions to carry my baby in boba except inward facing

Maiya S says:

Great vid. Quick question: my little bub (6 weeks, 10lb) seems to slide to the side (under the panel and toward my armpit) after a while, so I end up having to support her with one arm, which leaves me with only one arm free. A trip to the grocery is exhausting enough – can’t imagine a 3 hour hike. What am I doing wrong?

Kiara Gonzalez says:

This was so helpful! I had almost given up on the boba. Thank you! Now to figure out how to breastfeed while wearing one.

Frank Traverse says:

baby doesn’t like that

Valerie says:

can i use this tutorial with a moby as well well u know what I mean is it like the moby I got a moby for $22 at babies r us on clearance but was thinking of getting a different wrap for the summer since you baby will be born then and I run hot as well. is the boba like the moby

keyah coseey says:

Video and demonstration is very clear 🙂 I plan to use a Boba if I am blessed enough to conceive again. Your little guy is adorable too.

LJ Rope says:

Thank you. Thank you. I now know how to use this!

Yolanda Santana says:

many people tell me they nurse while baby is wrapped in boba… how do position my 11 week old thats about 12lbs. and more then 23in long to be able to feed while in the wrap when I’m on the go

Laura Cox says:

Thank you so much!!! I almost returned my product because I had no clue where to even start. I watched your video one time and was able to figure it out. Now I love it! Thank you!!!!

Rosie Marie says:

Helpful video and loved that your gumdrop was suckling on you. It’s the cutest when they do that. ❤️

Joey Barreras says:

1 min 35 seconds.
that’s how long it took for you to do your introduction instead of just teaching how to do the wrap.

Maariahh :p says:

The baby doesn’t seem that comfortable, is it just cause he was fussy or does he just always make those noises?

Shelia Banks says:

Thank you!

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