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Note: If you need more support or if you baby can not hold his head stable, use the extra piece of fabric to support their back/neck. Forrest never needed that extra support since we started to use it more frequently around 3 months.

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Martine Carroll says:

So simple! Thanks so much.

ObsessivelyEverAfter says:

Cute baby 🙂 I had this carrier & loved it, but a quick tip to make it more comfy- instead of the straps bunched up pull the fabric apart wide across your shoulders too (to where it looks kinda like you’re wearing a tee shirt) and it should feel so much more comfortable especially as he gets heavier! That also helps with stability for baby. And the back support loop (that holds the two main big loops together) should be pulled to the center of your back. I loved my k’tan and now that my baby is bigger I’m super in love with my Boba 4g, you should check it out!

RySchock says:

Good video thank u! this product helps out so much

stacey page says:

I really want one just curious about size selection. Amazon reviews some people said the ktan runs big and others say it runs small. Pre pregnancy I was a 150lbs but now I weigh 175.

Ruth Ruth says:

la tela debe ir de rodilla a rodilla del bebé. la tela se debe extender desde afuera para q la tela sobrante quede en la rodilla y no sobre la espalda del bebé. y hay a ponerla tela sobre los hombros y no tan cerca del cuello. Esos tips harán q lo usen como ergonómico, sino termina siendo igual q una mochila colgona por la posición en la q va el bebe

Ties Tribe says:

This video was very helpful, I’m trying to pick a carrier for my baby!

Life as a King says:

You are too cute and so is your sweet baby boy! I am currently 37 weeks so our baby boy is coming soon, I was looking into this as well as an ergo but this one seems better for a newborn, what would you say? This looks so easy to put on and really comfortable for the baby.

Sunny Thew says:

Hi Mandie-how tall are you? I am 5’8′ and ordered the small, but am not sure whether it will be the right size (baby due in March).

Nattaya PO says:

thank you so much for this review!! its very helpfull for me. i dont know how to use it before when i saw this video i can use it easier ^^

Carling Kerrigan says:

Very helpful! Thanks Amanda!

Gaylynn Guerrero says:

enjoying my new baby ktan! thank you for this video it helped sway my decision. it’s so easy and my son loves it.

kells4136 says:

Thanks for this review! It’s already on my registry, but great to see it in use!

Anna Haag says:

The sash is a safety feature~ please don’t tell your viewers that it isn’t needed!

Our Joyful Nest says:

Hey is just precious! I’m new to vlogging so I love seeing posts like these! 🙂

Moore Seasons says:

My friend told me about the baby Ktan and I love how it works. My baby girl didn’t like it when she was smaller ,but now as she’s past 3 months she is starting to like it!! very helpful video!!

Cassie B says:

I am super excited to get my baby k’tan in about a week (I ordered it today). Your video showed that it was super easy to use and I can wait to get mine delivered!

Other says:

I wonder if this hurts your back after a while.

emmilysallllikeable says:

Thanks for this video! 🙂 I was having the hardest time picking which wrap to use and this just answered my questions! Putting it on my registry now 🙂 I love mommy mondays!! Keep up the good work <3

Nicole Katlynn says:

Great video!!

Joann Wright says:

I recently bought another wrap similar to a moby and wanted to cry as well. Considering I need to fly with my almost two  month old I was stressed trying to find a solution I could learn quickly. Thanks for this as I saw it in babies r us and wondered if it was as easy as it looks.

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