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Baby wearing wraps can make life a whole lot easier when you have a baby in tow. That’s why we brought in baby wearing expert Laura Brown to show Susan Yara, Sharzad Kiadeh, and their friend Meg Young Cotter how to properly use a baby wrap. Watch this video to see her tips!

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Julie Campbell says:

I love this. I used the moby wrap and completely relate to the spew all down my top.


Sometimes I stay with my granddaughter, and I do babywearing with Mumma baby wrap very happy.

kaur manpreet says:

Great video! Links already sent to new mamas to be 🙂 #FAMFAN ❤️❤️❤️

Natalie Martin says:

First time Momma due in Early July!!! So glad I found this channel!

Sandra P says:

Google “babywearing in the first year” you can see how your baby should be put in the wrap correctly. Educators may help you in correct wrapping a lot. Its much easier with their help.

Ash Smith says:

What wraps (solly/Moby) did you guys use? And what were the colors for them called?

Punam Barua says:

Awesome holding technique. Very useful. Since i am a new mom. My baby is 1 month old.

kim warburton says:

always wondered how this is done! def something i wanna do if i have a baby

Gracie M says:

I love walking with my new baby in a wrap and have done it since day 3, and he seems to love it too – it puts him to sleep every time and he’s then (usually) good for about 2 and a half hours no problems.
I have a British sling carrier called Amawrap, which seems to be very similar to the Moby wrap but only stretches one way. It’s great for a newborn, but I’m interested in trying something more structured when he gets bigger and heavier, so thank you for showing the different types of carrier.
It just feels so right to have the baby held against me when out and about, and it’s so useful at home too as I’m able to put him in there while he’s having his normal evening crying session and just wants to be held, and still get things done around the house and have my dinner, which is impossible to do by yourself if your’re trying to hold the baby in your arms.
I’m actually scared of taking him out in the pushchair on my own…!
Tip with wrapping in a stretchy wrap – tight is good! If it feels too tight then it’s probably OK! This took me a long time to get to grips with and it’s still not perfect every time (1 month on).

Sharzad Kiadeh says:

Baby wearing can be intimidating when you are a new mama and have NO CLUE what you’re doing! Feel free to share any tips! XO

harryboify says:

Baby wrapping is not that hard. It does not warrant needing “baby wearing” support groups or a “baby wearing educator”. YouTube videos or work it out yourself

wallacedivanah says:

So greatful for this channel! We’re expecting our first mid June, and this is very helpful!

nishapaulson Paulsonprethiya says:

Thanks very useful

mangomania says:

African mothers have been doing this since centuries.

The Raven's Nest says:

Baby wearing is THE best! With my first it was pretty much a life saver because he was very colicky and it was just… hard. xD With my second I’ve used it a lot too, to be able to care for the first one at the same time. Basically, baby wearing is life. I’ve always preferred a soft structured carrier (Baby Bjorn and Ergo Baby are the ones that I’ve had). My husband loves the stretch wrap (Babylonia) though!

LOVED the video! I think if we had a wrap like the ones you were trying out I’d probably use it more. The one we have is such THICK fabric. It’s just a little too much for me. 😛

Claudia Cruz says:

Omg so I was sooo intimidated to even fathom wearing my baby, but watching this video gave me sooo much confidence!!!! I can’t wait to wrap my baby soon I’m 30 weeks pregnant with twins!!!

shanique hoskins says:

Why is she slapping the baby’s back that hard

TiMalice2009 says:

That little boy is so cute!!!

Bonny says:

Omg, wonderful video. Now I have baby fever!

Carlos Del Rey says:

I’m a 20 year gay boy and I am obsessed with this concept lol

kimbers 123 says:

This is so great!!

J GroatMillar says:

Guys. Guys. Guys. You’re 5 minutes in before you even START talking about the kinds of wraps. You are repeating yourselves the entire time. Super frustrating.

Shazwaz K says:

Love Sharzad’s personality. Very warm, friendly and relatable. 🙂

Halannah Hartman says:

Omg! Loved this so much!!! Thank you for doing this video! It was perfect timing since I’m expecting a little one any day now and was gifted a wrap! ; )

haley polk says:

Not discussed here are onbuhimo carriers. They’re like a buckle carrier but they don’t have a waist belt! Bigger parents do pretty well with them.

Tuyen Huynh says:

this is such an awesome and informative video. I loved it!!

Elle Harper says:

I hope this channel will keep growing. Wishing you well!

grasscyan says:

What wrap did you mamas use in this video? Solly or moby?

Ruqayya Asif says:

Make a video on how to loose weight after delivery .. it is also very importnt…

Kim McGrantham says:

How do YOU wear your baby… omg..I’m seriously lmao right now!! I’m officially sounding like my father (not good lol) my kids are 25 & 21.. we didn’t have to hold them every waking hour. I’m a big believer in swaddling. Both my kids were very premature so the nicu nurses taught me a lot of calming techniques. Most ppl assume you only swaddle a newborn. Not so. Going back to your video of that baby whisperer pediatrician.. he actually just “swaddled” the babys’ arms so they could flail their arm…which actually scares them which makes them cry more.. I swaddled for quite a few months and had far less problems putting them down (literally) to sleep♡♡

Kelly Chacra says:

Can you share the type of sling you showed?

Ritika Sharma says:

Hey !
What if the baby pukes while been tight close to mom’s body? Are there any precautions that we can take?

Madalene 1989 says:

So happy that I watched this video! I realised that I have been getting one step wrong and this video has brought that to my attention xxx

abigail070409 says:

Awesome! Love this. Thanks!

Alexalini says:

One tip for the newborns – I put my baby boy with his legs “froggy” (foot soles touching, making a diamond with his legs ) and not through the straps of my Je Porte Mon Bebe wrap. Now that he’s bigger (from 1 month about) I put his legs through, but “froggy” is good for the little little ones as it doesn’t overspread those little hips!

SimplyStormie says:

I’m sorry but I feel like we are missing an important piece of information here. African women have done this for ages it is where it originated so can we stop taking credit away from where it is due?

Ashley Zieman says:

A few of my friends use the wrap and love it. My husband and I plan on using it as well, skin to skin is really important and it feels like being able to do things as well just sounds amazing. I hope my baby likes being carried! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

I Don’t Twerk says:

First time baby wearer here and this is the best tutorial I’ve seen on YouTube. Very explanatory. Thank you!

Giebbie Serah says:

Oh my!!! She made it look easy!!!

cgkitti says:

Ash looks so cozy!

teags ellie says:

See I have watched three of these videos and each time they mover the fabric continually higher. in the first video, she put the tag just on her belly button and then went from there the second video it covered the whole abdomen and now it’s on the breasts so I’m so confused

fzn says:

Being a mom seems so good . I like to have a dozen of children

Shane Simpson says:

How do you get them out of it? Is there an easy way if they are sleeping?

DirtBike Girl 1 says:

I’m a twin I have a twin brother our mum could fit both of us in the wrap we were born 6 weeks premature

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